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  1. MCU Spidey was bad so this is good news. More Spiderverse and less M-MR. STARK I LOVE YOU.

    1. Wraith





    2. Ferno


      mr. stark & his unofficial spider-son was adorable af tho

    3. Wraith


      I dont like iron man so I didn't like my fave becoming iron man jr

    4. Boomer


      I agree. The beginning of this video sums it up


    5. Polkadi~☆


      the best parts of MCU spidey was when he wasn’t in that state, and he was just your friendly neighbourhood spider-man instead

      that makes most of far from home pretty good, but spidey had more appearances than that, so it doesn’t even out

    6. Boomer


      My biggest problem with how he was written is that nothing really, well, sticks. In Homecoming he turns down both the Iron Spider suit and being an Avenger, which is shown as character growth and development, yet he gets both of those anyway in his immediate next appearance. In Homecoming he decides to be a friendly neighbourhood hero - and then he's off out into space. He decides In FFH that he doesn't have to be Iron Man - and then they have him building a high tech suit in Stark's plane whilst listening to AC-DC.

      Then there's stuff like having ALL of his villains have origins tied to Tony Stark which just makes him feel even more like Iron Man Jr.

      Not to mention how they seemed to ignore Uncle Ben being Peter's motivation entirely. Yes his bag was in FFH however it got blown up offscreen and no-one cared. Instead we got more Aunt May is hot jokes.

    7. Ferno


      I mean to be fair nothing sticks in the MCU. In Iron Man 3 Stark seemed to be like "yeah I'm sorta retiring/ calming down now, gonna start a life with Pepper, etc." only for Age of Ultron to undo all of that. Lets not even get started on everything that Infinity War and Endgame did to Thor that undid all his deveopment from Ragnarok. If anything just existing in the MCU means things won't stick in general because it always has to keep moving

    8. Speederino


      Spider-Verse and its inevitable sequels were/are a thing despite of the MCU deal. Sony pulling out doesn’t mean “more Spider-Verse”, it just means they can stick Tom Holland in Venom 2.

    9. Boomer


      @Ferno That is all true and it's why I'm not as into the MCU as I used to be.

    10. Ryannumber1Santa


      I love HiTop's videos, but good god I do not agree with his FFH video whatsoever. I find it honestly a bit ridiculous to say Peter never faces any personal consequences when the literal vocal point of FFH was Mysterio constantly praying on Peter's inferiority complex, using it to make him feel like he isn't good enough, tricking him into endangering tons of people through said complex, and then to end it all off, breaking Peter's mind to the point he's so paranoid and distraught that he's constantly second-guessing if something is real or not.

      It's the same thing for him calling Peter out for wanting to get closer to MJ. Not only have eight months passed since Endgame, but the dude literally fucking died on the job at the Age of 16. I really find it hard to blame Peter for that one, given that this is a teenager finally getting his first and true taste of "yeah, this hero game could very easily spell your death". 

      I do agree a lot with the mixed messages in regards to MCU Peter, primarily, I don't like his character regression in Infinity War. But in Endgame and Far from Home, it was perfectly suitable for me in terms of logic. Even with the AC/DC part, I sort of took it as Peter being able to live up to Tony as an icon for the MCU, but being able to do it himself in his own way, with the same confidence and will that Tony had.

      Peter in Spiderverse was probably my favourite version of all time though. 

    11. Wraith


      Nothing sticking in the mcu is why I'm over it. Every Spiderman movie will end with Peter being reinforced in the idea that he's perfectly fine the way he is with no room for growth and that's not what Spiderman is about to me.

    12. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Come on guys, Quicksilver is still dead. That stuck 😛

    13. Ferno


      ^i didn't see that comin tbh

    14. Boomer




      C'mon guys...

    15. Polkadi~☆


      Quicksilver got just enough screentime for me, personally, to really like him. It’s really surprising that he died in his first and only major role. And if we don’t count after credit scenes, it his debut too.

      Suppose you only need enough of a character to really make it stick.

    16. Ryannumber1Santa


      Say what you want, but I don't think anything will ever get quite as bad as Amazing Spider-Man's stay away from Gwen, then go back to her, then go away again, only to ignore and go back to her, and then get her killed.

    17. Wraith


      I mean, at least there's consequence there

    18. Ryannumber1Santa


      Not really when Amazing Spider-Man 3 was planning to have Peter discover a way to revive Gwen, Captain Stacy, and anyone else who died in his life.

    19. Wraith


      It would be pretty lame to treat death as if it's something you can undo with a snap of your fingers 

    20. Polkadi~☆


      no fucking chill, wraith

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