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  1. Yeah the arc is already bloated as it is. The Zeti got introduced out of nowhere and their last appearance was basically just one page of them reiterating what they said in the previous issue.
  2. Image result for eggman clown

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    1. Milo


      Dr. Eggman

      PhD in Societal Ills and Carnival Buffoonery

  3. Two worlds isn't necessary but also it doesn't matter. Stuff like not being able to show GUN's response to zombies or whatever doesn't prevent you from telling fun stories with the material provided. Have Sonic go on varied adventures to weird new locales and meet weird people. Just write stories that work within those mandates instead of, like Shadowlax said, fighting them and consequently being forced to change stuff. This fandom seems to think that storytelling consists solely of referencing continuity. Flynn was able to get away with that in the old Archie continuity since he was building on 15+ years of established mythology, but now that he has to start from scratch, the weaknesses in his lore/reference-dependent writing style are starting to show. He is capable of good self-contained, episodic stories, but for some reason we keep getting stuck with sagas that spin their wheels for 10 issues - all peppered with shock value drama and forced emotional moments, and of course those epic meme references that people gobble up - that just reuse the same formula until the rushed conclusion, which always seems to boil down to a giant, unsatisfying fight sequence. Just have Sonic go on adventures. One world, two worlds, ten worlds, it doesn't matter as long as you have fun stories. But IDW doesn't, so we're stuck with this mediocrity.
  4. The Martin Adams novels are the best-written Sonic media.
  5. It's still ten issues dedicated to this one dumb plot and it still feels like it's not even close to resolving. It just keeps piling on stuff to make it feel more "epic" and dramatic when it's just spinning its wheels. Inb4 dude just stop reading
  6. Just engage with media for adults, please
  7. why the fuck can't the freedom fighters just go away forever if they come back i want more than a "middle ground between SatAM and Modern", they should be occasional guests like the Chaotix, fully integrated into the game universe instead of furry Avengers do something different, fuck the paramilitary superheroics
  8. Add characters if they actually serve a purpose and can be fun to play as, not just cuz deep lore.
  9. Joker is honestly the best comic book movie in years because you can actually talk about it with people for more than five minutes.

    1. Jango


      Savage. Hey, I still talk about avengers >:V

  10. There are three worlds. Witchcart is now the main villain. All characters that aren't Sonic and Witchcart will be removed from the canon.
  11. love to get sick during midterms!

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I hope you're a good actor. That's really all it takes.

      "Oh I'm not feeling good", go to the bathroom with a cup or a water bottle and start retching while you're dumping water into the toilet XD

  12. Spoilers for the Gamers Rise Up movie


    Someone needs to make a We'll Be Right Back edit of the talk show scene


  13. Nah, Nega is epic. I hope they can use him.
  14. play pizza tower

  15. Maybe this is kind of pedantic, but Isolated Island is actually separate from Newtrogic High Zone, which is the main island setting for Chaotix that rose from the sea or whatever. You can see it in the background of Isolated Island. I have no idea what a Newtrogic High is, but judging by the trippy look of the place I sure would like to find out!
  16. 20191003_203548.thumb.jpg.206d46c17f77943e859bda90c02d0a1b.jpg

    1. QuantumEdge


      Dude, nice!  Is that yours?  Really nails the CD look!

    2. Heckboy


      Thanks! Yeah, it's mine. Just a sketch from the other day. I definitely had CD in mind.

    3. QuantumEdge


      Well that's a pretty darn good sketch!  Keep at it!

  17. What if the new design is just a man in a cheap Sonic suit awkwardly inserted into every shot that previously had CGI Sonic?
  18. Love to have my brain so destroyed by the Internet that I feel compelled to reward myself for writing one sentence of an essay by switching tabs to other dumb shit and focusing on that for another hour instead of finishing my essay until I finally write another sentence and repeat the cycle.

    1. Adamabba


      I can pretty much only get work done on an essay when Im under pressure cause it's due in a few hours.

    2. Heckboy


      Literally what I'm doing right now, lmao

    3. Strickerx5


      Haven't written an actual essay in like... shit, two years but whenever I did I always had to skeleton draft the hell out of it before hand. Had each paragraph marked with exactly what points I'd make and what sources I'd cite. Just so that when it came time to actually write it I was simply connecting the dots with fluff sentences.

      I really can't write at length about things I don't care about otherwise and often get distracted due to that. Shit isn't like Math or coding where you can have background noise on and still focus. I have to be completely focused in on it and that's just the worst.

    4. QuantumEdge


      Unfortunately I can very much relate to this...  The internet's cult like grasp is too powerful.

    5. Heckboy


      Adding another layer to it -- i was writing a paper on how the internet is distracting and affects our brains

  19. Ian was probably looking for a chance to use them since he never got to do his Lost World adaptation in Archie and they're like the only game characters he's never written outside of Worlds Unite. Although since Ian said this arc was going to be the next big saga in Archie, and Archie was building toward Lost World anyway, maybe this was the plan all along.
  20. What if they kept Eggman a human and made Sonic and friends into humans instead.
  21. Sonic bought Mobius with all the rings he collected over the years and renamed it Sonic's World after himself.
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