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  1. Um, yes it does, because, uh... some assholes on /tv/ and reddit said that JJ Abrams created Rey because he hates white men, so anyone and everyone who criticizes Rey is an alt-right Drumpf-supporting bigot. There are no other movies with women except Star Wars, so if you criticize this creatively bankrupt megafranchise you're a misogynist.
  2. Star Wars needs to fucking die.

    1. QuantumEdge


      We need a new one, and no, the Avatar sequels don't count.

    2. SupahBerry


      It's somewhat amazes me that people can say with a straight face that Sonic has it easier than Star Wars. Especally when they even apply it with Episode 9 and the Sonic film.

    3. Strickerx5


      I can sympathize with the ones who simply don’t like the direction Disney is taking with certain characters and content as a whole but other than that... again, yeah no. Saying you have it worse than the Sonic franchise is one of the biggest stretches one can make regarding this whole thing. Hyperbole at it’s finest.

    4. Jacky


      nah its pretty good atm id rather it stay

  3. Are you for real? He literally gets his ass handed to him in his first duel with Vader even AFTER being trained by *the* Jedi Master. He's only able to beat him after like a year or more of further training and almost giving into the dark side, which is part of his arc.
  4. Ok yeah so you're basically just baiting now. I'm out.
  5. Look. I don't care what your headcanon explanation for Rey's skills is. She does not struggle, she does not really grow in any significant way. She is not interesting or likable. It's not because she's female. It's because she has nothing to her. Notice how you immediately leap to the conclusion that I'm some sort of anti-"SJW" bigot because I dislike a character in a billion dollar franchise for children and nerds. You have no real argument so you instead regurgitate some bullshit you probably read from some blue checkmark journalist in twitter who was paid off by Disney to shill the idea that the consumption of their corporate shlock is some sort of bold statement. People have been so conditioned to defend their favorite corporate brands that they will label anyone, ANYONE, who criticizes it as a bigot. I could write a fucking essay-length post on why TLJ is a failure of a film and Rey is a poorly written hero, but since you and people like you are either unwilling or unable to put forward anything resembling a nuanced counterargument, you just bypass all of that and fall back in the tired "uhhh guess you're a sexist lol" scapegoat. Give me a fucking break.
  6. It's great living in a social/political climate where people make assumptions about your politics and worldview based entirely on which disposable coroporate products you choose to consume.

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Social platforms was a mistake.

    2. QuantumEdge


      Tell me about it.  It's especially terrific the amount of overly smug retorts and memes that fly from one place to another.

  7. I hate the term Mary Sure because it's been so misused over the years that it is essentially meaningless, but Rey doesn't actually struggle for anything. She's totally badass and competent right off the bat, as opposed to Luke who's a whiny idiot at the start and grows over time. Nothing inherently wrong with protagonists who are just fucking badass from the getgo, but it's a stupid approach with the type of hero's journey story that Star Wars is meant to be. Plus Daisy Ridley is a horrible actress.
  8. I think you misread my post. I don't want a comic with the setting of Usagi Yojimbo, just a similar story format.
  9. video games... wow

  10. My ideal Sonic comic is basically a Sonic version of Usagi Yojimbo. By that I don't mean a Sonic comic that's set in 17th century Japan, but a comic that focuses on a wandering hero and a rotating supporting cast in mostly episodic adventures that sometimes tie in to larger underlying story arcs. We honestly do sort of have that now, but it's just super, super decompressed and repetitive. Not enough individual character-building stories and just these bland "season"-long arcs. The episodic and character-focused setup of the annual stories was refreshing, even if they weren't masterpieces.
  11. just found out about anime

    what a sick world we live in

    1. E-van


      Mistake was an anime

    2. Nix
    3. Ferno



      when they drop anvils on each other, they just die and stay dead instead of just getting a big bump on their head with little birds flying around, like wtf

  12. That would probably be better than Montana. They could have a scene where a group of people try to convert Sonic to Mormonism.
  13. They should let the guy who wrote that Rouge story in the annual get an arc.
  14. Corporations have conditioned me (and indeed most of our generation) to cling to my childhood brands because it is the only thing keeping me sane and occupied in a world that is increasingly complicated and distressing. But really I dunno, it occasionally has moments I like. The annual was fun. The art is sometimes good. It just... fails on every other level most of the time.
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