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  1. I really hope someone high up in Sega knows just how much aware the fans are about Sonic Rangers thanks to the leaks.

    They can't say anything, but they're secretly thinking "God damn it"

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      They're probably going to be most aware of the metadata and press release name leaks because those were actual mistakes on their part.

    2. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Considering how hard this fan-base usually dives into Datamining and the like, there is only so much they can hide from us anyway with these things.

      Half their marketing strategy probably is written up about how to dance around the leaks.

      If those Tails icons photos in Colors ultimate turn out to be anything other than playable Tails, they will have effectively weaponized it against us.

  2. Glad to see that the general consensus of this game seems to be excitement and genuine enthusiasm in Sega for trying to be bold and broaden their horizons with Sonic despite still thinking they will still fuck up the game regardless.
  3. What you see is what you get.

    Remember that when you see the eventual gameplay footage and confirmed details of this game come out, cause you know that some people will keep saying "Just wait bro, Sega can fix that eventually cause they still have time" to any major issues they see in the game.

    What you see is what you get. Happened so much with Forces, I remember it happening with Sonic 4, it'll happen with this one. 

    1. VisionaryofSUPER


      Yeah, even if it's ambitious, doesn't mean it'll be good: Just interesting.

    2. Celestia


      FAKER?! I THINK YOU'RE THE FAKE HEDGEH--oh we're not doing SA2 quotes, nvm

    3. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Indeed, while the leaks are still early development and may not be a proper representation of the game (heck the entire point is getting feedback), once footage starts rolling, that's how the game will most likely look.

  4. Amazing how we got way more info about the game that's all but confirmed from leaks and careful analysis in the same day that the teaser trailer that revealed basically nothing came out. It truly is remarkable.
  5. Well I'll be damned, it DOES say Jan 2021. Awwwww nooooo, then this is that possible 1% then or an amazing fluke. To think that we overlooked this possible diamond in the rough in favor of other garbage Well, based on what I've read, I can't exactly say what I'm reading is all that encouraging lol
  6. How on earth do people keep falling for this 4chan shit? I thought Zippo might be credible cause apparently he got some other stuff sorta right in the past, but all these 4chan "leaks" are always the same. They'll say they have new information about a game that builds off of info that just recently came out, never before. The dates of these leaks should be what confirm it's all nonsense. Why do they tell you the leak with the (possibly) correct name AFTER the name is almost certain already? Why do they tell you details about a game AFTER those details were leaked almost certainly by accident from an actual retailer or distributer? It's always the same. You couldn't have done it a few days earlier? You just conveniently decided to spread word right when new info is already released? The leaks always come out at the most convenient time. The timing of a leak is what determines it's credibility and 99% of them, such as the above for the supposed beta tester, are clearly fake.
  7. Because Zippo's leaks (and other leaks) have basically all been confirmed to be BS at this point, we're back at square one as to what this game could be like. I think it was @DiogenesWho noticed this years ago with the Forces teaser trailer, but the way Sonic moved seemed like a noticeable reference to boost style gameplay; super fast movement in a straight forward line was quickly ducking or jumping over obstacles and little variation. Maybe that's looking too deep into it, but hey, turned out to be accurate. Based on that, I'm gonna assume that this is a boost game again. I'm aware of how irrational it might sound to use a teaser trailer of Sonic running forward to determine what gameplay style the game will use, but screw it we've got nothing and I'll conclude it's boost until I see otherwise. It'll probably utilize the boost formula in ways not yet seen before, but it's a boost game at it's core regardless. And with previous leakers basically all saying the game is entirely 3D now possibly wrong, I'm gonna assume the game is only going to be half 3D at best as well. Gotta keep your expectations low ūüėě Finally, no 2D Modern game. Maybe, just maybe we'll get another main game, but I'm doubtful, I was already skeptical when I heard we were getting a big 2D and 3D game at the same time. The assumption was that the new 2D game would release this year and the big 3D one next year or late this year. Since this is all we got today, I'm guessing that this is all we'll get period. I'm really hoping we get more at E3 or June 23rd but I'm doubtful. I hated how Forces was handled, from reveal to launch, and it looks like we're getting a repeat of that. What's another year ontop of the previous 3-4 we've been waiting already though, right?
  8. Sega releases a barebones collection, underwhelming nearly everyone and people still buy it and give Sega their money. That's all Sega cares about. What reason does Sega have to improve if people just keep throwing money at them for such lackluster products? They know you'll just buy it anyway, they don't need to do more with it or future collections. Just keep releasing Sonic 1-3&K every console generation and people will buy it, forget the dozens of other older Sonic games that people could want cause the bare minimum is enough to grantee sales even if people complain. Both console and PC owners should be getting way more out of this collection than what Sega is offering here. Even if I didn't have a computer of basically any price range from the year 1997 and up that could play these games, I would still be annoyed that this is all that we're getting. I guess it won't be such a big deal if the price for this collection is fair, but it'll probably be higher than it should.
  9. "Introducing the werehog..."


    "Added for Sonic Forces"


    1. JezMM


      Considering it happened in the mobile games segment you have no-one to blame but yourself if you genuinely got excited lol.

