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  1. Remember Smash 4?

    1. Teospooker


      ...I still have the demo on my 3DS. Completely forgot about that.

    2. PublicEnemy1


      I do. 

      I just don't care because Smash Ultimate is better in pretty much every way except in maybe single player content and online.

    3. Soniman


      I feel like Smash 4  is the only game that has been straight up supplanted by its successor that there's no reason to go back to it. 64 was first, Melee is Melee, Brawl has subspace, 4 has....Smash Tour?

      Sure it has better online. But it's a moot point since no one plays it now  LOL

    4. Teospooker


      Don't tell that to the Melee community, lol

    5. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      How could I forget the final iteration of smash that I'll ever play.

    6. Adamabba


      Smash Run is lit. don't forget that

      Also I still definitely prefer Ultimate's online since Im much more likely to get a match against someone close to my skill level 

    7. Zaysho



      Sure it has better online. But it's a moot point since no one plays it now  LOL

      better as in "I don't have to pay for it," yeah

    8. Wraith


      Ultimate is by far the better game but why the FUCK did sakurai have to take my jab cancels 

    9. Kuzu


      This reminds me how I never had the Wii U version because I refused to buy a Wii U lol

    10. Mil-O-Lantern


      What do you mean “remember,” I’m still playing it :v

      (I’m actually sitting on a large archive of replays from months back I have yet to upload)

      I’m in that rare segment of people who has a Wii U but not a Switch

    11. Soniman


      @Zaysho I dislike Ult's online quite a bit so I'm probably bias but it was so much easier to find a match in for glory and I was allowed to change my character between matches and there was no broken gsp system etc 

    12. Zaysho


      Well, I don't actually use NSO so I don't know the specifics--I'm mostly not a fan of it being the same okay-ish service put behind a paywall and it doesn't seem like a huge improvement or worth the relatively cheap price. Though I've heard Smash in particular had problems like Elite Smash being a pain in the ass and how easy it is to fall out of.

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