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  1. George Lucas
    George Luke S.
    George Luke Skywalker

    1. QuantumEdge


      Episode 9 spoilers

      Luke's ghost pulls off a face mask to reveal it being ol' Georgie and green screens the bad guys to death

  2. Happy birthday!

    Didn't realize we had the same one, lol



    Published on October 3, 2017

  4. Zavok will be a DLC fighter in Smash Bros.

  5. Zavok is my new favorite Sonic character

  6. let's make zavok a meme

    1. QuantumEdge


      And then follow it up with Hellboy combo memes.

  7. secret TSR unlock: baby zavok

  8. Why don't they put Witchcart in TSR? She's got a vehicle already, plus she's the most complex and interesting character in fiction.

  9. DmscTttVAAA6fDk.jpg.b768b9b4afbc798cc93d40816f21aa7d.jpg

  10. >"I'm already married. TO JUSTICE."
    >"Yeah, only a blind girl would marry you."

    i implore you to watch Xavier Renegade Angel

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Holy shit, that burn. lmao

      I might have to check that out.

    2. Yeow


      wiener take all

      @Waveshocker Sigma that bit is at 2:18 in the video but the whole thing has to be seen to be believed

  11. I want Witchcart to make a comeback. Possibly the greatest character in the franchise. What's her backstory? Why does she ride in a minecart all the time? What's her deal? 

    1. Ferno


      i thought you said witchcraft an i was fixin to be all like haaaelz yeah

  12. yacker x black doom

    1. SupahBerry


      Eclipse the Darkling has what's basically their love child as pets, so yeah


    1. Adamabba


      my man knows

  14. If it were possible, would you subtract one day off your life and add it to Sonic’s life for one extra day of good health? If just 10,000 people did this, it would add 27 productive years to his life.

    Image result for sonic

  15. big news! Big news everyone

    excited to announce that i'm getting married to jeff bezos

  16. Suddenly in a kirby mood. Which is better: Planet Robobot or Star Allies?

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      As of 4.0.0, that's kinda hard to gauge.

      But if you haven't played either, go for Robobot first. Do Star Allies afterwards.

    2. JezMM


      Robobot absolutely for sure IMO.  I'd call it probably the best Kirby game ever made.

    3. Adamabba


      Star Allies has some nice extra content thanks to DLC, but Robobot is still the more solid game

    4. -dan-


      Star Allies does have much more content now, but I still find the loading times between level sections a little tiring. Robobot doesn't have that problem and actually has the invaders speaking, which is rare in a Kirby game.

      I'd say Robobot, too.

    5. Diogenes


      definitely robobot but star allies is still pretty good

    6. Sean


      I haven't played Star Allies and I'm not really interested in it at that price, but Robobot is good although I've only played it once and have replayed mostly older Kirby games since.

    7. Heckboy


      Alright, well, Robobot it is then. Thanks guys.

    8. TCB


      We I'm too late

      It took three updates of DLC for Star Allies to feel like really solid package

      Robobot is just that damn good on its own

      I like both a lot but Robobot for sure 

      But god the lore introduced with Star Allies hnng 

  17. taking a class in Sonic Studies at my local community college. hoping to transfer to a four-year Sonic University at some point and obtain a degree in Sonic Studies. i hear Sonic experts are in high demand these days. it sounds like a very fulfilling career. 

  18. What doth life? Are we just fleshy blips in some meaningless stew of cosmic oblivion?

    1. Ferno


      coca cola

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets.

    3. Diogenes


      yeah p much

  19. really wish you could change the menu music in smash ultimate without having to go through all of world of light

    i hate world of light

    1. SupahBerry


      I'd honestly take the "It's Fukin Nothing" reward for beating WOL if it meant having menu music available from the beginning. Cause getting nothing is actually better than gaining access to a basic thing that was available from the start of the past two installments and not worth going through all the BS for.

    2. Heckboy


      i'm just really sick of the ultimate theme at this point

  20. Should Sonic take a nap?

    1. Maxtiis


      He would if Tails would just shut up.