    2. McGroose


      I went back and forth between watching the stream and doing other stuff, this was broken into segments? I thought they were just going in random order

      I kinda just saw random fragments of the stream here and there, such as the werehog one ūüė쬆

    3. Strickerx5


      Speed Battle continues being the best thing to have come out of this series game-wise since Mania lol

  10. I really should've taken the advice frequently spoken on this forum to heart more, keep your expectations as low as possible no matter what, even if it means to expect the most lackluster reveal ever. Maybe it was my own fault for believing that the "leaks", and possibly common sense based on past collection sizes, would imply this collection would have way more than what was shown in them but this is so underwhelming. I really just don't understand, why would people be content with a collection like this? This is by no measurement good enough. I didn't think it was too unrealistic to think that this collection would have a little more. People have been asking Sega for a collection for years that included older games hardly, if ever, rereleased and they respond by providing the most barebones collection possible? Not even Spinball or 3D blast, just the original 4. S3&K isn't even enhanced whatsoever it seems. I don't care if it's just included, I can play that game on a toaster of a laptop just fine with enhancements via Sonic 3 AIR now. At least they're the Taxman versions... yaaaaaaaay. Way too little, way too late. No sale, Sega. The only benefit for people is that these is now on console, but console owners should be getting way more games on this collection regardless.
  11. >sonic colors rerelease

    >new colors animated show

    >new teaser shows sonic with a wisp aura on what looks like possibly planet wisp

    FFS the next game is sonic colors 2, isnt it.

    1. OmegaSonicX


      honestly the area the teaser takes place in looks more like either Angel island or Mystic Ruins than Planet Wisp.

      and then again the boost aura could be anything.

  12. I'm looking at the current GPU situation and I've never seen prices this high and supply this low, I'm so glad I bought my PC when I did cause my timing was cutting it close to when all this BS started. I bought a gaming PC with a I5 10400 and GTX 1660 for around $750 on black friday last year, which is a deal that's basically impossible to find now. I kept hearing since then how bad the cost of consoles and desktop hardware has been getting and I never paid much mind to it cause I thought I've seen it before in the past, but after having just recently looked more into the situation, this is easily the worst I've ever seen it. A GTX 1650 is at least $450 on Amazon, nearly 300% the MSRP, iirc. A 1660 is at least $600, anything in the RTX range than that isn't even available to purchase at all for the most part outside of the thousands of dollars. Try to find a gaming desktop on amazon, the results are laughable and depressing. Just get a console instead then, right? Well sure, but It doesn't help that you only get like 2 minutes per week (if not per month) to buy a XBSX or a PS5 before stock runs dry and the PS4 and Xbone are still surprisingly expensive outside of used or refurbished models, which are still usually higher than their MSRP nearly everywhere I look. I'm sorry to anyone who is interested in getting into computer hardware or trying to buy a console, older or newer generation. This is the absolute worst I've ever seen it. I've seen many GPU price hikes/supply shortages in the past, none of them have ever been this bad. I'm not sure if I hate the scalpers or the cryptominers more, at least the scalpers sell the products back, albeit at the horrible prices. I heard that the PS2 launch had a similar situation with the cost of consoles for a few months, but I don't know enough about that. I'd certainly appreciate if anyone could compare the current situation to a previous time where they believed it was nearly as bad.
  13. Can I get the rundown on why Sonic 2020 or Omen or whatever it's called now is suddenly bad?

    Shit looks pretty well made as far as fan games go 

    1. Dejimon11


      They have a link to their patreon which is what’s funding the game.

    2. Harkofthewaa


      To put it simply, they're asking for money on Pateron. And not in a kosher way, as they have things like demos and screenshots locked behind Pateron tiers. And that's no good.

    3. Wraith


      The developers got in some hot water for creating a patreon and asking for donations. They were offering access to a discord that had the demo in it IE they were  technically charging for it. The larger fangame/Sonic community took this as a danger to the fangame scene as a whole as Sega might see this and lose their tolerance for such things and take down fangames.

      It's been a year since then. Sega didn't even give the game a cursory glance and the developers turned the patreon into a way to donate to their original projects. I'm not exactly sure why this discussion is still going.

    4. StaticMania


      I was assuming that the demos were at least directly on the patreon itself, otherwise why were people even bothering?

      Putting a demo on discord and getting access to a discord via patreon is way too common for this to be worth complaining about.

    5. Dejimon11


      @Wraith so is this another Sonic smackdown situation oooooor? 

    6. Wraith


      I don't remember enough about the Sonic Smackdown situation to say honestly

    7. Diogenes


      i don't have any hands on experience with it, but aside from the patreon thing i have seen a fair amount of criticism of the game itself. the main issues i've seen being, the homing attack seems questionably programmed, the plane level sucks, the boss fights are poorly designed, it's poorly optimized, and it does a bad job of melding/balancing adventure and boost gameplay. personally looking in from the outside i don't see much to get excited about; while there's clearly a lot of effort put into it, it seems more flash than substance. they've taken a do-it-all engine and dropped some elaborately rendered but mediocre-to-poor levels into it, alongside some questionable new moves and gimmicks, and still falling into most of the same design pitfalls as the official games.

