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  1. Anyone else haven't played BOTW in forever and are afraid to go back because you know it'll be boring? LOL

    1. TheOcelot


      Well, I've never played BOTW, and I started playing it for the first time yesterday...

    2. dbzfan7


      It's more that there's for no reason no multiple save files...

    3. Soniman


      It's an amazing first time experience. 10/10 but repeat playthroughs aren't as kind when that wonder wears off. Good thing we got a sequel on the way ūüĎć

    4. Diogenes


      nah, i'm sure i'll enjoy it when i do go back to it. obviously nothing compares to the first playthrough and seeing it all with fresh eyes, but i've done a couple playthroughs since and it's still been fun.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @dbzfan7 While I agree that the lack of multiple save files is really annoying... You can start a new game on a new Switch profile. That's no reason not to play.

      @Soniman I completely get you. The fun of BotW is in exploring the world, learning how the game works, finding out the unknown. You have this enormous land to explore and so much to discover, and fighting enemies is a fun challenge to get get new weapons. The shrines are all mini challenges that are fun to find and complete the first time. But on repeat playthroughs the game REALLY loses its lustre. I wish I could play out for the first full me again. Now I have to self-impose challenges and tasks to make the game fun. Like, limiting my inventory or something (because I know where to get the best weapons and food right at the start and it's not difficult or out of the way to do so). The main quest is also really short when you just go from A to B every time. Plateau to Kakariko to Hateno to Beasts 1-4, with nothing in between cause you instinctively start avoiding all enemy encounters as they add nothing to experience. It took me two weeks when I first played the game to finally clear all the beasts and get to Ganon. Such a great experience the first time, and not worth much of a replay.

      Oh and Master Mode the worst thing ever. Enemy are HP sponges with regenerating health. You've got even less reason to ever fight them because it's more effort than its worth. 

    6. Zaysho


      I pick it up now and then and then realize like two hours have passed so I can't say I personally have that problem. I did start a new file a while back, and on one hand it's fun to start from zero and try different approaches now that I'm very familiar with the game, but the lack of stamina you have at first does hold it back on further runs.

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