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  1. What if we have another situation like Unleashed in which we had the higher quality version of the game for the 360/ps3 and a completely different version for the wii/ps2 that was basically it's own standalone game and not just a resolution/texture downgrade? Maybe the Switch version of Rangers will be developed by a completely different studio and hardly resemble the main version of the game at all. But that's probably the more expensive option so I'm doubting that. If the Switch is capable of running the full game even if it plays like garbage I'm pretty sure that's what Sega will go for.
  2. I don't assume anything about Sega at this point other than to expect both the unexpected and disappointing.
  3. Fake. This is too fanservice-y. It's amazing that we're considering a potential leak fake just because it says Sega is providing such basic fanfare like shoe/glove accessories from previous games that people have asked for. People's expectations seem to really have gone down the shitter. It's kind of unfair because the SOAP shoes did make a return in Forces, it's not an impossibility for them to return in future games. But ya, this leak sounds bs. I'm not going to judge it for what it isn't saying because maybe this is a semi-rare instance of a "leaker" being aware of the popularity of other leaks a game gets. He mentions the infinite theme playing in some random scenarios like another older leak did, which I find interesting. So if it's a fake, he at least did his homework and tried to make it somewhat consistent while not making it a carbon copy of the other leaks by adding in mostly new details. I will judge it for the new things it brought up however, and the picture is the most suspicious part about it. It looks kinda convincing, but it could just be a decent SFM screenshot. That ground texture looks horrible though, even with the grass and the image's poor lighting trying to hide it. I kinda hope this leak is true because it gives a much better impression of the game's boost levels than other leaks did, which made them sound like they were only just slightly better than Forces, but worse than Unleashed and Generations. Unfortunately the leaks is probably fake. The most believable tidbit is how the writing still apparently sucks ala the quote: That one nearly had me convinced.
  4. I kinda question the idea that Sonic got stronger as the games progressed, he traded his infinite spam spin dash in Sonic Adventure for an inferior boost that requires constant ring energy to maintain.

    Spam dash >>> boost

    1. Strickerx5


      Nah, boost > spam dash

      He goes much faster with it and it isn't like there's a shortage of rings.

      (also from a gameplay perspective it never flowed as well as the boost imo)

    2. Osmium


      We'll find out how strong Sonic is at this year's SummerSlam, live Saturday August  21 2021 

    3. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Technically speaking, Older Sonic can do everything his prior forms can. So boost Sonic should still be able to spam dash if he wanted to.

      Even ignoring that, spam dash has periodic vulnerability, so its hard to claim it as better than the boost which just goes through everything like tissue paper while also serving as a ring vacuum in some games.

      (also white wisps and dynamic tricks have also been shown to build boost, so there are ways around the ring limitations)

      Also the Adventure spam dash has got nothin on the hot button spindash from Gens - which comes much closer to the boost IMO.

    4. charmsb


      In my own headcanon, I like to believe that the ancient god GameDesign changes Sonic powers from game to game.

  5. whip_and_chip__dark_gaia_and_light_gaia_

    I kinda wish Sonic Unleashed had a little version of Dark Gaia similar to Chip in his little imp form. He/she could've been Eggman's little helper/manipulator/annoying rat that could help guide Eggman into getting all Gaia energy together. It would've transformed into the monster version of Dark Gaia at the end but would still knock Eggman out of the way. It would've been a good way to give the MOTW a little bit of personality and better backstory, I think.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      That could have worked. By Unleashed, the MOTW trend was wearing very thin.

      But I genuinely think that whilst it wasn't an ground breaking plot twist, Chip being Light Gaia wasn't blindingly obvious. The story about Sonic and Chip's friendship was nice, and that wouldn't have been enhanced in any way by giving Chip a rival/counterpart.

    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      If Dark Gaia had an adorable little imp form like THAT, I dunno if I could muster up the guts to beat the everloving crap out of its face at the end of the game.

    3. McGroose


      The relationship between Chip and Sonic would now be contrasted with the relationship between Mini Dark Gaia (Imma just call it "MDG") and Eggman. We've now given Unleashed a more dynamic foil for our heroes. Eggman could now be a more obvious useful idiot for falling into MDG's manipulation and would thus play a more fleshed out role as not only Sonic's primary enemy like in the game, but as the partner in a constantly (d)evolving relationship. 

      The relationship between our heroes is comprised of trust and respect for eachother and this will become much more apparent when compared with relationship of manipulation and disloyalty between MDG and Eggman. Now the positive elements in the relationship between Chip and Sonic will become more apparent to the viewer, making us more interesting in seeing how each relationship will either evolve or devolve as we near the climax. I don't see how this could do anything but benefit both the protagonist and antagonist for the story. 

      The main problem I see with having a MDG is that it would make Chip's role a little more obvious and almost completely ruin the whole plot twist, but that could also depend on how MDG is written. It would be tricky to pull off no matter what if you want to have a still decent plot twist.

      I'd certainly like more input on it.



    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I can see where you're going with this, but I think you're stepping on the understated nature or Sonic and Chip's bond. They don't need their relationship contrasted. They were just friends. It was cute, it was simple. 