    8. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'd say it wasn't sudden, it did kinda get less than positive reactions on these parts from the start. It just another one of those style-over-substance flavored games that evoke the same tired song and dance from target echo chambers in the fanbase. It's graphics and full use of cutscenes is are superb, but the actual meat-and-potatoes game suffers the same pitfalls other 3d fangames do. It fancies itself a professional fangame, yet the amateur look of it doesn't seem to match up what it these developers claim to achieve. Especially for what they intend to earn money to make.

      It also features the Russian Shadow from the Sonic Zombies saga except this game is not a parody. (Have not look up if the that and all the voices have improved)



      Smackdown also gave downloaders the option to donate money to support them. Twitter canceled it to hell and back, so now that I believe is gone

    9. Thigolf


      I'm pretty sure the Patreon they have up doesn't even list Sonic Omens at all so I don't think Sega could do something even if they wanted to.

  14. That's some pretty wishful thinking, they'd never do that. The only thing I imagine they'd change would be the resolution and framerate, and that'd only be applicable to the console ports. They'll also add additional languages and maybe an unlockable audio dialogue about the development of the game or something, but I see Sega's creativity stopping there. If you have a PC, Generations remastered would probably make Skyrim Special Edition look like a full remake of Skyrim in comparison. I doubt they'd remaster much of anything beyond the absolute basics. It'll really only be a remaster if you're playing on console because of the resolution and framerate boost. I doubt they'd add any additional graphical enhancements. Maybe I'm just being cynical, idk
  15. What was the best console generation and why was it the 6th generation?

    1. Strickerx5


      because it technically contains the Dreamcast which is, by far, the superior console

      Though real talk, it did genuinely have a metric fuckton of hits for franchises both new (which spawned a ridiculous amount of long running series) and old. It can also be seen as the last time AAAs were really allowed to go against the grain and experiment. Just before the industry started to really dial in on straight business practices and sticking tighter to what "works". Not to mention how you can really argue that the generation never really lost steam or started slow (a problem that is present in most other generations).


      ... But with that being said, I still prefer the 7th generation.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I honestly never know which generation is which without reference year or platform...

    3. Ferno


      4th and 6th are my favs. 4th gen was the pinnacle of 2D games before they became synonymous with handhelds and "retro" games later on, and the 6th gen was a golden age for 3D platformers. 

      Saying that though, the 5th gen is my most nostalgic one since its when I first started really paying attention to games, but it was a janky growing-pains generation looking back which keeps it from taking a top spot.

    4. Cuz


      I eat and breath the SNES, and thus must throw my lot in with the 4th gen. 

      4th Gen just has so many of my favorite games, from my favorite genres. It's the golden age of RPGs, and the gen that houses the best of Mega Man X, and Classic Sonic. Oh and DKC. 



    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Hmm... It's hard for me because there are many generations up to the most recent that can be a favorite. It's one of my favorites but isn't one at the same time.

      You had a lot of series that developed into successes to this day (e.g. Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Dynasty/Samurai Warriors, Halo, Forza, Lego, Yakuza) and games that became a cult hit (e.g. Jet Set Radio/Future, Earth Defense Force, Sly Cooper, Richard Burns Rally). If PC also counts due to console ports then Half Life and Max Payne as well. Sequels that are still considered one of the best in the series (e.g. Resident Evil 4, F-Zero GX, Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005, GTA San Andreas). Also what people consider the best sports games (e.g. PES 5 and NFL 2K5). Microsoft getting into the console business and had more variety in their lineup than the Xbox One/Series.

      It's also the era where 3D games started to have better controls (not always) and feel more refined. The graphics had advanced from the PS1/N64/Saturn to resemble characters rather than abstract things. It was starting to move away from arcade experiences to the longer story focused games but that era offered both, the PS3 and the Wii (7th gen) were one of the last consoles that offered contemporary arcade ports. The Dreamcast was special because it was the first console where arcade perfect ports or even better than the arcade are common due to similar hardware. Sadly the console also caused a decline in terms of the arcades, after the Dreamcast the arcades never really recovered. Probably also doesn't help that OutRun 2 aka the game that kept the arcades running just a bit longer also got an arcade perfect+ port on the Xbox...

      Then again some games of that era do have a pretty bad camera and controls. Also lack of subtitles in many games (something that even carried on to 360/PS3/Wii) is a downer due to sound mixing issues. Personally not into the PS2 look where a majority of games looked like they were in grey but the Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox and of course what really started the generation with those Model 3 arcade games still hold up fine. Also Europe still got screwed in terms of games.

      Oof... Didn't expect to write this much...

      @Blue Blood If I'm honest I'm not keen on the generation term either because it is American biased for the majority of the run and some countries got them earlier or later (e.g. Europe). Where would you put consoles that were technically better than the competition but weaker than the next lot that came out the year after (e.g. Master System, PC Engine, Dreamcast, Wii U)? Thinking more and more especially with consoles that have different technology compared to its competitors of the same era (e.g. Wii, Switch, even PS2 compared to the Gamecube and the Xbox), it falls apart.

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