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    Well I am student. For now in Junior High. I love watching great movies with my friends, listening to cool music and of course I love Video games. I began playing when I was like... 2-3 Years old. Yeah I know I was pretty young for it. But hey I still live!

    Now to some personal info: I live in Poland in capital City of Poland to be exact. That City is Warsaw. Currently Single (I hate it but yeah. Had few GFs but still hasnt found THAT one).

    My interests? As listed in first paragraph plus- I love writting. I am one of journalists in our school press. I write mainly articles and some little stories. Got some Sonic fanfics planned but first I am really busy student. I learn 5 languages: English (almost perfect), German (not so perfect), Russian (Still remember some things) and Spanish ( Need to revise it) and newest addition to my CV [b]Japanese[/b], I have my school too. As I am 5 or sometimes 6 student (5 being best mark but 6 being an A+ of some sort) I don't need to learn alot since I am pretty smart but not perfect.

    So thank you for reading all this. Hope to see you around. See ya :)
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    Poland :D

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