      Plus Dark Gaia wasn't even evil. It was just... natural. As Chip himself explained it, Dark Gaia and he were in a cycle of destruction and repair or death and birth. Eggman was the antagonist of Unleashed, not Dark Gaia.

  6. I think the reviews will still be good, but probably slightly worse than the original. The same happened with sadx and sa2b. The bugs introduced by those ports werent the only reason why those versions recieved poorer scores than their dreamcast counterparts, but also because the gameplay didnt quite age as well. Colors did so well as it did partly because it did what everyone wanted from sega at the time: take the daytime stage boost gameplay from unleashed and make it an entire game, one single core gameplay style, no annoying friends, etc. Its a good game, but I think the good scores were partly based on the hype of Sega finally getting a 3D game mostly right. Now its age will become apparent. People will see the flaws in the base game. Examples include how the actual 3D parts of the game are usually very linear and uninteresting and the writing isnt really that good. There are a few other problems, but those are the most glaring issues I had with the original. On top of that, Ultimate definetely introduces some problems. The graphical changes, primarily the lighting/bloom in some areas, are already being heavily criticized and some of the added remixes of original tracks just arent that good. We'll have to see if they fix or add any problems upon release. Id say to expect an average of 7/10. 8/10 at best.
  7. Do you expect a sonic unleashed ultimate to happen at some point? 

    1. iambitter21


      considering how people outside of the sonic fanbase treat the game, I think it's best to say it's not happening.

    2. Wraith
    3. Enesephus


      Not really, but I do think Colors Ultimate's existence makes the possibility more likely, at least pending sales.

    4. VisionaryofSUPER


      Maybe. Considering how much and how long people have been asking they may see it as worth it.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm totally neutral. I don't know what to expect from this series. 

    6. Jango


      I expect nothing and I still get disappointed.

    7. Rabbitearsblog


      Depends on how well Colors Ultimate sells.

    8. Kuzu


      I don't know, and I don't care. 

    9. Perkilator


      Just as long as Blind Squirrel's not in charge of it

  8. So Dread is not the Metroid game teased at E3 in 2017 right? This one is separate? 

    1. Dejimon11


      Do you mean Prime 4? 

    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      No, Metroid 5 is not Metroid Prime 4.

      Funnily enough, Metroid 5: Dread has technically been in development since 2005, so it's the Metroid game that's been coming longer.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Metroid 5:

      The Search for Metroid 4

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Metroid Prime = Sonic Adventure

      Metroid = Sonic the Hedgehog

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Metroid Prime = free two day delivery

  9. We can go on and on about debating the value of cosmetics in video games and the means of acquiring them versus whether it was even worth getting them, but I'd say we're mostly in agreement. SADX was a buggy mess so it was pain in the ass to get the extras added, totally agree. Nothing wrong with extra stuff, but if you don't like the effort required to get it than you won't bother to get it. Again, obviously understandable. Now that that's done, It's just that this highlighted quote above that kinda baffles me. The near entirety of my previous post was me trying to explain how, back in the day, this was not the case at all. At least, not for all 12 of them. How is requiring to own two consoles and two games to play all 12 games more convenient than owning one game that has them all on one console? One is a matter of convenience in playing the game itself, the other a matter of several hundred bucks back in the early 2000s. They are not comparable inconveniences unless you had plenty of money to waste. To be fair, if you had a PS2 then you could technically own Mega Collection plus and Gems for one console, but that's only if you live in Europe or Japan as it did not see an American release for PS2. Those points are all moot anyway if you were a kid living in 2003- late 2005 since nobody had both Mega Collection Plus and Gems during that time period anyway. It's all relative to the timeframe that it came out. Back in 2003, this was the shit. Nowadays, nobody really gives AF cause there are better ways to play the games, but that wasn't the case back in 2003. Besides, I think providing the first means of playing all GG sonic games (excluding Sonic Blast, which never saw a rerelease afaik) in one package adds a lot to the value of the game for me. It gave me a legit reason to want to hunt down the emblems as a kid cause I didn't have Gems or Mega Collection, I didn't know where to get those games since no local store I knew of had them (c'mon bro, just a kid with no understanding of the internet) and I didn't have the different console needed to play them all anyway. I was so fascinated with these different GG games that I wanted to spend a lot of time in SADX itself (Sonic Adventure is a great game to me, even if SADX added a few bugs so it wasn't a major chore) just to play these mysterious games. Again, it's all about perspective. I didn't really think much about it now, but I have more nostalgic value attached towards those games than I do the costumes in SA2, which I also tried to get as a kid. Unlocking costumes in SA2B made me excited for a few seconds, the GG games left me excited for a while, while knowing that I would beat only one new game and had a dozen more to go. Besides, child me never thought it was that bad. A little tedious but not awful. Come to think of it, I didn't give much of a rats ass about the costumes back then lol I was wondering why SA2B didn't have games you could unlock. I played SA2B after SADX.
  10. The aesthetics of Sonic Mega Collection and Gems Collection was peak Sonic. It didn't really get better than that.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      excuse me


    2. JezMM


      Fuckles' Island

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It definitely says Fuckies' Island.

