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  1. With the exception of S3&K being my first game ever, I grew up with modern sonic and have far more nostalgia and memory for him. I grew up playing Unleashed, SADX, SA2, 06, etc and didn't start to play Sonic 1, 2, CD until those modern games. Yet for some reason I'm lately starting to prefer classic sonic over modern sonic in both design and other areas... significantly. Yet I can't figure out why. 

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      The more simple design choices, narrative and easy to grasp but difficult to master gameplay might play a factor here. Classic Sonic's design is rooted in the more straightforward cartoon animal archetype which is timeless and tested; as for gameplay, they really set the bar high right out of the gate, and adapting the physics heavy platforming at fast speeds is sort of a nightmare to do in 3D. Modern Sonic by comparison is fairly inconsistent with it's presentation and gameplay, so that may also play a factor there. 

      I think Modern Sonic ought to be the main pillar of the franchise and I believe there's potential for a definitive 3D Sonic gameplay style, but we've yet to really reach that potential, and Classic Sonic games on the whole have already been catering to that, so it's a tough act to follow.

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