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    Sonic (of course), Zelda, Mega Man, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Nintendo in general, drawing, listening to music, etc
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Hey you. Yeah you. Guess what? You're reading the best page on SSMB! Welcome to my About Me section! The result of two years of tireless work.


I am a man of many mysteries, I used to go by Groose in ancient times, but before that I wsa also known as Jirbak the Conquerer, though that's another story. Nowadays I go by Soniman, a name that found conception through my first youtube account known as soniman32 way back in 2007 (RIP) then after that died I went by Soniman032 on a new account made in 2010 (RIP) and now that that's dead, I am currently on the you tubes as Soniman001, lets hope for a long tenure with this channel, eh?

Anyway I'm a self proclaimed VGM buff, why? Because I fucking love video game music! It predictably originated from Sonic, most notably Sonic 2. Tunes like Emerald Hill, Casino Night, and Chemical Plant fucking enchanted me as a kid, as did the rest of the game. Now I pretty much love all good VG music, from Sonic to Pokemon, to Donkey Kong to Zelda, to Kingdom Hearts to Final Fantasy, and pretty much everything in between.

Here's the current VGM of the moment that I really love: 

As for my place as a Sonic fan, well I started with Sonic 2, but I didn't truly get into Sonic until I tried out SA2 Battle at my local Youth Center. And then I went full force when I got Sonic Heroes, the first Sonic game I owned. I pretty much played the shit out of that game, and I loved every minute of it!  After that the rest is pretty much history, I followed Sonic through the bad times (Shadow) through the better times (Unleashed) and finally back to the good times (Colors). Now I'm just like any other fan, I like some games, dislike others, and always look forward to the next release.

I am currently taking classes to learn to how to be a decent animator, though it's a slow process and I still haven't even chipped the tip of the iceberg yet, nevertheless I do what I currently can to push my skills more. I even have a original idea/story planned out and I'm spending a lot of my time drawing character designs and such (though I should really work on backgrounds and locales in general). Though I'm still having a lot of trouble, I can at least count on the many great artists here on SSMB to lend a talented hand.



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