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  1. Sonic Adventure is better than Sonic Adventure 2

    1. KHCast



    2. Winston


      I agree as well. It’s more consistent and fun, and I enjoy the hub world. I also enjoy the other characters campaigns more in that game, and if I don’t like a certain character at least their campaigns are usually short.

    3. McGroose


      I say so because, for all the bugs SA1 has, they're not as gameplay interfering as the ones in SA2 are, but that's just one reason.

      It's really frustrating to play SA2 sometimes. The lightdash is so wonky, the enemy placements in some levels are just downright awful and the gimped radar made Knuckles/Rouges expanded treasuring hunting levels a pain in the ass. Even if the radar was fixed, which there is a mod to do so, some of the treasuring hunting levels just suck anyway.

      That and I think SA1 did a much better job of having a serious, but not over-the-top story that feels kinda out there for what Sonic should be doing. SA2 did not do that at all, IMO.

    4. Won't Stop, Just Go
    5. E-122-Psi


      @McGroose Same really. SA2 felt like it was meant to be the game that streamlined and refined on what SA1 did, but a lot of it was actually a one step foward, one step backward result.

      The three gameplay mechanics were more polished but also more clunky and detached from the standard Sonic gameplay, and even worse it turned into a forced roulette instead of letting you switch between campaigns. The levels despite being unique for each character were also blander. The story was relatively better written and animated but similarly detached itself from the old Sonic charm. It felt like something during production of SA1 had put them off trying to translate the franchise into 3D, and a lot of what they replaced it with just wasn't that fun.

      I dunno, while SA1 was really rough and unfinished, it just really brought back my old love for Sonic. It got way more of the old retro charm right than it did wrong, and sure while the campaigns were divisive, being able to switch between them all at whim had a real 'kid in a candy store' feel. Even Big I liked going back to and trying to figure out, which was more tolerable when you weren't FORCED to in order to play the rest of the game.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Massively. I went back and played SA1 recently from start to finish; love Sonic, Knuckles and Gamma's stages, tolerated Tails' boringly easy and broken stages, enjoyed Amy's but wanted more and just couldn't stand Big. But then I tried SA2 and was like "the fuck is this janky shit".

    7. McGroose


      I really recommend you try to mod your version of SA to play other characters in Sonic's stages, it's so much fun playing as Knuckles in Hot Shelter and Tails in Red Mountain.

      Honestly, the game would have been so much cooler if you could have had the option to play as other characters outside their normal levels in the vanilla game (except Big for obvious reasons). It's not like it would've taken much more time to edit a few springs here and there when needed.

    8. E-122-Psi


      Generally I think the biggest problem with SA1 besides the bugs is that it doesn't really challenge you. The levels are often too short and there's not really enough alternative challenges outside the DX version's mission mode (which admittedly feels like a bad fan mod).

      Like Gamma's levels and gameplay are fun enough, but then they just end less than a minute in, and the boss AI is too slow to really offer a challenge. Same for Knuckles' gameplay, the levels and mechanics are way more fun to search through than in SA2, but there's only an obvious handful of hiding places for the emeralds each time. Tails is just Sonic's levels but with cheap boost pads all over the place (shame they didn't try more fun and intuitive short cuts). Often it feels like only the last level of each non-Sonic character shows the full potential of their gameplay without dumbing it down.

      SA2 is less simplified, but the way it adds difficulty is far too tedious, too many cheap deaths, obtuse puzzles or long bland extended areas that feel interchangeable (nerfing the emerald radar makes the game harder but not really in any way that makes searching more FUN and intuitive). Fake difficulty really rather than demonstrating the potential of its gameplay design. Basically it goes from holding your hand to giving you the middle finger.

      Being able to finish the level quickly isn't the real problem, it's just that you shouldn't be able to do so without fully mastering it. I'd rather have SA1's very brief but fun as hell play style than SA2's regimented 5-10 minute long gauntlet of tedium.

    9. McGroose


      That's the love hate relationship I have with SA2. When the game is fun to play, man is it fun. I'd definitely rank it over SA1 during the times I actually enjoy SA2. But that's the thing... there's too much BS in SA2 that prevents that from being the case.

    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      One time I just nailed a run through of Final Rush on my first try in years. I didn't remember the level in any detail, but it just worked. Hit every rail with speed, did all the tricks at the ends of rails, didn't die trying to switch rails and didn't even run into any walls with Sonic's twitchy controls. It was an intense, incredibly fun experience. But SA2 really demands that you know its controls perfectly and don't set a foot wrong for it to be fun. Otherwise it becomes cheap and stunted. Final Rush can go from amazing to absolute horse shit in an instant.

    11. McGroose


      I actually like the mech levels miles more than the treasure hunting levels. In SA1 I liked Knuckles' levels but good god they are fucking awful in SA2. 

      But that doesn't mean the mech levels are perfect - Again enemy placement is the biggest thing that screws them over. You'll open a door and bam, you just got lasered to the face, or you just got a Chaos bitchslap to the face. 

      Also IDK why Sega thought to make them so much more clunky to move. What was wrong with how Gamma felt in SA1? 

    12. neezTHEhuman


      my man knows!!

    13. E-van


      I like both

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