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  1. I don't think I've ever cringed this hard at a Sonic character before. Dante the Hedgehog here has to be some kind of inside joke. I refuse to believe otherwise. Not even Mephiles or Shadow gave off this much edge in my eyes. Fortunately for my sanity, I'm sure I'll get used to him eventually. His theme only confirms what I've been worried about, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really doubt I'm going to like the music for this game. Don't care about Park Avenue's music, the vocal themes are uninteresting, Classic Green Hill sounds awful and Infinite's theme sounds like a Linkin Park reject. The only track I've enjoyed so far was the Green Hill Boss music. The story gives me some cheesy comic book vibes, which I really do like. I'm even getting some Adventure vibes also. I quickly stopped paying interest about Infinite in the trailer and mainly focused on the second setting. It looks like a hybrid of Labyrinth Zone and Silent Forest. Is this a zone we've already seen in the franchise or is this level completely new? Second guess is that it's just Green Hill at night. Boooring.
  2. I've honestly stopped caring about what Sonic does at this point, probably because I'm just not into video games anymore, save a few. Forces looks like a fun platformer, so I'll play it and enjoy it.

    1. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      how dare you

  3. I would recommend you wait for a little while before buying any version. Check the reviews of the PC version to make sure there aren't any strange PC-exclusive issues (Arkham Knight was kind of an eye-opener about how poorly PC "ports" are being treated these days). Then if there are no issues in that regard, check to see if the PC version has an extensive modding community. We all are anticipating the mods for this game, but there's no guarantee this game will allow mods in the first place. If both of those aren't an issue, go get the PC version. Your PC's specs can certainly handle Forces, although while I assume that the game will work on Linux, I really don't know much about the OS to comment with any credibility on that. I really doubt there will be a difference between the PS4 and Xbone versions outside of maybe some lighting differences or a 1-2 FPS difference. A PS4 Pro will definitely be able to handle it smoothly at a constant 60FPS, and I assume that the Xboner X will also. Don't even bother with the Switch version unless you really love the Switch.
  4. I wish I was rich enough to start a Saturn collection. Fucking wonderful console with so many games, the Japanese cases are so gorgeous.

  5. I had a dream that 4chan had an army and they marched through the world waving their Kekistani flag everywhere. Apparently this was WW3. Lmao

    1. VEDJ-F


      This implies that 4Chan has the balls to stop being anonymous. 

  6. This guy sounds like a watered down version of Mariotehplumber. almost reminds me of the not so good old days. I remember watching this guy's classic Sonic playthroughs several years ago. I remember them being well edited with cool intros and enjoying the commentary. So +1 to the guy for his older videos, -1 for the constant "fuck those Dimps fucky fucktard poopheads" in his Mania vid.
  7. I still think that Lost World was pretty fun. The parkour has some flaws, but my main issue with the game is the shitty writing for the Deadly Six more than anything else

    1. MegasonicZX


      Same actually, I feel like people don't give it a fair shake because of the gimmicky-ness but I feel like if sega re-visited this style, tightened up the physics a little more and focused only on the platforming aspects and how to make it flow well with the parkour (i.e. basically don't do levels like the snowball, or the hamfisted 2D segments, etc.) they could have a real juggernaut in their hands.

    2. Strickerx5


      The game had quite a few good ideas but the thing is... most of them were only good from a conceptual standpoint to me. They're actual execution never went beyond simply being functional. Just about every gameplay element they introduced ended up being clunky and simply a chore to use. To make them work would basically require starting from scratch honestly.

      Plus, I still can't get over the overall style of the game. I mean, I get that they were trying to hearken back to the genesis days with being more cartoony than anything in visuals but you can do that without stepping back to early N64 levels of environment design. The entire game looks way too simple and just bland as all hell imo. Like really, taking a couple of cylinders, suspending them in the air, and calling it a level? That's just lazy and not even original (see Galaxy games).

      Add in that (while better than Colors and Generation admittedly) pretty bad narrative and I just don't find LW to be much of worth at the end of the day.

  8. Remind me again why the only DLC for Generations was a pinball game again

  9. When I was a little kid, we didn't have a genesis or any consoles. We had a really old computer that could be used to play the S3&K PC collection, my favorite childhood game. while I was being a little dipshit trying to figure out how to get past the Carnival Night barrel (actually 100% Knuckles run cause I couldn't figure out that barrel), my sister showed me the other Sonic disc we had for PC. I tried to install it, but I could never get the installer to work properly. She said that she played it for a little bit and then it just stopped working suddenly. She told me that the game involved Sonic going through deserts and quick sand to stop time-traveling zombies from taking over the world, and I believed her. It was just a copy of the US release of Sonic CD.
  10. In the Eggmanland hub world, there are three Egg pawns you can talk to, each one with a number symbolizing a year a Sonic game was released. Basically, the 1991 EP is a cool kid, the 1998 one is an uninteresting shopkeeper, and the 2006 one is a glitchy and confused robot trying to find his place. 

    1. MegasonicZX


      I never realized just how meta this was.

    2. Miru the Living Planet

      Miru the Living Planet

      Oh gosh, imagine how awful the 2014 robot would be like? 

  11. Seeing the first main boss of Mania gives me hope that the bosses in the game will all be somewhat challenging as opposed to their piss easy counterparts in the classics.

    Also that fucking boss theme is just too good

  12. Quite the contrary, I want this cartoon to thrive and become more successful and popular (I got sold on the "gotta go fast as a medical excuse" line). While I do like this cartoon, I sincerely hope that we don't get any other content that is Boom-related outside of this cartoon. The games were pure mediocrity at best and absolute horse shit at worst.
  13. Sonic Mania's boss theme is some good S-rank shit

  14. I'm honestly thinking about trading in my PS4 pro for an Xbox one S. I'm not a graphics whore at all, my PC isn't that good and I miss backwards compatability. 

    Provide assistance

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      As long as you aren't buying it for new games I say go for it

    2. OcelotBot


      If you're not bothered about PS4 exclusives, then go for it. 

  15. One of the main reasons I wish I bought an Xbox one instead of a PS4, besides Halo at least, is the backwards compatability. PS4 does have it, but I refuse to pay another wad of cash for a service that should already be free. Generations and Unleashed are BC on PS4, right?