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  1. Halfway through beating Halo 2 Legendary for the first time.

    Not the most difficult thing I've ever played, not even really top 5, but it can get REAAAAAALLLY stupid sometimes. The only thing I find absolutely poorly designed are the jackal snipers. That is an absolute design flaw. Beyond that, I don't think it's that unbearable. The main problem is that the game forces you to play it a very specific way, and that kinda ruins the fun a little bit. 

  2. finished 2 levels into SRB2 2.2 and got 3 emeralds so far. This is the most fun I've had with 3D sonic probably since Generations. They outdid themselves here. I just hope we get an openGL version of the game available soon. I want MD2s and a smoother FPS.

    1. Sean


      You can boot the game in OpenGL using the -opengl parameter. It hasn't been officially supported for years (and was even removed outright before they put it back in) and there's a lot of visual glitches compared to software mode like the palette in DSZ and CEZ.

    2. McGroose


      So far, OpenGL works excellent for someone who doesn't know the knitty-gritty behind how the game's coding works. Thanks for letting me know it still works!

      Oddly enough, the only problem I'm getting is that the menu animation is lagging badly, but everything else is fantastic. odd

      Edit: Nevermind, it's the OpenGL filter doing it. Switching it to Trilinear really messes up the menu FPS. Works good everywhere else.

    3. Adamabba


      my games fps totally tanked when i got to Deep Sea act 2

    4. McGroose


      OK, so Bilinear graphics filter is almost just as good and makes the game look gorgeous. Honestly, with OpenGL enabled and by enabling the highest quality visual settings, I can't stress enough how beautiful this game looks.

      @Adamabba Are you using OpenGL or the regular executable? You have a decent GPU/CPU?

    5. Nast


      I like it but I can't help getting motion-sick everytime I play it :s

    6. Adamabba


      Im using the regular exe. My computer cannot run games well lol, but in this game I was fine till I reached that level


    SRB2 2.2 IS OUT BOIS


    1. Polkadi~☆



    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      not for another half a day actually


    3. Solister


      Impressive and nostalgic. Can't wait to put my hands on it, both playing and modding. Almost a Christmas gift. Sadly, it's seems it's not available for download yet.

      I also confused Knuckles with Mighty more than once, this quite made me sad for thinking Mighty and Ray could be in the game now. I mean, nothing impossible due to wads.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, I have successfully beaten Vanquish on Godhard. I've played harder games than this on Godhard, but the final boss for this game on Godhard... easily the most difficult video game boss I've ever had to deal with. Not a single boss in Bloodborne or Dark Souls even compares to how bullshit this fight was, oh my god.

  5. The long awaited trinity is nearly complete. Kingdom Hearts 3, now Shenmue 3... sooner than expected, we will see Half Life 3. That's when Armageddon will begin.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Half Life 3 was already officially cancelled a few years ago, dude.

    2. Miragnarok


      And Sonic Adventure 3.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Image result for mega man volnutt angryImage result for banjo kazooie faceimage.jpeg.6401c5010d789c057f6f7c18e18fee1e.jpeg

      Sure go ahead, pretend we don't exist. See how we care.

    4. Polkadi~☆


      idk, half-life 3 now seems kinda possible

    5. Miragnarok


      And The Last Blade 3, don't forget that one!

  6. Well then, apologies if I did not convey that message clearly enough. I still don't really understand how, knowing that Smith voiced several dozen different characters throughout his life and taking this incredibly wide range into account, not to mention how I did not include the words "and nothing/nobody else" in my previous claim, that you could have interpreted what I said in the way you did. But communication via an online forum never has a 100% guarantee of the recipient understanding what you mean in full, so whatevs. My bad, your bad, idk Also you mentioning Regular Show in the first place, you did not even consider whether or not I even enjoyed his performance in said show when I wrote my previous post lol. I do btw 😄
  7. Uh... sure? What's your point? Did you interpret what I said there as that he should voice two single characters and absolutely nobody else? Of course I didn't mean that. They were just two random examples. I'm aware he has voiced numerous other characters. He has done, in my opinion, quite a decent job with most of them (with the one's I am familiar with anyway, including his roles on Regular Show), including, but not limited to, Batman and Ezio. I used those two because those two characters are what I know him the most for. I guess I should have said he was meant to be Kiichi Goto, Prince Phillip, Temujin, Steve Rogers, a couple other dozen characters, and Ezio and Batman. I just don't like his voice as Sonic.
  8. Jason Griffith as Sonic, with a catch. I kinda sorta liked him in his older Sonic material, but the delivery felt kind of lackluster. Take 06 for example, nothing he said there felt natural at all. Even Sonic X had better delivery by comparison. By the time of Unleashed, he nailed Sonic down perfectly. I would guess that Black Knight would be just as good, but I never played the game so IDK for sure. The only game where I don't switch to Japanese VO just so I don't have to hear Sonic's annoying voice is Unleashed. If Griffith continued as Sonic, it would be perfect. So that means I only enjoy hearing Sonic's voice in, like, a single fucking game. I guess Sonic was pretty decent in SA2, minus the poor pacing of every character's lines. SA1 had some laughably bad delivery at times. The current voice over for the rest of the cast has actually been pretty good, minus maybe Shadow (idk about Rouge, lot of people seem hit or miss on her new voice). Tails is excellent, I like Silver's new voice, Knuckles' voice fits him pretty well, and Amy's voice doesn't annoy me anymore! I just don't like the new Sonic. Roger Craig Smith was meant to be Batman and Ezio, Sonic he ain't. And please, SEGA, whatever you do, keep Mike Pollock for as long as you can. He is the quintessential Eggman voice, both goofy, demanding and threatening at the same time, just as he should be.
  9. I think the worst offense of Forces is how it completely wasted Chaos. That's such a fantastic model to do nothing but just... walk...

