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  1. Think Witchcart could carry her own series?

    1. QuantumEdge


      Only if it were a hack-and-slash that was also part Bayonetta clone.

    2. Heckboy


      I'm imagining Witchcart doing Bayonetta style attacks and it's not a pretty picture

    3. Ferno


      Everytime people here bring her up I feel like I need to finally play Tails Adventure just to see what the big deal with her is

    4. Heckboy


      Witchcart's from Skypatrol. Not a great game tbh, and there's not much to her at all. I just like to meme her because she's so pointless and obscure.

      I *do* however encourage you to play Tails Adventure because it's a pretty fun little game.

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