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  1. My Hero Academia

    Let me talk to you guys about this real quick My Hero Academia is the new rising Shounen on the block, potentially rivialing its contemporaries like Naruto and Bleach in poularity. It gained a lot of traction, probably because its pretty dang good. The story is about a boy named Deku who, in a world of people with superpowers, has none of his own. But as fate would have it he runs into his idol, the world's number 1 hero All Might. From there the story goes into a underdog tale of Deku working hard and improving to hopefully someday become the world's greatest hero himself. Stqarting by attentind a prestegious hero academy with other fellow heroes who share the same goals. While not the most freshest or most subversive anime/manga around, it does play around with the formula enough to keep things from being to formulaic or predictable. Character archetypes you've come to expect are played with and twisted so they're given a relatively fresh perspective. Our main character is a emotoinal, talentless boy who wears his heart on his sleeve, as opposed to a confident, niave hot head that comes to permeate the genre. Character designs are fun, varied and well thought out, the "power system" with quirks are all unique and are mostly on a even keel, your power is what you make of it, and even with the most seemingly unimpressive power you can becaome a competent fighter and hero, it makes fights more interesting when everyone has something unique to bring to the table and isnt goverened by a single power system. I could go on about the gut punching emotional moments, the mostly solid character development and relationships with each other, and so on but id honestly say check it out for yourself. The anime has 2 seasons and is about to finish it's second one, the manga is ongoing so if you dont wanna wait just read that! If you wanna watch the anime id say go for either sub or dub since they're both really solid. I leave off with this brilliant piece of music from the anime
  2. Channel Awesome Was Not So Awesome

    This channel is definitely dead now like holy shit, Lupa is probably rolling in laughter over how she got the ball rolling on CA's demise. They were already trickling users before but now it's a full blown torrent and now fucking no one is left. This site is fucking done
  3. chikariko is a great ship, anyonee who even knows what that is breathe if you agree

    1. Celestia


      Damn right.

    2. JosepHenry


      *checks the ship on Google*

      HELL YES

    3. Dejimon11


      I dont what that is

  4. Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 2 Coming Soon)

    Mania continues to be the glimmering hope of this franchise. What can I say, it was brilliant and expressive and I can't wait to see more
  5. I don't find the memes gut bustingly hilarious or anything. Just nice to have at least one aspect of this franchise that isn't depressingly shitty (the games) or draining (the fandom) and gives some levity to all where we can just make mostly innocent jokes about this franchise. Telling then to stop making light because the franchise is bad and doesn't "deserve" to make that kinda humor till its good just doesn't seem to really accomplish much but make a more depressing atmosphere instead
  6. Do the PR team make fun of any of Sonic's bad games outside of decade(s) old stuff like R, Sonic 06 and Shadow and whatever? Things way past the point of relevancy so its no real harm in taking the pisss out of them on occasoin since everyone else does anyway? Like if they were making jokes about how shitty Forces was that'd be one thing sicne the game is new, but they havent really?
  7. How is the PR team in any position to fix anything though? They dont have anything to do with maaking the games shitty
  8. Sonic is gonna be crap regardless might as well have some fun with it.
  9. Ive been drawing digitially for over 4 years now and not once as anything ive drawn got over 1000 notes/likes whatever on twitter or tumblr. Its been incredibly discouriaging that the only thing I can do to really not think about it is just go full pessimist and accept its never going to happen EVER for me, ive been constantly trying and ive come up dry and im sick of it. I draw these big complicated pictures hoping to finally get it for me and nope nothing, I guess I just suck then. My friends who also draw are easily able to do it and it just makes it worse because I feel like even more of a talentless loser, sometimes it makes me wanna give up drawing entierly lol

    1. Nast


      your first problem there is that you're under the assumption that these likes have any sort of importance or reflect your merit as an artist. or are you making art just to be noticed? don't take that as an attack because that's not necessarily an invalid reason but it'll make it that much harder for you to be happy with doing art.

      as far as your skill goes, you're not bad and you've certainly gotten better as you've gone on, but there's still plenty of room to improve. it's natural for it to take a while to happen. you're not a "talentless loser", that's for sure

    2. Soniman


      I dont do it just get noticed but its just kinda discouraging is all. Im not saying I DESERVE it or anything, just be nice to have it happen once (LITERALLY JUST ONCE I WOULDNT CARE AFTER THAT). TBH lately ive just accepted it wont happen in the near future and just concentrate on drawing for myself rather then others and thats been working out nicely but once in awhile ill still angst about it,. But yeah, thaks for the advice!

