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  1. See, there's two things I gotta say about your statement, Scritch. I'll have to number 'em, because for some reason SSMB doesn't want to let me use quotes. 1. I wouldn't include Sonic Adventure anywhere near "consistently good" territory, as I referred to in my post. It dated itself the moment it decided to dream bigger than it had the skill to execute, and as much as that spirit is admirable, it doesn't translate into wide respect. The most people can say about Adventure these days is "i guess sonic's parts didn't suck??" which is a far cry from the wide acclaim the Genesis games get, bar maybe Sonic 1. And that much is really important. The most celebrated entries of the Genesis games are the ones that are the most iterative; that is to say, the best ones were the ones that cared more about building upon tried-and-true foundation than throwing out the rulebook all the time. The same is true of nearly every game franchise that's ever existed. Even Zelda's Ocarina of Time is in many ways a 3D translation of A Link to The Past, its direct console predecessor. Metal Gear Solid is a 3D translation of Metal Gear 2. Super Mario Galaxy takes cues from Super Mario Sunshine's quirky non-FLUDD levels. Modern Warfare builds directly off the formula of previous COD games. Etc. To say that the innovation was what made those games great is to ignore the rich tradition they pull from that makes those innovations even possible. Experiments are messes without a strong foundation, and Adventure proves that immeasurably, in spite of its better parts. 2. With all due respect, the idea that people wouldn't buy Sonic games if they take after what's old doesn't really fly in the face of the evidence. SEGA literally milks Sonic for nostalgia every other release, with Sonic Mania being only the latest in a very long trend. The fact that Generations is both one of the most popular and most acclaimed entries in a decade should assuage those fears; it's moreso flawed experiments like Lost World or Boom that sour the public appetite. This is a large part of why I mentioned that a series of consistently good games is what Sonic needs, more than any new direction. Sonic has been inconsistent and overly risky ever since the Classic era ended, for good and for ill; people need to be assured that, if they buy a new Sonic game, they're not taking some wild gamble, and can expect a good time. And that's a genuine problem.
  2. reaction: butts all over the dang place

    1. Wraith


      I have a proposition for you

  3. i'd say all anyone wants out of sonic is consistently good games. we're an odd sort of people that kick around here; we like our flawed gems and our beautiful failures, always pumped and ready to play whatever comes our way for about a hundred different reasons. lots of people will argue about whether they thought the boost trilogy was worth iterating on, but the one thing those games (almost) all accomplished? lots of good stuff with no catch. the thing that has people hyped about sonic mania? lots of good stuff with no catch. nobody really expects sonic to appeal to all his disparate fanbases, they just hope to have a good time playing his games. if they do, a lot of the problem is already solved.
  4. b-b-back for summer, babies

  5. it's sort of a double-edged sword. on the one hand, no, you're not a failure for not beating fairly difficult games. but at the same time, these are the games that defined sonic not just for a generation, but forever afterwards. if you're interested in getting to know the roots of the character, or are just sort of loosely interested in what makes a video game mascot a success, the genesis games are excellent case studies. i'd give 'em a shot again some day, once you've put some distance between yourself and the games. but don't worry if you never get around to it, yeah?
  6. something about you seems different. did you get a new face and head and body and legs and also arms

    1. Klinsy


      Things change, but you're still a butt.

    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      i knowed it was still you <3

  7. so sonic ocs are a game feature now, huh? what a time to be alive

    1. TCB


      is it

      is it really

      le soma


    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      whoa hi the care bears

    3. Ferno



      Soma be here

  8. SSMB what the FR*CK is the best color

    1. Indigo Rush
    2. Ryannumber1gamer
    3. Penny
    4. Celestia
    5. Jack / Joker
    6. Ryannumber1gamer



      He said best colour, not best character :U

    7. TheOcelot
    8. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      oh okay probably go with eggman then

    9. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET



    10. Spin Attaxx
  9. what have i done

  10. So a long time ago, this guy named Alan Moore writes a comic in the Batman series called The Killing Joke. The basic story of it? The Joker, in an effort to break Commissioner Gordon and his daughter, Barbara, subjects both characters to all manner of torment, all while detailing his own hazy backstory. If that sounds like your idea of an awful time, don't worry. The book was much better than its gruesome, shocking plot, built on much of the same literary skill that Alan Moore had used to pen Watchmen not too long before. The story really functions more as a study into human nature than a bloodbath, asking readers all manner of tough questions: can evil can be thrust upon someone's character? at what point are people beyond saving? Alan Moore's work here was a landmark, and even if he was rightly ashamed of not giving Barbara more focus here or an excess of gruesomeness there, the core of the story has echoed through the Batman mythos to this day, with modern works like Nolan's The Dark Knight continuing to mine at its rich themes and character study. Which brings us to today's subject, the 2016 animated adaptation of The Killing Joke. Written by hack schlock artist DC writer Brian Azzarello, the adaptation of the original story includes a thirty minute long prologue detailing a sexual relationship between adult Bruce and uncomfortably young Barbara Gordon, a villain nobody really remembers??, and a bunch of other pointless padding. This, of course, eventually leads into the main story with the Joker as played by Mark Hamill and Batman as played by Kevin Conroy taking center stage, but the controversy that has swallowed the film threatens to make that DCAU reunion a moot point in the film's reception. With that said, please mark spoilers, and discuss away.
  11. sonic stadium, do you bleed??

    1. Milo


      you will.