    2. Kiah



      Done 🙂

  21. buhhhhhhh superman is so LAME because he's too OP, batman is more badass and he's more human and relatable because he's so badass, superman is overpowered and boring, durrrr

    Image result for superman suicide girl


    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      I never really understood the complaints about the classic concept of Superman myself either.

    2. Polkadi~♪


      I remember reading an excerpt from an issue online once, where there was a woman who had given up on life, and was going to jump off of a building. A crowd had gathered, and police were on the scene trying to talk her down.

      Superman arrives, investigating the scene, then flying up to talk to the woman, introducing each other, talking about her life and why she felt like doing this, and tries convincing her to reconsider her choices.

      The woman says she'd like the time to think for a while, and Superman lets her, staying there and waiting. Day becomes sunset, and sunset becomes night. Whenever the woman felt uncomfortable, like having a police spotlight shining in her face, Superman shot it down. He let the woman have the time to herself to think things over.

      After a night passes, the woman finally speaks up, having thought about what to do. She wasn't going to jump. So she and Superman talk for a while, about life in general, and about Superman's life. The pressures of life can be too much to take at times, and Superman can relate. Despite that, he looks for the courage and reason in himself to continue living on. Finally convinced, the woman decides to step down, with Superman carrying her back to the ground.


      It's not the powers that make Superman, it's his ideals. Even if he's completely alien and different to humanity, he finds it within himself to continue fighting for what he knows as home, for he has accepted humanity, and humanity accepted him. It's that in which Superman becomes a true superhero.

    3. Ferno


      I've always viewed Superman as the Mario of super hero comics, really good and the original, but sometimes people view him as boring because he's the original, vanilla super hero instead of all other heroes who came after him being "Its superman but ______ this time!" Just like how maybe people see Sonic as more interesting than mario because "It's mario but fast this time!" etc.

    4. dbzfan7


      Superman is at his best when he's kinda corny, but mainfly from his idea of being good is. His parents are pretty old fashion and corny so he would be too. Superman is a father to pretty much everyone I like to think. Heck he says "Son" a lot too. He cares for both the good and bad people. I like how when written well he holds back and tries to be gentle with people. He's not a heavy quipster like Spider-Man. He's not a criminal beater like Batman. He's out to help everyone be good. See the good in themselves, etc. Usually with humans he tries to be more like a father figure.

      With aliens though it kinda depends. But usually only the true evils like Mongul, Darkseid, or Doomsday don't get that courtesy. But others I like how he tries to talk people down from fighting. He's kinda like a psychiatrist, a dad, and a hero all in one to everyone. Which is why when they make him edgy or evil I think just takes away from him. It's why I get real sick of Injustice Superman or Evil Supermen after a while. Superman is like Santa Claus. He should be someone heart warming that comes with a gentle presence and aura to all mankind. 

      That's my take on him at least.

    5. Wraith


      The idea that batman was the relatable one always struck me as laughable. The guy's intelligence and money are literally stand-ins for Superman's "OP" list of powers and are just as effective. He's beaten Superman repeatedly.

      On top of that, Batman doesn't even have a day job he has to manage like Clark does. Every relationship he has now is with some hot supervillainess or something for maximum angst. Like...this character straight up doesn't deal with normal people shit. He's just sad. That's it. 

      He's straight up the power fantasy. Taking out your feelings on the bad people. Superman is the human.

    6. -dan-


      Reminds me of a video I watched on YouTube of a guy sharing his issues with Injustice. One of them being the tired aspect of Batman versus Superman and Superman often being portrayed as the bad guy and Batman being the underdog. The David to Superman's Goliath.

      I've been told that the sling that David used to kill Goliath was actually the strongest weapon at the time and would've easily killed anyone. Just like with Batman and Superman, Goliath (And Superman.) are the actual underdogs.

      Batman is always prepared. That's what makes him so dangerous. He also explains how Batman would be more suited for the role as "bad guy" in this cliched setup. Though he doesn't kill, he does get pretty close to the edge sometimes.