    3. Space☆Yeow


      I can't say I feel as bitterly about it as you do, but I do feel the same way sometimes. I guess I try not to think about it to much because I don't necessarily draw a lot (though part of that is because I sometimes hit a creative wall on what to draw) and there can be some positives of being an obscure artist (though that's not to say I'm a fan of my art on average getting single-digit likes/reblogs on tumblr).

      I will say though that it's actually part of the reason why recently I've moved away from my series of platformer concept art (which I tried to put a lot of detail into in their original drawings), and focused more on character design in recent years and more simple environments/backgrounds.

    4. Ferno


      Tbh, sometimes I feel like the opposite has happened to me. I get lots of notes on my stuff but I always feel like I started gaining attention before I or my art skills were truely ready for it. I had like a long 10-or-so year plan and things kind of exploded within 5 and now I'm always scrambling and feeling like I'm "doing it live" instead. when I was just starting out I actually liked the quietness and single digit numbers because there was less pressure to not screw up or get my proportions just right etc, so behind the scenes these days I'm always sorta being hard on myself to improve quickly, to feel like I've "earned" the attention my stuff often gets.

  10. Oh they're pulling this "secret super hero who goes to school" horseshit wiith Mega Man I see, ahvent heard THAT one a million times before in countless otther mediocre kids shows, totally not unessecary at all for a character like Mega Man who can be a hero AND a kid at the same time with no trouble at all. Pass
  11. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    God damn at least Bergamo went out in a flashy way in the anime lol. That and Krillin/Tien actually ringed SOMEONE out before getting out themselves
  12. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

  13. Id honestly gladly take this new Classic-styled subfranchise they're doing with Mania, just keep Sonic Team the hell away from it.

  14. A lot of scrapped characters have no personality yet a lot of folks popped off at a character like Bark getting just a cameo in this game. How they're executed now matters to me more then how they were in some old obscure games. This same thing happened with the Chaotix in fact (non characters to actual characters). I also don't buy the idea they're just reskins at all right now given the game's pedigree and team behind it. Not to mention I doubt they'd give this big of a show for just character reskins ...
  15. I feel like some of the disappointment with Mighty and Ray is a little unfair. Yeah they're a little uninteresting but like..... They literally have not been in a game for over 20 years, they haven't had a chance to even BE characters much at all (outside of comics where, hey, they're pretty good!). I'm more then willing to give them a chance, especially when it comes to how they'll be implemented in the gameplay, can't wait to see more of them
  16. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    ill admit Jiren losing via time out instead of overcome with raw strength is a interesting idea. I couldnt fathom how Friezza was gonna win alone anyway
  17. Should Infinite return to the Sonic series?

    So never then? I agree! For real though id rather not, the whole phantom ruby shit was so headache inducing and poorly done after Mania id rather we just move on new concepts Sonic Team can mangle instead of drawing this one out.
  18. Literally could not be any less excited for a Sonic announcment tomorrow unless it was a spinoff game with sonic team completley disconnected from it

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      That's very likely the case

  19. Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    When will people/wrters/old men who write jokes about the internet stop with the cat jokes, it literally feels like thats all the material they have Not feeling this.
  20. Is IDW offering subscriptions on Sonic IDW yet? 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      IDW don't offer subscriptions directly. You have to subscribe through a vendor. 


    2. Soniman


      That's a shame but thanks! 

  21. How will Sonic Forces be remembered in the years to come?

    IMO Forces was very damaging to this franchise internally and externally. It ruined whatever good will Sonic made with Mania with most caasual gamers, and internally its a culmination of all the terrible ideas and practices Sonic Team have made over the past 15 years, the absolutle worst version of a gameplay style theyve been refinining since Unleahsed, it really is the 06 of the Boost era from my point of view and the fact that it was a sucsess and Sonic Team might continue in this awful direction is more horrifying then ever to me
  22. Still reeling over how bad Forces is like I can't believe how much worse it was than I was expecting man lol. I mean I shat on it for looking bad beforehand but it's amazing how you could get an all new, even worse perspective when you're actually playing it. 

    1. Soniman


      I wanted Generations 2 and this is Colors 0.5

    2. SupahBerry


      Not to be that guy, but how would you compare it to your thoughts on the Sonic Boom series?