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      What makes this worse for me personally is that we can't rip that Chaos model to put in something better because it doesn't exist in the game itself. It's due to most of the cutscenes being prerendered, except for the Avatar of course unless they wanted to make 5,000 of the same cutscene for all the combinations. Chaos just so happen to never appear when the Avatar did.


      Which begs the question of why aren't all the cutscenes ingame in the first place if they don't look any different from the prerenders. A next gen 2017 game for the PS4, and Sonic Team still thinks they're working on the Wii. 

  10. Beta Windy Valley vs Final Windy Valley (One we actually got in the final game), which do you think is better and why?

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      It’s a toss up.

      Beta Windy Valley has the most interesting aesthetic, but final has an overall better layout.

  11. Vanquish's final boss on god hard is impossible. No really, it actually does feel impossible. I'm doing everything, it's been days and I keep coming back to it and I still keep losing.

    1. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Those challenge maps on God Hard.... that last one makes me cry just thinking about it.

  12. Almost about to beat Vanquish on God Hard difficulty. I think Burns in this mode may be the absolute shittiest boss fight I've ever fought in my entire life. Even the final boss is a joke compared to him in this difficulty. He makes shit in Dark Souls and Bloodborne look like piss in the wind in comparison. I didn't feel happy beating him, I just felt like I wasted my time lol, that took way too long.

  13. Was the Tails Doll curse a thing before Gems collection came out with that Acid remix of Sunshine? It seems like Sega really was trying to promote the creepy factor behind the character. Isn't this an official render of it by Sega?

    1. Celestia


      Dolls are seen as pretty creepy sometimes so I think they were playing it up a bit. Not to the creepypasta level stuff from fans, but still.

    2. McGroose


      Good point, but my question still stands about whether or not the Tails Doll curse was already made up when Sonic R was only on PC and Saturn.

  14. I am really skeptical against all of these rumors that we will be getting a SA1 remake. I am leaning more towards Dreadknux's position towards the matter. The more likely scenario is that we will be getting a Sonic Adventure-styled game. Furthermore, as Tracker_TD confirmed, Nishiyama isn't the SA1 art director, so this is hardly proof of a remake. I'd be super excited for a remake in theory, but Sega just absolutely sucks at getting their physics fine-tuned just right for their Sonic games nowadays. They're not good at it in 2D (Sonic Mania doesn't count, made by an outside group), they're not good at it in 3D. Since Sonic Adventure is a 3D sonic game based very heavily on physics-based environmental progression and exploration, far more so than the modern games, I'd honestly be worried if we even got a Sonic Adventure remake in the first place. I'd have no faith in Sega to get the physics right unless they outsourced the project to other developers, like with Sonic Mania. Finally, I'm sure they'd mess up so many little, yet significant details that just make the remake unenjoyable compared to the original. There also things I don't like about the original at all anyway (Big shouldn't be required to get to Perfect Chaos! Should've been a mini-game you could unlock IMO) that they won't change and I'll just end up thinking they lost a decent opportunity to fix things. Eitherway, I feel like more people would be dissatisfied than pleased with a remake. In all honesty, If Sonic Adventure was getting remade, I'd argue that the first game itself wouldn't even be enough and that the second game should be remade and included with it, too. Since 3D Sonic games nowadays, despite any amount of development time, always seem to be too short, that'll almost definitely never happen. Considering that Sonic Adventure, a game from the late 90s, from start to finish takes longer than Sonic Forces, Colors, Lost World and the majority of games from 2010 and after, the likelihood of that happening is even less likely than that of the first Adventure being remade in the first place.
  15. I'd rather play the worst 06 level you got over any treasure hunting level in SA2 past maybe the first two.

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