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      they really were... like the menu screens aesthetics in those games just managed to be so damn perfect for all of that content, it was wild

    5. Celestia


      Absolutely. I was going to say no contest but imo the Taxman remasters/Mania menus are a very close second. Riders comes to mind too, tho the best thing about those was the sound effects haha.

  11. (If I'm wrong about any of the release dates or other information below, please let me know). While I agree that I don't like how the added rewards are earned, their inclusion is significant nonetheless. It was such a cool feature back in the day cause it would not be possible to play all these games (outside of owning a Gamegear and even then some of these games were region specific only) until Sonic Gems Collection released. Even then, having access to all of these games back then without owning SADX was somewhat of a chore. SADX came out in June 2003, Gems released in August 2005. Only then were you able to play all 12 of the Sonic GG games SADX provided without actually playing them on SADX. Sonic Mega collection, released in 2002, did not include the GG games. Mega Collection Plus did include half of the GG games that SADX had, but it was released a year later in 2004 and was only available on Xbox and PS2, not on Gamecube. Gems collection provided the other 6 Sonic GG games. There was a 2 year gap where all the GG games were available only by one means. For a long time if you wanted all 12 of the GG games SADX included without playing them on SADX, you would you would need both Sonic Gems collection for half of them and a PS2/Xbox to play Mega Collection Plus for the other half. You'd need two consoles. You'd also have to wait 2 more years until Gems and Plus released. SADX was a nice little convenience for having it all in one package. I also don't see how the games are useless content just cause the controller's D-pad isn't the best, what does that have to do with the content itself? Again, it's all about what was available back at the time. I guess you can call them useless now when you have multiple means of playing these games nowadays, certainly much easier than what was available back then, but that's hardly fair now is it? This was by far the easiest and cheapest way to have all these games available back in the day. That wasn't useless by any means. As for Metal Sonic, It's a significant cosmetic change, more than just changing the color of Sonic's gloves and shoes. Lots of people like these types of major cosmetic changes. One of the only things I'll credit Forces with is making Shadow playable in regular Sonic levels. I'll take a slightly more difficult to obtain completely different character model over an easier to obtain slight character reskin. That's not a debate for me at all. I'd prefer it not be insanely difficult to get, and while SADX doesn't really meet that requirement, it's nice that such a big cosmetic change is included in the first place. It's certainly a much better cosmetic reward than what Ultimate provides. It's primarily about what's included in general, not about how it's obtained.
  12. No, stop trying to take the game I liked and justify selling it back to me at a price greater than what it's really worth nowadays just because you added a bunch of shit nobody wanted or asked for. I wanted a port of the original game with a higher framerate and maybe a glitch fix here and there, that's it. The best I'll do is 'buy' the game if it's free for something like a PS plus monthly game giveaway or whatever, but even that I'm reluctant to do cause now that means I'm a +1 in Sega's databank.
  13. All we need now are collision detection bugs and we can now officially call it Sonic Colors DX. The comparison between SADX and Ultimate regarding their changes to their original respective games is mostly fitting. Except SADX, for all it's disappointing changes aside, had several cool features included that Colors Ultimate can't match. Ultimate lets you race Metal Sonic, SADX lets you actually play as Metal Sonic. Ultimate's rewards are cosmetic changes to gloves and shoes, SADX rewards the player with entire games, with there being around 3X more Sonic games unlockable in SADX than are even provided in Sonic Origins. Some (and I have to emphasize here, SOME, not all, just SOME) of the graphical changes in SADX are nice, whereas I don't like a single thing I've seen in terms of graphical enhancements to Ultimate. Hey, at least some of you guys get a cute baby Sonic keychain, so it's all worth it. I'll take SADX over Colors Ultimate any day lol It'll be interesting to see how this game will be reviewed. SA2B and SADX received poorer scores compared to their previous iterations both because people thought the gameplay didn't age quite as well and because of some additional bugs (i.e, collision detection issues) introduced in the ports. I'm wondering how people will review Colors Ultimate in comparison to the old Wii game. I'm expecting 6-7/10 across the board. Who knows, maybe even less. Honestly if this is the product we're gonna get, I'll just stick to modding Generations with the Unleashed project. I don't want Sega to touch Unleashed, they'll just bastardize it probably even worse than what they're doing here. If they're smart, they will. But I have a strange suspicion that something tells me that they're not exactly smart.
  14. FFS man the lighting looks like ass in Ultimate, they haven't fixed it at all from the build in the reveal trailer. I've seen better lighting with customized reshade/bloom mods for games made in the early 2000s. My frustration is only amplified by knowing that, upon being released for PC, a mod to make this game have proper lighting will be made by one person to undue the mistake of an entire game dev studio.
  15. E3 is going to be boring af this year outside of Nintendo

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      And for that, you gonna jinx it so now its all boring

    2. Marcello
    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Nintendo makes up about 90% of my gaming, so that's the way I typically view E3 and other events. I stopped watching conferences from Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA and more a long time ago because they would all, at best, have like 1 or 2 things that mildly interested me.

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