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  1. Looks frikin amazing! I Cannot decide whether i am more excited to play Sky Sanctuary Or City Escape :S
  2. Ahh, The Master System Games Are A Treaaaat

  3. Or "Let's try and please adventure fans by attempting A SA3 and not call It that to prevent rage with other fans"
  4. Waiting For Sonic #227 To Arrive (yn)

  5. WOAH THAT'S AWESHUM!! XD Well i can't really top that but all i do is wear Sonic T-shirts, Belts And belt buckles. If i feel like it i'll wear my blue skinnie jeans, red converses and white Socks The window to my bedroom is quite big so people who walk past can get a glimpse at my sonics paintings, posters, figures and what not EDIT: OH! I Also Have My Middle Name On Facebook As "Sonikku" Wooo
  6. Sonic And The Secret Rings. Uhuh.Yup. Hate this game with a passion-It brought rage upon me! >.< So much that i finished the "Lost prologue" (I think it's spelt- correct me if wrong) Never touched it for a solid 2 years after that. The controls are damn right annoying. it actually gave me head-aches after playing it. Then finally brought up the courage to play it again- WORST TWO DAYS OF MAH LYYFFE! XD I did finally complete it though. the music's awesome... but that doesn't excuse the "mountain of hankerchiefs"... Is it just me or did anyone feel, let's say "ashamed", To Watch That? 'cause I certainly did... *Oh Wait Stuff That Rages Us*... YAR THAT RAGED ME!
  7. Ahh the jungle boss for Sonic 1 on the Master System is so frustrating! XD

  8. Am i the only one who Dis-liked the Wisp Power?
  9. Not really Boring just close to... not fun >.< If there were more Good 3D acts i would of considered playing it again. The only time i play it is to play the final boss again tbh XD
  10. Beating Doomsday Zone O.O Could never get past it- i never knew the ring count drained (Even Though I Knew That From Playing As S.Sonic On Normal Zones *face palm*) -until like the 100th time i played it XD Also When Classic Sonic pops out from modern in the first teaser trailer- I Couldn't stop Saying "OH MAAHH GAAWWDD!!!" XD
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