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  1. Beat P5 last night and let it sit with me till now. I really did like it. The main plot is really shakey and it has a lot of big ideas and heavy topics it doesn't fully live up to Imo, but the dialogue, character writing (mostly), voice acting, art style, presentation, music, atmosphere, and gameplay (for turn based rpgs at least) are all top notch so I still think it's a great game and I definitely don't regret pouring 125 hours into it lol

    1. Wraith


      gameplay is too simplistic for me to say it's really great but it kept my attention. 


      in fact thats probably how I'd describe most things about it soundtrack aside. It's a good time killer but I can't think about it too hard without getting annoyed. Definition of a solid blockbuster game 

    2. Soniman


      I can understand that. Like I said in the context of just turn based gameplay it was different enough to keep it fresh the whole way through, different ways to approach and get through them quickly if your good. I also really got into recruiting, sacrifing, and fusing stronger Personas once I knew what I was doing and no random encounters  is always a plus. Also the confidant system links into providing perks to the gameplay was a good incentive to explore and do various activities to rank up.

      But yeah the games not perfect, DEFINITELY not in the running for "greatest game of all time", like I heard a lot of people say when it first came out 

    3. Kuzu


      Certainly a style over substance RPG, but not terrible.

    4. Soniman


      Idk if I'd use that rhetoric because there is a lot content to the game even if it is it's strongest aspect. Just not perfect 

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