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I remained cautiously optimistic for the game after it was first announced, and didn't write it off even when we got the first gameplay footage (40 seconds of Sonic running in a straight line in Sunset Heights). It wasn't until we saw Green Hill Classic and the Avatar reveal that it really dawned on me just how bad the game would be.

    4. Adamabba


      It really is Colors 0.5. When I played Forces I thought it was very similar in quality and level design to Colors. 

      Then I went back to Colors recently and thought, "wait what... this is obviously WAY better than Forces."

    5. TheOcelot


      Compared to Odyssey it's laughably poor.

    6. Penny


      even in those very rare moments where i actually feel like booting up forces for a level or two, i can't bring myself to do it, because i realize that there really is no reason to. the levels are so short, shallow, and automated that they lack any sort of real fun-factor or replay-value. it's baffling how badly they butchered the boost gameplay.

    7. TCB


      I haven't touched it since November 10th 2017

    8. Soniman


      I feel that Penny, even the worst Sonic games I played at least had ONE level that I was like "yeah that was fun" and I might run through it again. But not with this, this is a first for me as well, no level is worth replaying, because they're so short, automaated, and blocky whats the point. I get no satisfaction beating any of them its like a bad blur lol

    9. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Eh, I don't really agree with any of you. Forces has issues, but I don't find it terrible at all and I still do enjoy the game. Then again, I also don't really like Sonic Colors all that much and don't have fun with it when I revisit it, so it makes sense that I disagree.

    10. Shaddy the Zaphod

      Shaddy the Zaphod

      Colors and Forces are both just "passable" games. There's not enough wrong with them for me to see a ton of complaining as justified but they're not standout enough that I can talk about why they're great like I can with Generations or whatever. Heck I think Lost World is actually better than both of them too.

    11. Space☆Yeow


      Forces honestly strikes me as a game that just barely slides over the barrier of being an outright bad game merely by not being a glaringly glitchy mess. IMO it fits squarely alongside Shadow the Hedgehog and Black Knight are the games you'd use to round out a top five list of the worst major games in the series, after giving the obvious top two slots to Sonic 2006 and Boom: Rise of Lyric.

      It may not be bad as those two games since its "not broken" or "playable" but when you stop using technical competence as the only qualifier of quality and focus on other areas, it comes pretty darn close in my book.

    12. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      ^Black Knight is NOWHERE near that bad, dude. I refuse to hear any of the bullshit. Secret Rings? Sure, but Black Knight fixes the only real problem Secret Rings had for me and that's enough to put it in the good list. Not great, but solidly good.

    13. Shaddy the Zaphod

      Shaddy the Zaphod

      That's giving Shadow waaaaaaaay too much credit, man.


      edit: I'm not sure I could call Black Knight "bad", more just forgettable.

    14. Nix


      Colors is a good game, with new ideas and fun level themes and a story that's actually successful at what it wanted to do.

      Forces at best feels like an asset flip of Generations that was designed by a committee of investors following the latest trends rather than a passionate team of artists and developers.

    15. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Eh, this just further cements that we fans as a whole can't agree on most of these games.

      Cause in my case, I'd gladly play Shadow and 06 again than to even THINK about playing fucking Lost World again. It's the only game in the whole franchise that I actively despise and feel like I wasted my money on.

      I never played Rise of Lyric, but that's not even a Sonic game. It's a Boom game, so it doesn't count. It's like how the EXE/Battle Network games don't count when talking about Classic Mega Man. They're two entirely separate series.

    16. Soniman


      I struggle to even call Forces technically sound, theres so many times where the game didnt work as intended......

    17. Space☆Yeow


      Not exactly bullshit to make the argument that Black Knight isn't a good game, especially in light of the general reception it has going for it; outside and even within the fanbase. Dunno where this idea that it's actually a great game is coming from.

      I'm also not talking about Sonic games in a vacuum. Even if we did agree Black Knight and Shadow the Hedgehog aren't outright "bad" games like --those two-- other games, there are still plenty of other Sonic games out there that can be generally agreed in quality to be significantly better and/or received a better reception than those titles.

    18. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Black Knight's mixed reception goes to show that good presentation can help people overlook objectively trash and shallow gameplay.

      Waggle waggle, kiddies.

    19. Space☆Yeow


      Also apologies for being blunt, but if we're going to be jumping into semantics on whether the Rise of Lyric "counts" as a Sonic game then this discussion is over before it even started. Nobody outside diehard fans really cares on whether Boom is "technically" part of the main series or not; especially so when Sega was pushing them on a similar level as the mainline games ("Year of Sonic" "renaissance" "new direction for the series"). It's still another game with Sonic's face and name on it, that stained the Sonic IP as a whole with its miserable quality.

