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  1. There shouldn't even need to be "clean" versions of music. If it even incites the need to have a version heavily censored, there's a good chance the music's message or content is too mature for kids to listen to in the first place. Clean versions are just a way to allow kids listening to shit that they still shouldn't be listening to yet.

    1. JezMM


      It's not about kids, it's about radio play.  Most clean versions are simply omitting swearwords.

    2. Scott


      Why? What if you dig the tune but not the swears? 

      Everyone should be aloud to groove out to a good tune. It's simply censoring the lyrics but not the core itself...the actual music :thumbsup_tone2:

  2. Just realized about in Half Life 2, when you're carried around the Citadel, those instant transitions in speech and/or dark passages may not be instant. They could have been going on for several minutes. Think about how high up the Citadel is, and think about how scary that ride would be.

    1. Polkadi


      Being stuck for several minutes in a prison, watching over some of the most alien things ever?

      Oh god, that's not much fun.

  3. Give it to anyone else at this point. Really, I'm curious to see how anyone besides Sonic Team can handle this franchise now. Traveller's Tales would probably make a great Sonic game. Only problem is I'm pretty sure we'd see Green Hill again.
  4. Sonic Generations is still a very fun game and even the missions are entertaining. Modern Planet Wisp was also more fun than I remembered.

    1. Blacklightning


      It does pain me to say it, but I WOULD much rather play more Generations than go back to Forces again.

  5. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    Is that because of how bad the game is or because the PC port always crashed at the 3rd level?
  6. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Can someone explain to me the logic behind the final boss? First of all, why is it called a Death Egg robot when it's: a. Not on the Death Egg b. Not powered by the Death Egg c. Has no resemblance to Eggman or any Eggman Robot second of all, when the machine is defeated and you can see it power down, why does it not just immediately fall to the ground below? It's not connected to the bottom or anything, It's hovering mid-air. Third, When the first machine is defeated and the Colors actual final boss comes out, now we're all of a sudden in Null space, yet the team is able to communicate with Sonic? Fourth, Eggman doesn't escape apparently, he either falls to his death in the first phase or is charred to a crisp along with the second robot in Null Space. Wtf kind of ending is that. At least we knew that he was alive in Generations or Colors. Here it's not that far off to assume that, based on what little we know, that Eggman fucking died. This final boss is mind boggling.
  7. new sonic forces DLC could be on the way

    Are there more or less than 7 unlockable secret levels? If so, how would the Chaos Emeralds be implemented into this game? Man, this game really needs DLC and it needs it fast.
  8. new sonic forces DLC could be on the way

    Just give us a proper Infinite final boss and Super Sonic/Shadow and a Chaos boss at some point and I'll be content. But that'll never happen outside Super Sonic.
  9. Sonic Xtreme Remake?

    If you're this well-informed about Sonic Xtreme, are you aware of the two projects being made to recreate the game? One of the two is even doing so using Saturn hardware and a recently found early game build prototype. I've been saying this before, but I really think that Sonic Lost World needs an Xtreme mod. It's the closest thing we've got to the game anyway, someone should at least create a Sonic Xtreme music mod for the game. The fisheye lens level design could actually work for this game with some adjustment.
  10. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    It could just be Eggman's all-in-one button that he programs to do specific things for specific situations. You know, one day he uses it to call in the janitor bot and the next day he uses it to fire the not Death Star laser at the planet.
  11. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Definitely, but this is considerably more understandable at least. Doesn't excuse how we got a final product that sucked, but the details behind this game's development are all wrapping together nicely now. So we now know that the game was in development for slightly less than two years, had issues being ported to a new console, and was developed by a handful of newcomers, who, at most, only worked on Lost World? I can't help but wonder, was this a test to see how well the new level designers would have done on their first real big game? Did the Switch port screw them over bad? How much disagreement was there between Sonic Team as to what should have been done for the game? X-treme may have gone through development hell, 06 went through serious clusterfucks during development and Rise of Lyric got screwed over pretty bad for various reasons, but none of those games had a development as objectively poorly thought out as Forces. It could have been as good as Generations, and it ended up being such a letdown. This is beyond an experiment on Sega's end. This was an experiment of an experiment. This is advanced stupid.
  12. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    That actually makes a lot more sense and eases the annoyance I have with this game if only slightly. Four years for this mediocrity made no sense. 1.5 sure, but not four. 2 years went into the Hedgehog Engine 2? Eh, it looks nice, so I'm not surprised.
  13. The fact that there's a Sanic shirt coming out for Forces is either really funny or really horrible.

    I know this might sound stupid to ask, but would there have been any legal issues to deal with before allowing the Sanic shirt in the final game? Ya know, since the meme isn't exactly Sega's idea being sold here.

    1. Polkadi


      Sanic is based off SEGA's property, and memes do not belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone.

      They can do what they please.

  14. Zavok's boss arena is really well designed. All of those prisoners in their isolated, unreachable cells cheering Sonic on in the arena was such a cool idea. It's one of the few instances in the game where you can tell Eggman actually did conquer the world. Shame they probably all died.

  15. So nobody knows how to get the last 1%  in Forces? Isn't it possible to get to 101%?

    1. Ferno


      Maybe once eggman dies i dunno

      Maybe its like unleashed where a piece of the planet is always annoyingly sticking out

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      You can get 116% yet he'll still have 0.01%. I'm sure he has a secret basement in Seattle that he's chilling in, trying to relax after his failure.