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Hello/hi/good morning-day-night/guten Morgen-tag-abend/Hola/sup/greetings/yo/oh hai.

I originally created this account because I had plans about joining the Sega forums, But during the time I decided to join, the 2 month period of the Sega forums being down was going on and I decided to join this place instead to pass the time. Nowadays, I don't really post much on the Sega forum. Maybe I post once every solar eclipse. I'm always pulled back to this site more then the SF, even if I don't post...I wonder why.

Now then, you may reffer to me as lord Groose...Or Sir Groose, Master Groose, the Groosinator, or Demond Lord Groosahim. I've been in many other games, such as Twilight Groose, Majora's Mask, A Groose to the Goose, and Groose-Faces of Evil.
it can happen
And since I've seen others do it, here's my top 5 favorite Sanic teh heghawg gaems:

1: Sonic CD (Final boss could have been better though)
2: Sonic 2 (Really wish the scrapped Hidden Palace level got into the final version)
3: Sonic 3 & Knuckles (I just play Sonic 3 Complete though)
4: Sonic 1 (I usually play the hacked version with an added spindash and spike bug fix)
5: Sonic Generations (Would have traded all the missions for at least one or two more zones)


My favorite video game of all time is the Streets of Rage Remake (V5)

Inspired by the original Streets of Rage trilogy on the Sega Genesis (and Game Gear + Master System), this remake successfully takes what made the original games great and multiplies it by a dozen. 10 playable characters, a fantastic soundtrack, levels from all 3 games (including console exclusive levels, cutout levels, and  even original levels), and a modding system which allows you to make your own streets of rage game from scratch.




Guess what this level is.


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