    20. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood


      Technically "sound"

      Lol no 

    21. Soniman


      fuck this game man lol

    22. Penny


      not only is it shit from a game perspective, but it feels like an insult after waiting so dang long for the next mainline 3D sonic game, especially since Generations is better in pretty much every way and that came out almost 7 damn years ago smh

    23. Soniman


      And knowing they probably dont care because hte game turned a profit is the worst thing about it, they treat their flagship mascot like this. Such a miserable state for the franchise right now.

    24. SupahBerry


      What also doesn't help, that one of biggest dead-horse stereotypes that detractors always use? It's basically come true at this point. Fans have made a better Sonic game than SEGA did. Nintendo had made a better Sonic game than SEGA. Anyone who can make something that remotely resembles a Sonic game, chances are they'll be better than what SEGA had offered with Forces.

    25. TCB


      I received nearly 20 notifications for this

  23. If I wasnt already sure interns made this whole game id assume theyd be the ones who designed these garbage extra stages in Forces, literally no creativey or thought put into them, just consntantly boring blocky nonsense that could be designed in afternoon, no creative spark to any of it, this game took 4 years to make

    1. Ferno


      all this because colors got all those glowing revie-*ran over by truck*

    2. Soniman


      I was waiting from someone to bring that up and I wasnt disappointed lol

    3. Polkadi


      The graphics engine took 4 years.

      The game took 1 year.

      Sonic Team have got talented people working on their technology, but amateurs on their game design.

    4. Dejimon11


      "From the team that brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations" 

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      From the logo that was featured on Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations

  24. Finally played and beat Forces. Its bad.

    1. Dejimon11


      T O L D 

      Y O U

    2. Blacklightning


      It's not nearly as bad on a technical level, but the fact that 06's director was behind it really shows.

    3. Soniman


      All the characters control bad, the level design is trash, the story is laughable, this is the worst 3D Sonic game I personally played and I only havent played 06 and Unleashed, good christ

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      @Blue Blood is compiling a few oddities from Forces that are generally overlooked in reviews.


    5. Soniman


      Other problems include my character constnatly feeling like they were being gudied along an invisible path even when not in blatantly automated sections, I almost never felt like I could just stop and experiment or play aroud with them, the game wants you to play it exactly how its mapped out for you or else you're gonna die....and even when you DO play by the rules you still die. Fucking garbage. Sonic Team should not be making games.

    6. Dejimon11


      Sonic Team should not be making Sonic games anymore. You can tell that they really are burnt out now. Let them make other stuff. 

    7. Blacklightning



      Other problems include my character constnatly feeling like they were being gudied along an invisible path even when not in blatantly automated sections

      You're not wrong - Forces uses invisible and inaudible boostpads on top of the regular ones, with all the same traits otherwise - speed and control lock included. The obviousness of it varies in places, but you can usually catch it whenever a loop is involved, or nearly any fucking time classic Sonic interacts with a curved surface.

    8. Soniman


      I HAD A FEELING thats what was up, thats like a step below the hidden spring shit they had in SLW (WHICH IS STILL IN THIS GAME GRAAAH)

    9. Tatters


      Not bad as Nier Automata unforgivable beginning.

    10. Nix


      "Its bad."


    11. Space☆Yeow
    12. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I haven't even played Nier Automata and I know that's wrong.

    13. Nix


      Nier's opening is only really bad if you play it on Hard right from the get-go.  It's like an hour long, and there's no autosave from what I recall.  Playing it on hard makes it so that enemies can practically one-shot you, but any lower difficulty is perfectly manageable.

      Even then though, Nier has a cool setting, fun dialogue between the two main characters, and it plays well so...

  25. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Trust me, I like 17, I liked most of the work he put in up until after the U3 Robot. I enjoy seeing non-Goku characters contirbute, thats the whole appeal of this arc, but not all characters are created equallly, some deserve a larger piece of hte pie than others, and while Gohan gets a lack luster, unceremonious ring out, 17 gets this extravagant self indulgent handjob before heroically sacrificing himself. He gives Jiren the first permanent injury of the fight, he causes Jiren to open up when no other character could, Goku sings his praises, its jsut to much, it makes me think someonoe on the writing staff really REALLY loved 17 and wanted him to get his due, despite how little it makes sense.

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