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  1. What was the best console generation and why was it the 6th generation?

    1. Strickerx5


      because it technically contains the Dreamcast which is, by far, the superior console

      Though real talk, it did genuinely have a metric fuckton of hits for franchises both new (which spawned a ridiculous amount of long running series) and old. It can also be seen as the last time AAAs were really allowed to go against the grain and experiment. Just before the industry started to really dial in on straight business practices and sticking tighter to what "works". Not to mention how you can really argue that the generation never really lost steam or started slow (a problem that is present in most other generations).


      ... But with that being said, I still prefer the 7th generation.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I honestly never know which generation is which without reference year or platform...

    3. Ferno


      4th and 6th are my favs. 4th gen was the pinnacle of 2D games before they became synonymous with handhelds and "retro" games later on, and the 6th gen was a golden age for 3D platformers. 

      Saying that though, the 5th gen is my most nostalgic one since its when I first started really paying attention to games, but it was a janky growing-pains generation looking back which keeps it from taking a top spot.

    4. Cuz


      I eat and breath the SNES, and thus must throw my lot in with the 4th gen. 

      4th Gen just has so many of my favorite games, from my favorite genres. It's the golden age of RPGs, and the gen that houses the best of Mega Man X, and Classic Sonic. Oh and DKC. 



    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Hmm... It's hard for me because there are many generations up to the most recent that can be a favorite. It's one of my favorites but isn't one at the same time.

      You had a lot of series that developed into successes to this day (e.g. Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Dynasty/Samurai Warriors, Halo, Forza, Lego, Yakuza) and games that became a cult hit (e.g. Jet Set Radio/Future, Earth Defense Force, Sly Cooper, Richard Burns Rally). If PC also counts due to console ports then Half Life and Max Payne as well. Sequels that are still considered one of the best in the series (e.g. Resident Evil 4, F-Zero GX, Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005, GTA San Andreas). Also what people consider the best sports games (e.g. PES 5 and NFL 2K5). Microsoft getting into the console business and had more variety in their lineup than the Xbox One/Series.

      It's also the era where 3D games started to have better controls (not always) and feel more refined. The graphics had advanced from the PS1/N64/Saturn to resemble characters rather than abstract things. It was starting to move away from arcade experiences to the longer story focused games but that era offered both, the PS3 and the Wii (7th gen) were one of the last consoles that offered contemporary arcade ports. The Dreamcast was special because it was the first console where arcade perfect ports or even better than the arcade are common due to similar hardware. Sadly the console also caused a decline in terms of the arcades, after the Dreamcast the arcades never really recovered. Probably also doesn't help that OutRun 2 aka the game that kept the arcades running just a bit longer also got an arcade perfect+ port on the Xbox...

      Then again some games of that era do have a pretty bad camera and controls. Also lack of subtitles in many games (something that even carried on to 360/PS3/Wii) is a downer due to sound mixing issues. Personally not into the PS2 look where a majority of games looked like they were in grey but the Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox and of course what really started the generation with those Model 3 arcade games still hold up fine. Also Europe still got screwed in terms of games.

      Oof... Didn't expect to write this much...

      @Blue Blood If I'm honest I'm not keen on the generation term either because it is American biased for the majority of the run and some countries got them earlier or later (e.g. Europe). Where would you put consoles that were technically better than the competition but weaker than the next lot that came out the year after (e.g. Master System, PC Engine, Dreamcast, Wii U)? Thinking more and more especially with consoles that have different technology compared to its competitors of the same era (e.g. Wii, Switch, even PS2 compared to the Gamecube and the Xbox), it falls apart.

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