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  1. I almost forgot: Back in "Designated Heroes," if Sticks were barefoot, wouldn't she have been denied entry at Meh Burger, due to a proverbial "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy, or is that policy thrown out the window? Because Mickey and Donald were denied entry at that beachside restaurant in the Mickey Mouse Cartoon "No Service," Because Mickey had no shirt, and Donald had no shoes. But they forgot that Pants were optional.

  2. Can't wait to see how Kirk is directed differently here than from his other appearances as Shadow. This is the first time Shadow has been important or relevant to the plot of a Sonic thing since the new VAs were introduced.

    Still think the guy could use like, a cloak or a vest or something. I'd say maybe a GUN badge too, but there don't seem to be any humans left here (I will have zero problems if they take the Adventure Time route and say Ivo made the whole human race extinct in a chaos energy accident, lost his mind and cryogenically froze himself for a few billion years).

    Goddamn I just want more backstory to this series. To any Sonic series. What the hell are the echidnas and Angel Island like in this universe? What is this hedgehog warrior race Shadow is apparently part of? Why doesn't Sticks wear gloves?

    I think it's one of two things: Gloves are probably a symbol of society, and Sticks is uncivilized, or two: Sticks thought that the government would be tracking her actions with gloves, and she ends up with this insane notion: "They thought I was crazy when I said that the Government was monitoring us through our gloves. Well, WHO'S CRAZY NOW?"

  3. Person who suggested a Sonic/Dr. Who crossover seemed to be serious about it. Hence why people argued it as a impossibility.

    It's just that it would've involved Time Travel, and Classic Sonic. Then again, we already had Sonic Generations happen, so it's unnecessary.

    Oh great, Now your making me miss the Sonic Boom comics cause I really enjoyed Sticks in them a lot more than the show.

    Sorry. it's just that I expressed little interest in the comics to even care. That, and the fact that we'll eventually have Sonic Boom stories in a DIFFERENT book. Maybe as a future arc or one-shot for Sonic Universe, or at least for Free Comic BOOM Day.

  4. If they had chosen to make it split between Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Universe and Mega Man, and not Sonic Boom, we would've had it end in September, and Sonic Boom would've had three issues of Sticks-less stories and the Wolf Sidekick filling in for Comedy Chimp, as well as the Lightning Bolt Society doing a scheme in the comics.

  5. And why would it be with something as completely random as Doctor Who? There's comparsions you can make between Sonic and Mega Man. There's fuck all you can make between Sonic and Doctor Who. You might as make a crossover between Metal Gear Solid and Snow White next.

    Well, it's not like it's gonna be a completely original plot that's NEVER gonna be made into a game, that will end up selling poorly, being a ripoff of the comics, because all we're ever gonna get for the 25th Anniversary of Sonic are Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympics, and a Sonic Legacy Collection which is basically Sonic Mega Collection in a new case.

  6. Never mind the Mega Man! Maybe Archie Comics can instead team up with IDW, and make a crossover event between Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Who, where the Doctor and Clara Oswald help Sonic deal with this mysterious new enemy, and bring in Classic Sonic and Classic Tails for the ride! Or it can just be a retelling of Sonic Generations, no crossovers needed.

  7. You aren't alone, a lot of folks kinda fell of and went back in because shadow. Don't agree on the design though, I think he needs something, maybe a jacket or something. His design is a bit " we wanted to keep this one safe because everyone loves this one " A bit to " sega wouldn't let us futz with this one too much " .On the whole aesthetic I agree, it feels like an early 2000's ps2 game you know the one, those generic start up mascot platformers plaguing the xbox and ps2 that went no where which all had generic platforming levels in jungles, that is how sonic boom looks. Like a generic start up platformer. The world at least.

    Hidden Content

    Well here's something that keep people calm about Shadow:


  8. So apparently the Shooting Ride pic isn't in the yard section of Mysterious Tower. According to some of the guests from the fan event, apparently that is the top of Mount Olympus. I'm not honestly sure. The sky and bushes and what we can see of the ground and layout really seems reminiscent of the courtyard in Mysterious Tower.

    That would mean the Kingdom Hearts debut of Zeus, Herc's Dad, Mr. Hey-You-Get-Offa-My-Cloud! Then again, there's two reasons for a Toy Story World, besides the obvious promotional aspects, of course: hinting Sora in Disney Infinity 4.0, and to advertise Play Arts Kai of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. We need Play Arts of Donald and Goofy, badly!

  9. Not to mention they also jokingly tease each other, something else friends do.

    Don't get me wrong. There are times in the season where they do get rather rude (Sonic at the end of "Designated Heroes" is an example; Sonic had been shown to give credit where credit is due in other episodes despite his flaws so not doing so here was more so out of character) but I'd say 85% of the mean-spirited behavior is really just the characters joking around or their flaws showing.


    Well, they could've had Amy stop Sonic's sentence with her Hammer, and cut to everyone in Sonic's house. And we get to see a discouraged Sonic, in a crowded house, until someone asks "Do you have any snacks?" Then he groans. It'd be an ending where Sonic gets punished, like in "Designated Heroes."

  10. It could've been better, if Eggman had been invaded by Sonic and his friends. And while he is still their hated nemesis, Eggman would gladly offer the team refuge in his lair, since the bro code comes before the villain code. Eggman would be startled from his sleep and the storm. Sure, he'd offer to let them watch TV, and offer snacks, but what about Sticks? She'd probably rummage through Eggman's artillery, and blow things up intentionally. Would've been a good callback to "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch For a Few Days?" with Eggman complaining about Sonic and his friends being there, and stating "I know they'll mess things up on me! They're probably in the artillery, messing up my weapons! Do you know how long it took for me to get everything organized?"

