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  1. I really like the lakefeperd games, but I swear they are all very choppy  with unstable framerates regardless of the hardware running them. Is this just a problem with the games or the engine itself? I'm referencing both Before and After the Sequel.

    1. McGroose


      Also I found out that the reason why some PCs can't handle cutscenes is because they're incompatible with Intel Integrated graphics (HD series, like 4000, 520, 630 etc.). Wow, Intel HD sucks  dick. AMD's integrated graphics always work fine, why does Intel keep fucking this up?

    2. Riseodvi


      All of Lake's 2D games were made with Clickteam Fusion, which is an incredibly unoptimized engine, and it's especially bad for games with big levels. On my computer, Fark runs better than Spark. The 3D sequel runs better than it's 2D predecessor.

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      It makes it really bad with a majority of laptops and even many PCs where most of the time (unless you are willing to pay more), Intel integrated graphics are the default. Something like the sequels should theoretically run on laptops or even as low as an Intel Atom but that's how PC gaming is. Like the Retro engine can run as low as a Dreamcast but that's also because Taxman made his own engine rather than using an existing engine. Unity has the same issue even on a PS4 where unless you optimise the game, it runs awful.

      Its also wrong that NVidia has sort of a monopoly on graphics cards but that's another issue.


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