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  1. FFXIII brought me in to the world of Final Fantasy, so XIII (and its sequels) will always have a place in my heart (although I didn't like LR). I wouldn't want to replay LR, but I would be more than happy to replay the first two. I just needed a reason to replay those games. This is perfect. 1080p, 60FPS with maybe enhanced graphics....sold, just sold. Gimme it NAO.
  2. Huge fan of LBP, but LBP3 killed the LBP series unfortunately. At launch it was a terrible mess. The game maybe slightly better now to play, but at launch it was just frustrating to play online. I've never played a broken game for years (that isn't movie/TV licensed). I don't know what the heck Sumo were doing. The story is also MEGA short too compared the first two games. Media Molecule need to take the series back and make LBP great again. But if they moved on, I'm afraid it's the end of Sackboy.
  3. BUMP! OMG OMG OMG! XIII IS BACK! DAY 1 IF F***ING TRUE!!! http://vgleaks.com/final-fantasy-30th-anniversary-roadmap
  4. The Trump supporters that I know are not fuming at the moment...not now anyway. They are too busy enjoying the win and can't wait for Trump to take over the Oval Office.
  5. Bought the LEGO Dimensions + Supergirl starter pack with the Sonic Level pack today! Can't wait to play!

  6. Apple are releasing a $200 photobook. Not kidding. $200. Filled with pictures you can download of Apple.com. Want a bigger version of the photobook? $300.

    1. SurrealBrain


      Or I can buy an external storage device that can hold all those pictures for a hell of a lot less and view them that way.

      No brainer there unless you'reba serious collector of this stuff.

    2. Marcello


      How courageous.

  7. 70% of Californians is a BIG number compared to 70% of Nevadians or people in Montana. I'll agree that Republicans have to almost double the work to level or better that 70% of Californians. This is one of the reasons why Clinton lost, because she was so confident on her blue states. I'm being dead serious about California and other popular states that can dictate America's next president. Compare this with Brexit. Scotland as Nevada and England as California. Scotland got a high 62% of people who want to remain compared to England's 42%. But because England has more population than Scotland, Scotland's super high 62% wasn't enough.
  8. After watching that, maybe it should get replaced. Maybe. But what should it be replaced by? Popular vote? I'm pointing at Brexit. Brexit won by popular vote, and all I hear from Britain voters were "WE MADE A MISTAKE!!!" "Britain, what have you done?". If Trump won by popular vote but lost in EC, would you be angry with the EC and it must be replaced?
  9. EC wasn't a problem until this election. (Yes I know about the Bush/Gore, but as far as I know, not many people complained about EC then then it is today). And I strongly disagree with EC getting replaced. Because this stops candidates from going to states that don't feel "important" and all they have to do is rally in California, Florida, Texas and areas around New York. Because if popular vote takes over, it's THOSE states that will always have the say on America's next president and nowhere else. Other news: http://www.news965.com/news/news/local/tech-company-ceo-fired-after-threatening-kill-trum/ns8KJ/ Can't believe this man.
  10. She's definitely in the game, but most likely just a citizen that needs to be saved.
  11. Full 60 Minutes interview: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-donald-trump-family-melania-ivanka-lesley-stahl/
  12. Is the "doom and gloom" discussion over now?
  13. I am going to one day protest about candy and wanting them banned. I understand about freedom of expression, like a billion times already. And you want to "tell" Trump "He's not your president", even though you are an American citizen. What I'm saying is, it's NOT helping. It is not going to solve anything. Protest all you like, but Donald Trump will still be the next president of the United States. Trump went all this far to become president, got abused, mocked by half of America and the world...and you think he's going to start listening now? Ohhhhh! I see! You want Trump to step down. Okay. Then Mike Pence will become the new president. Is that what you want?
  14. Arghhh forgot to remove the Clinton Foundation before posting! Sorry for that...