  11. I wonder if this aforemented "Zone Eater" or perhaps "Dimension Eater" will end up being canonized in a crossover game between Sonic Boom and Modern Sonic, with no Classic Sonic whatsoever, and it would involve Both Eggmen (Boomingly Awesome Dr. Eggman of Bygone Island, and the Most Excellent and Efficacious Dr. Eggman of the Game World) deciding to use the thing to devour the worlds they inhabit, and make new ones in their place, where they're in control of it all, and the only way to stop it would be with Super Sonic and Boom Super Sonic, exclusive to the crossover game!

  12. Why does it seem like the platypus guy wanted Sonic and his team to LOSE to Eggman? I mean, if there were any justice, he could've been an Eggman Robot, disguised as a real guy, much like Swifty the Shrewbot. I mean, the writers could've had his head popped off when Sticks threw him in the trash, and it would reveal that Eggman built him, as an attempt to FORCE the heroes to become positive, non-violent, safe role-models, all so he can get an award, and they simply throw theirs at Eggman, and it turns out to be a "Not what I had in mind, but I'll take it" joke.

    Then again, it's all Amy's fault, she shouldn't have said that statement about striving to be good role models to begin with, because the village tends to take EVERYTHING seriously! Maybe so seriously that Sonic and his friends should consider moving to a city, and lure Eggman away from the Island.

  13. Ayyye, number 1 in my score chaser league at 379,757. What about you guys?

    Also, any word on who might be added as the next characters? The Boom world seems pretty small on main characters so the only characters that I'm predicting would be Shadow, Metal, Dave, and maybe Percy. 

    What if they have Guest Characters from another franchise, like Angry Birds Epic from Sonic Dash? We could end up with SickBricks characters, assuming there's an app already out there, or even Five Nights at Freddy's characters. Imagine running through the jungles as you ARE Freddy Fazbear, or Pirate Foxy!

  14. I wonder if this episode is a parody of the soccer moms getting upset at the violence in cartoons, or the mandates that the Sonic Series is bogged down with. Also, it makes me think of three things:

    1. Why can't Sonic be more like that nice boy Mario? Little brat!

    2. Is it me, or is Sonic X BETTER than Sonic Boom? I mean in that show, Tails OFFICIALLY has a license to pilot the X-Tornado. Amy was WAY more expressive, violently so when she gets mad, and she cries when she's reunited with Sonic. Also, she was voiced by Lisa Ortiz. I miss Lisa Ortiz. I wanna pre-order Sonic X from Discotek Media, next year. Now that I'm old enough, I can really appreciate the voice work of Mike Pollock, alongside Lisa Ortiz, Jason Griffith, and Dan Green.

    3. I'll be glad when "It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog" airs in three weeks.

  15. I think Sega needs to put more effort into Sonic in General. In the episode, Sticks takes off her shoes, and keeps them off for the remainder of the episode, and they keep the camera above her feet, hide them behind conveniently placed objects, and when she runs from the Robotized Hammer, she has her shoes on! NO EFFORT in implying that she's barefoot! It's getting so that the FANS have to step in and put more effort into the Sonic Series! They need to make barefoot models of the characters, just to add more to the fact that they ARE barefoot to begin with. They started by giving Amy "panties" under that skirt of hers, that match, but sometimes they're not there, but they need to give Sticks some leaves under her skirt (with mud to make them stick) to cover that nakedness, And why is this as rushed as Sonic 2006, that we have lack of really good base models for the main characters, like Amy without clothes, so we can put a cute swimsuit on her? Is it really hard to put so much effort into a CGI Production that they have to make it so limited in the budget?! It should've been like Sonic X, as in a traditional animated product. There, Amy and Cream had sandals on their feet, and it was CANON, and it showed Amy's PINK belly, it's not beige like the fanons believe it to be! It's getting so that Freedom Planet is more arousing than any Sonic game I've played! Honest to God, FREEDOM PLANET! Sega better toe the mark in quality, next season, or we'll lose interest in Sonic Boom!

  16. Sorry for the double post but you Marvel fans have to see this leak! (Unless you don't wanna be spoiled and wait for an official announcement.)

    Hidden Content



    HA HA! The Ant-Man has been Doubled!

    Of course, it can't be as presumptuous, with Yondu having both a figure AND a Power Disc.

  17. Whirlwind what? You keep bringing it up and I have no idea what you're talking about.

    David Cannon, better known as Whirlwind, is a villain who has tangled with Iron Man, The Avengers, and Ant Man. He can use the powers of the Wind to do his dastardly deeds. Not sure if he appeared in Marvel's Avengers Assemble, though.

  18. Could be worse (or better, depending on your opinion), we could be getting Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Hulk, with boosted vocabulary, and Gamma Blaster. I think that Hulk would've wanted us to take what we can get, because every little bit can count towards the bigger picture, especially if that bigger picture happens to have the Keyblade in there. Hulk out (What Hulk says at the end of the episodes, after delivering the moral).

  19. Definitely Ant-Man. Gonna be a bit anticlimactic lol.

    If it means you can use Marvel Team-Up: Ant Man AS Ant Man, then that's just about as doubling as the Fun when you use Marvel Team-Up: Yondu AS Yondu.

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