    7. Strickerx5


      The thing is, a fair amount of the time he is written as a vanilla, basic, op hero; which is boring af. A lot of writers take that boy scout side of him and turn it up to 11 while simultaneously making him the only answer to the big threat. I feel as though there's enough of these cases out there where people who are unlucky enough to have only seen these portrayals of him (like anyone who's only seen dceu films) have a fair reason to think that of him.

      Of course there are countless other examples of him being done right which is why he's the icon that he is.

      Then there's Batman where, from what I've seen, he's rarely ever actually boring. He's been written poorly a fair number of times, but one seems to have to actively try to make him boring. Goes back to the tired "Be good, be bad. But don't be boring" mentality in entertainment. With Superman, it seems to be easy to forget about the actual character in there.

    8. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Strickerx5 Doesn't really help that writing limitations for him is extraordinarily challenging, since what constitutes as a weak spot could wildly vary from story to story.

      It's also why I find All Might to be a pretty good case of a Superman styled character with genuine meaningful weaknesses while still being a justifiably inspiring character.

    9. dbzfan7


      Probably why I was happy with Dark Knights Metal, so Batman can be the one who goes nuts. People sometimes focus too much on his power rather than his humanity. I mean I do like a good Superman brawl, but his humanity is what makes you warm up to him.

      He's honestly at his worst if he's either written as Batman's stooge, obviously wrong compared to Batman, or manically evil. Heck between the two, Batman is the more likely I'd see going evil anyways. He's pretty much just one step away from becoming a villain.

      I tend to like Batman more because it's harder to fuck up Batman, but a good Superman story can really make you love the guy. Though the 52 garbage made him a Super Douche. Writing for people like Superman, Wonder Woman, etc can be hard considering they're just really friggen powerful. Compared to Marvel where a lot of there characters are mid tier. With Wonder Woman though you do have a whole pantheon you can use to give her some challenge.

      Superman has the obvious weaknesses but they're played up so often even people got sick of all the Kryptonite this and that. You can find that shit somehow as easy as breathing air. His stories though are more about what he does with his power more than if he can beat someone up. Being careful not to break everyone. How he can't save everyone despite his godly power, and how far he should really use it. The boundaries on what he can do are also polarizing when it comes to international affairs. 

  22. aw man that corporate twitter account is so freakin EPIC, perhaps i should give them money for their products because of the EPIC meme they posted???

  23. I personally think SSMB should take a break. Maybe shut it down for like, three years so we don't have to have another "retread the same arguments about the state of the franchise and Sega/Sonic Team in general and get really mad" thread for a while.

    1. -dan-


      Much easier to not let it bother you and go do something fun.


    2. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      @-dan- Like play some Sonic or Sly Cooper games.:laughing:

    3. Ferno


      the forum went a little stir crazy for awhile, but 2014-2016 wasn't too bad tbh, we've survived droughts before and its kinda nice having break periods where we actually start drifting into having regular convos about other things

    4. Wraith


      The only thing worse than this is people sitting around commenting on this phenomenon instead of actually trying to shake things up

    5. Kiah


      Implying that things would change on SSMB after a 3 year break...Bar SEGA and Sonic Team basically pulling a 180 we would pick up right where we left off.

      Yes the same arguments are rather tedious but that isn’t happening randomly considering the state of the Sonic. Yet at the same time this getting really mad thing is rather ridiculous as it often isn’t balanced when displayed but rather excessively and even out of line.

      If anything needs to be done is a change in attitude. While it’s okay to be upset, disappointed and critical with things involving a blue hedgehog that runs really fast, it’s not that serious to get to the point to get wound up and acting obnoxious and even mean-spirited over. 

    6. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      @Kiah You mean like what happened with a certain video game characters redesign in a certain film poster from last month.

      Because that's the most recent example I can remember.

    7. Kiah


      @Blueknight V2.0 that’s recent yes, but I would be here all night if I were to give other examples. That was one of the few instances where those (several) actually holding a positive opinion of said Sonic thing were the main ones being obnoxious and problematic.


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