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  1. I almost forgot: Back in "Designated Heroes," if Sticks were barefoot, wouldn't she have been denied entry at Meh Burger, due to a proverbial "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy, or is that policy thrown out the window? Because Mickey and Donald were denied entry at that beachside restaurant in the Mickey Mouse Cartoon "No Service," Because Mickey had no shirt, and Donald had no shoes. But they forgot that Pants were optional.
  2. I know one thing we'll expect: Trolls and spammers who think they're funny on Twitch's chat. I'll just stick to the Nintendo Direct on Nintendo's site and Youtube, thank you very much.
  3. I think it's one of two things: Gloves are probably a symbol of society, and Sticks is uncivilized, or two: Sticks thought that the government would be tracking her actions with gloves, and she ends up with this insane notion: "They thought I was crazy when I said that the Government was monitoring us through our gloves. Well, WHO'S CRAZY NOW?"
  4. It's just that it would've involved Time Travel, and Classic Sonic. Then again, we already had Sonic Generations happen, so it's unnecessary. Sorry. it's just that I expressed little interest in the comics to even care. That, and the fact that we'll eventually have Sonic Boom stories in a DIFFERENT book. Maybe as a future arc or one-shot for Sonic Universe, or at least for Free Comic BOOM Day.
  5. If they had chosen to make it split between Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Universe and Mega Man, and not Sonic Boom, we would've had it end in September, and Sonic Boom would've had three issues of Sticks-less stories and the Wolf Sidekick filling in for Comedy Chimp, as well as the Lightning Bolt Society doing a scheme in the comics.
  6. I forgot to say "FORGET THE CROSSOVERS!" That's the probkem! Plus, crossovers would be meant to get people into the stories of other franchises, just to jump the sales up.
  7. Well, it's not like it's gonna be a completely original plot that's NEVER gonna be made into a game, that will end up selling poorly, being a ripoff of the comics, because all we're ever gonna get for the 25th Anniversary of Sonic are Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympics, and a Sonic Legacy Collection which is basically Sonic Mega Collection in a new case.
  8. Never mind the Mega Man! Maybe Archie Comics can instead team up with IDW, and make a crossover event between Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Who, where the Doctor and Clara Oswald help Sonic deal with this mysterious new enemy, and bring in Classic Sonic and Classic Tails for the ride! Or it can just be a retelling of Sonic Generations, no crossovers needed.
  9. I'm glad we'll have another pair of villains for Season 2 in Charlie and his wife. Kinda makes you tired of the Lightning Dolts, Eggman, TW Barker, and Dave, huh? Also, I'm glad they chose to use the Heart Iris.
  10. I think we can see another Crossover, next year, this time with that Second Devourer as the focal point, and it would be up to Sonic, Sonic (Sonic Boom Variant) and Mega Man to defeat them, this time! Screw the mandates, this will be in the 25th Anniversary!
  11. Well here's something that keep people calm about Shadow:
  12. That would mean the Kingdom Hearts debut of Zeus, Herc's Dad, Mr. Hey-You-Get-Offa-My-Cloud! Then again, there's two reasons for a Toy Story World, besides the obvious promotional aspects, of course: hinting Sora in Disney Infinity 4.0, and to advertise Play Arts Kai of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. We need Play Arts of Donald and Goofy, badly!
  13. Well, they could've had Amy stop Sonic's sentence with her Hammer, and cut to everyone in Sonic's house. And we get to see a discouraged Sonic, in a crowded house, until someone asks "Do you have any snacks?" Then he groans. It'd be an ending where Sonic gets punished, like in "Designated Heroes."
  14. It could've been better, if Eggman had been invaded by Sonic and his friends. And while he is still their hated nemesis, Eggman would gladly offer the team refuge in his lair, since the bro code comes before the villain code. Eggman would be startled from his sleep and the storm. Sure, he'd offer to let them watch TV, and offer snacks, but what about Sticks? She'd probably rummage through Eggman's artillery, and blow things up intentionally. Would've been a good callback to "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch For a Few Days?" with Eggman complaining about Sonic and his friends being there, and stating "I know they'll mess things up on me! They're probably in the artillery, messing up my weapons! Do you know how long it took for me to get everything organized?"
  15. Could've been a bit better if Amy told everyone to just go to Eggman's place at the end, just for the sake of Eggman appearing at the end.
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