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  1. Custom character was one of the things I really liked about Sonic Forces. Would love it if my mega drive anime hedgehog could return.
  2. That article links back to this: http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/02/01/sega-sonic-future-title-sxsw-mania-forces/ It's pretty likely a new Sonic game will be announced at the panel anyway, but the CB.com article isn't confirmation of that since they're going off the panel's description.
  3. They actually are level design improvements. Like yeah you do platforming in those former pictures but it's all really bad platforming level design. Good Sonic level design has fun platforming without making it feel like you're stopped in your tracks. There needs to be a good flow to it. Just "you actually need to jump!" doesn't make it good level design. Problem is that they replaced the bad platforming with the player just... not having to do much at all. Which is better than badly designed platforming bits but is still pretty bad.
  4. i can't believe they turned my sonic + linkin park amv into a video game omg
  5. Probably cause an embargo went up or something.
  6. The talk linked earlier didn't have the Sonic dev stuff. However, the English one he did that does include Sonic dev stuff was just put up:
  7. Since that post Tyson has clarified that the only stuff he knows is what Archie has said publicly. It wasn't him hinting at anything.
  8. While Sega Japan and Sega America used to have a pretty shitty relationship, there hasn't really been anything indicating that that's true today. If anything, it's likely that they're more working together now than they used to. After all, Sega America was turned into the centralized hub for the Sonic brand last year. And they have Takashi Iizuka and Kazuyuki Hoshino working there as well. Maybe they don't really do huge stuff outside of Sonic games anymore, but still if anything they have gotten more power over how Sonic stuff is handled in recent years. Also, are you seriously just calling the Mania team a "random indie team"? I can easily believe the game being low budget, but it's pretty crazy to assume that they randomly happened to pick a team filled with Sonic community members with a history of developing really good Sonic fangames and romhacks. :V
  9. I'm someone who pays too much attention to Sonic stuff on the internet and I did not see this happen, so I doubt that there was any more "outrage" than with other games like Overwatch and Fire Emblem Heroes. Again: Runners isn't the only game to have done this and it was far from the last. EDIT: Actually you just reminded me I made a thread about how scummy it is on NeoGAF back then. Some people went "yeah this is shitty", most others went "eh that's how Japanese F2P games are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯". This is on one of the biggest gaming forums around and I haven't seen anyone else make a big deal out of it, so I have no idea where you're getting this from.
  10. Did this legit happen or is this just an assumption? Because Sonic Runners is far from the only game to have done gambling mechanics like that. Games with those kinds of mechanics (also called gacha games) are huge in Japan and were a thing years before Runners was released. For more recent examples, see Fire Emblem Heroes, or loot boxes in Overwatch and recent Call of Duty games. Sonic Runners was just slightly more blatant about it being gambling.
  11. There are other reasons to not believe what this guy is saying. The support page shows the game has a lot of similarities to the original Sonic Runners. So unless Gameloft just so happened to develop a game that similar to Runners before it came out it's unlikely that this is that rumored Sonic Boom game. That is, if it actually existed in the first place. It could of course be that they maybe used some of the supposed cancelled Boom game as a basis, but then that still doesn't match up to what this guy is saying. There's also that he thinks the game may be coming to Java ME, which seems incredibly unlikely. Gameloft does still at times develop Java ME games, but they'd have to develop a completely different version of Runners to run on those phones and it seems unlikely Sega would still want to target that market.
  12. I wouldn't really take this as a sign of the game not coming out. Cancelled or not, they simply took down a page that wasn't meant to be up.
  13. Yup, they deleted everything. Guess they finally noticed that they accidentally had that page up.
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