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  1. So I know Unleashed is considered the best looking Sonic game Sega has never been able to surpass which is mostly true but why is Gens never considered to look almost as good or even better in some respects? Like no one ever really brings it up when talking about graphical fidelity when it's also really impressive 

    1. pppp


      It's because its art direction allows for more varied visuals, not to mention Unleashed has more content therefore more pretty things to look at.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Three lighting in Generations is Generation considerably less advanced. Several shaders used in Unleashed were scrapped or unused in Generations so that the game ran at a much more stable framerate. God rays for example were used extensively in Unleashed and whilst Generations supports them with a little modding, they were taken out of the base game. Lighting is generally a lot less vibrant in Generations too, making things a lot more grey-washed. It also has a lot less detailing going on in its environments. Cities in Unleashed were full of decorations, even NPCs in most levels, but all this extra detail was cut from Generations.

      Generations looks great, but Unleashed is objectively more detailed and technically advanced. Basically as far as objective fidelity is concerned, Unleashed does everything the Generations does and more. All Generations has on Unleashed is a stable framerate and higher resolution on PC.

    3. Milo


      Anyone that’s seriously considering Generations a huge visual downgrade compared to Unleashed is arguably heavily overstating the effect the removed/simplified shaders had on the game’s graphical prowess. The mods where Gens has Unleashed’s shaders restored does look better than the vanilla game for sure, but it’s no night and day difference unless you’re purely focused on minute details.

      That aside, I also presume complaints about Generations’ backgrounds being “too busy” for the 2D sections and it being a game that’s remakes of previous stages (even given the anniversary status of the project) probably hurts it a bit when compared to Unleashed.

    4. Soniman


      @Blue BloodAh I see, that makes sense. Although if it was for the a interest of having a consistent 30fps I can understand the sacrifice 

    5. Wraith


      doesn't look as good

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      What @Milo says is also true. They're aren't exactly worlds apart either. Generations looks worse in a direct comparison only.

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