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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Guns are canon now since RD wants something faster than a bullet (obviously joking) Nice name for tortoise. TANK
  3. .... Some people over look this... Well, as I'm going to reflect and place an analogy. Corporates = the devilishly cute lite sister of the family. parents = Government. Brother = us. Kid persuades the parents with cute remarks and unresistably adorable eyes, Parents buy it, the oldest gets fucked over by getting the blame and ends up suffering by being grounded for a month and the little girl gets all the glory. Er, well it sounded a lot better in my head.
  4. Cynical

    Gaddafi Dead

    Even if you're well educated, power will get the best of you. Don't deny it. Napoleon was well educated, and he wanted the world once he took power in France. I can't say the same for ol' Adolf. It all comes off as, if can't beat 'em, join 'em... Then when their backs are turned... Kill them all off.
  5. Cynical

    Gaddafi Dead

    As turbojet said. Power corrupts... And I mentioned: " I doubt any of you would do that" simply to say that.. I know people have a conscious, so they'll restrict themselves..
  6. Cynical

    Gaddafi Dead

    We express them. Hell, Hitler had violent impulses. What did he do? He took power in Germany and tried to kill off every Jew, Gypsy, and anyone who wasn't of pure 'Aryan' blood. But I doubt any of you would do what he did...
  7. * looks at ED and Ponychan* I should have explained that I was laughing at the people at these sites. And no, a good laugh that lasts about 1 minute or so isn't dickery.
  8. ... This is... Wow how the hell am I acting like a dick by laughing at people... And calling a bad ep because Rarity isn't in it is ... Er.. Nitpick. Its not a valid criticism.
  9. Three different voices is hard work. I like Rarity, but still... Get over it.
  10. I liked the episode. It was pretty entertaining and I laugh at all you who were disappointed of the fact that Rarity didnt appear. Oh yeah and Pipsqueak was so adorable, I love his English accent. This is a good ep. Not as great as last weeks, but we'll see next weeks.
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