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  1. I do not deserve any of your kindness guys. I was a Trump enabler, even though I didn't vote for him. People here have warned me about how dangerous this guy is and I brushed it off. That's why I do not deserve any of your kindness. In hindsight, even though my vote wouldn't have changed anything, wished I voted Clinton. The emails thing was a total fad, and I listened to my Trump friends like a person with no brains. I just group messaged these people that if they still support Trump, I want them to keep their distance from me. Gave them a long message to why they got to stop supporting Trump, and if they still are inside their bubbles, there's nothing I can do but leave them. Maybe it will come to their senses when Trump's decisions effects them. I just regret everything I did about this election last year. One of the most stupid decisions I made in recent years. Just so you know that, I'm going to attend marches now. I've joined the Anti-Trump club. Pence claims he is a Christian, but sorry. Would Jesus want this? A huge divide in our nation? You spreading hate, not love. Gah, wished my eyes were opened up much sooner.
  2. I've kept quiet for a long while guys days go by, I am getting more and more scared. I need to be in the next Women's March. I admit I am pathetic, not thinking that Trump wouldn't really do any of this. I didn't vote for him mind you, but I wasn't scared when he got elected. The past week just changed my views completely about this guy. I am just seeing him sign EO after EO. Stupid ones that can seriously affect our country. The recent Muslim ban put me in to deeper shock. Now there are rumors of discrimination EOs are gonna happen. He must be stopped at all costs. I feel like an idiot ignoring this. Now I am no longer ignoring this bullcrap. I am going to do whatever I can to stop this guy before he causes anymore damage. I cannot stand to see anymore people suffer. What's next? Changing Black History Month to All History Month? No, I am NOT having that.
  3. *pictures Shadow in a Metal Gear Rising type game* ..... HAHAHAHA! People laughed at Shadow holding a gun, Sonic holding a sword, even Sonic in a car (and Transformed was actually a good game)... Shadow's game wasn't even great to begin with, why are we discussing a possible Shadow 2? I'd rather have Heroes 2 than that, and that's saying something!
  4. Those are not second-world countries/areas. They're third-world countries. A place like Dubai is a third-world area? But anyway, if so then I mean second and third-world countries.
  5. Don't forget South America, Middle East and India too. Soccer/football is practically the biggest sport in most countries, it's just America is the only first-world country to not take soccer seriously compared to the rest.
  6. Who out of the hardcore sports crowd is still playing these games on the PS3 and 360? We're three years into the gen now. Probably second-world countries. Like EA released PS2 versions of FIFA up until FIFA 14 (2013) because they were still selling in those markets. And I know one person who still buys sports games on his PS3, because he doesn't own a PS4 yet (he is saving money for it though).
  7. FIFA Switch (and most likely 2K18) will be getting modified PS3/360 ports. EA is doing the same thing AGAIN to Nintendo. The Switch is sadly, at the moment going to follow Wii U's footsteps. Too many negatives are happening with this console. And what is Ubisoft's biggest surprise? Oh, Rayman Legends - the game everyone has already played. I just---don't know who to blame. Switch is a nice machine, it's more attractive than the Wii U (I know that's not saying much) and I was ready to preorder it today...then backed out after the presentation. And it will stay that way until maybe during the summer after E3. Nintendo had years to prepare this console, make sure they got everything right after the disastrous Wii U, and they still got it wrong.
  8. THIS IS SO CUTEEEE I bet this feature in the app is blocked unless you pay for it
  9. Paid Online (and Nintendo hasn't got our trust) 1 SNES/NES "free" game per month on the sub (laughable compared to MS and Sony's offerings) ...(oh and did I forget to mention, you only have 30 days to play this "free" game?) $70/$80 Controllers Probably <10 launch games $299 for console $60 games Must pay one-off fee for the mobile app if you want to use all of its features (Voice chat, messaging etc.) Look, Nintendo...I think you made an amazing device. Super Mario Odyssey looks fantastic. But you becoming like Apple isn't going to work with these premiums and we are looking at another Wii U.
  10. FFXIII brought me in to the world of Final Fantasy, so XIII (and its sequels) will always have a place in my heart (although I didn't like LR). I wouldn't want to replay LR, but I would be more than happy to replay the first two. I just needed a reason to replay those games. This is perfect. 1080p, 60FPS with maybe enhanced graphics....sold, just sold. Gimme it NAO.
  11. Huge fan of LBP, but LBP3 killed the LBP series unfortunately. At launch it was a terrible mess. The game maybe slightly better now to play, but at launch it was just frustrating to play online. I've never played a broken game for years (that isn't movie/TV licensed). I don't know what the heck Sumo were doing. The story is also MEGA short too compared the first two games. Media Molecule need to take the series back and make LBP great again. But if they moved on, I'm afraid it's the end of Sackboy.
  13. The Trump supporters that I know are not fuming at the moment...not now anyway. They are too busy enjoying the win and can't wait for Trump to take over the Oval Office.
  14. Bought the LEGO Dimensions + Supergirl starter pack with the Sonic Level pack today! Can't wait to play!

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