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  1. I have no idea why Sega is so adamant about keeping Infinite down. He wasn't THAT unpopular, sure as hell was more popular than Zavok who's pushed everywhere. More Sonic-y design, "badass" edgelord that younger fans would probably gravitate too. He has some appeal to certain groups is what I'm saying so I am really wondering what the deal is 

    1. Wraith


      They either have plans for him or got embarrassed because the classic fans started whining again

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      He was amusing... his shoes with his icon on the bottom was my fave part. xD

    3. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      They're keeping everything about Forces down. They don't seem to be against other people using it, otherwise Ian's idea of starting after Forces would have been rejected for the IDW comics, but they clearly have no interest in using anything from it themselves. That game was forgotten by them almost immediately after it came out. Meanwhile, Mania kept being paid attention to for so long after. 

      I think it's less a beef with Infinite and more a beef with Forces on their part. 

      Also, I like Zavok way more than Infinite so I'm cool with it either way.

    4. Strickerx5


      forces bad

      gotta purge it all

    5. Soniman


      If they hated what they made as soon as it came out maybe they shouldn't have made it as it was......

    6. Wraith


      I mean remember the rumors that they had another idea before sega strong armed them into making That?

    7. Soniman


      Mmm I did forget about that. Would make a lot of sense actually 

    8. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Forces certainly doesn't FEEL like a game that was made because someone wanted to make it. There's no way a game with no artistic cohesion was made with any artistic integrity. This plot is not the kind of plot you give to a budget title but it's like this because they heard that someone, somewhere liked the stuff they were putting into it.

      They heard people liked Classic Sonic. They heard people liked wisps. They heard people liked dark stories. They heard people wanted the boost back. They heard that fans liked making fan characters. They heard people liked Shadow. They heard people wanted vocal themes to come back...

      Lost World, on the other hand, was a game made because people wanted to make it. Nobody asked for it but they really wanted to do it so they did it. And regardless of its reception, they still probably really like and celebrate it as a passion project of theirs.

      Lost World got an update that fixed the motion controls, the fact that you couldn't get an extra life after 100 rings, probably some other technical things that I'm forgetting, free Yoshi's Island DLC, free Legend of fucking Zelda DLC, a Nights into Dreams stage, and afterward Zavok and Zazz started appearing in fucking everything and continue to do so to this day. 

      Forces came out with those Twitter comics and that Free Shadow DLC upon release but this was all before the verdict was in. After the verdict came in all it got was DLC for Super Sonic (that started out as something you'd have to eventually pay for before they doubled back on it because it was stupid) and a Sanic T-Shirt. 

      I don't think they care about Forces or anything they came up with for it. 


    9. Red


      @Wraith What was the rumor? What were the original plans for Infinite?

    10. Ferno


      i forgot about that sanic shirt. that actually happened

    11. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      I’m not convinced That they are keeping Infinite down though? Maybe out of the comics at the moment, but otherwise I think they may very well intend to bring him back in future games. 

    12. JezMM


      He's a character with a lot of narrative weight tied specifically to that game.  I don't think there's anything weird about him not appearing much.  He was a Spirit in Smash Bros which is a very reasonable cameo that doesn't require any of that narrative weight to be addressed and proves they aren't trying to sweep him under the rug.

      Granted, they could just bring him back and suggest he's just kind of hanging around doing his thing for no real reason, considering that's exactly what seems to keep Silver and Zavok around, but like... everyone hates it that they keep doing that with Silver and Zavok so that wouldn't be a better situation really.

    13. Red


      Remove the mask and use the design from the prequel comic. Just have him say after his bitter defeat to Sonic and Buddy at the end of Forces, he turned his life around. Make him Shadow's rival.

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