    2. FriendBot


      I'm bleeding right now and it won't stop, send help

  12. Y'know, it's kinda funny how y'all are super psyched about the darker tone. It's maybe the only part of the trailer I'm not decently satisfied with. Part of this is just Sonic's track record with darker tones, but I'm wondering if a darker tone is even suited for Modern Sonic at all. The only real places I've seen more serious stakes work out in Sonic's favor are the OVA and, uh, maybe one of the Storybook games?? The rest contain either hefty amounts of (sometimes beautiful) cheese (SA1 and 2, parts of Unleashed), or are just downright ridiculous (Sonic 06, Shadow, Boom?). Meanwhile the more lighthearted entries, like the classic games and Modern Sonic's offerings, get along just fine because the stakes are already couched in decent gameplay. The failure of the player was more pressing than the failure of the protagonist in most of the darker offerings anyways, regardless of which evil vortex was trying to eat the world. In considering the problem, I've tried to reflect on other games that could pull out dark moments well, like Kid Icarus: Uprising. Now, the genius of Uprising was that most of the game was a farce because of the characters; the plot would, in any other game, be relatively serious, but Pit and Palutena being crazy meant that most of the game played like a comedy with high stakes, especially when X almost died or Y succumbed to darkness. Point being, stakes do not necessitate a darkness in tone; asking for the latter does not automatically grant you the former. If anything, I'd say the OVA is what got this right the most, being basically a goofy, irreverent action cartoon with a decently tense finale. At the end of the day, you don't really need drama to make an audience care about the characters. You just need good characters, and a good writing hand.
  13. The Boom series has been responsible for a game nobody played and Rise of Lyric, a game so bad that the especially cynical are calling it perhaps the worst of this generation. The most SEGA will do is occasionally release mobile or handheld games to capitalize on the successful cartoon, but other than that and the show's continuation I'm expecting the line to remain dormant. No big games or events, just quietly continuing to exist. The time to be adventurous or outgoing with Boom has ended by SEGA's own hand.
  14. Cmon guys, try to be a little optimistic. We've been through so, SO much worse. This looks like it'll end up alright, for better or worse

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      like, even i'm decently optimistic. and i was one of the kids complaining about sonic boom before it was reasonable or cool to do so

    2. Blacklightning


      I'm more just a little annoyed because I thought Mania might actually have been the result of understanding exactly what the community asks for them (hell, Aaron even straight up says "you like those extra chars?" at one point), and yet Project Sonic seems more like they're doing things for the sake of it instead.

      I mean I'll at least wait for gameplay to write it off entirely, I owe them that much. But I feel like the teaser was kind of crap tbh.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I honestly got so hyped up from Mania and Dimensions blowing me away that the trailer let me down, lol. If it had been first, I would have likely been just as hyped for it as any other Sonic game, but after an entire day of trying to set my expectations to the lowest possible, only for them to be blown away and be given a huge sign of hope... it was sort of deflating after all that time, lol

      The moodiness is getting out of my system by now, though, so I should be cool with it personally after a while

  15. As much as I care about Modern Sonic, at the end of the day I really just want a fun game out of Sonic. If Generations 2 makes for a fun game, then Scratch could be the hero and Silver his sidekick and I'd still play it. Sonic is Sonic, classic or no; if there's more or less boost here but it's still fun, I'm hard-pressed to complain.
  16. It's why we just got a repeat game, SEGA sensed Ferno's presence and bait-and-switched with Generations
  17. But seriously, of all the bad options we could've been given, this is pretty much the least bad. Unexciting? Sure. A little silly, with the grimdark? Yeah, probly. But it doesn't have a 50% chance of being absolute trash, which are the odds Sonic usually bets on. If it's really just another Generations... then hey, Generations wasn't all that bad at all. Maybe we're just kinda spoiled by a franchise that shifts focus dramatically between each individual installment.
  18. I'm torn. On the one hand, I'd argue that Generations presented the best experience out of the Modern stable; not as stop and start as Unleashed, nor as monotonous as Colors could get. And as much as Lost World presented neat ideas, there was never really a reason to completely overhaul the gameplay in such a fashion. They had found something that worked; the least reasonable idea was to merely abandon the blueprint. On the other hand, this is literally just that game again. It's weird. Usually the problem I have with Sonic games is a lot of unnecessary innovation, but this is the first I could accuse of not being adventurous enough. I suppose we'll have to see for certain once we have more gameplay to work with; after all, Super Mario World was in many way just a brushing up of Mario 3, and turned out fantastically. It's really going to be down to how well they polish the experience. If, at the end of the day, they deliver a fun game that justifies its existence, I'll be very pleased. That's all I've ever asked for.
  19. just ask her out sonic, don't let your dreams be dreams

  20. This is just unsettling. How am I supposed to discuss a Sonic game if I have nothing to complain about?
  21. i see. so it's an arthouse game

  22. guys shut up, this game is amazing

    just look at those graphic

  23. While we wait, please post the worst idea you can think of for a new Sonic game:

    1. Silencer226


      Sonic the Hedgehog Dating Sim

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Anything that's not based on player skill

    3. Penny


      lost world 2

    4. Forte-Metallix


      Shadow's Bad Fur Day

    5. Hyper Enesephus

      Hyper Enesephus

      Sonic Adventure 3

  24. There's no real game, SEGA just wanted our attention because we never call them anymore

  25. Can't believe this, TWO Shadow the Hedgehog sequels???

    1. Celestia


      It's like Pokemon. Shadow the Hedgehog: Gun and Swearing Versions

    2. ShadowsShadow


      When did these 2 sequels come out? Or are you referring to the sequels in the form of comic books made by Archie? Meltingman234 mentioned them in his Sonic Cafe forgotten media series on Youtube.

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