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  1. Wait, 6 games have been announced? Have I missed something? You're right, we don't know everything about this yet, but after all this is just a preview trailer. However nVidia just came out and said it's powered by their custom Tegra Chip (https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/10/20/nintendo-switch/) so that's one thing out of many. All I'm saying, let's not judge the thing without knowing the details.
  2. No not really no, that isn't what it is... I'm impressed, but still need more info before I'm sold. The new Mario game is mouthwatering. Need to see more of that.
  3. They are so brainwashed it's unbelievable. It's like Trump hypnotized his supporters to a point that even if Trump said to them, "Go f*** little pigs" like what's asked on this video, they'll still back him 100%. Do they have any self-respect? If Trump asked his supporters to jump off a cliff, some of them may actually do it. I mean after the church service today, I asked one of my friends and she's a Trump supporter. I asked the same question I've seen in that video. It went similar like this: Me: If Trump said to his supporters, "You all GO and have sex with pigs", would you still back him? Friend: He'll never say that. Why are you asking a nonsense question? Me: But if HE did? Friend: He'll never say that but have you forgotten Clinton called me and Donald supporters homophobes and racists? Me: How is that got to do with anything and stop dodging the question. Friend: If he did which he will never, but if he did [10 second pause] I'll be very upset with Donald, I'll not be jumping around for him anymore but I have backed Donald for 4 months now, I can't go back-- Me: Yes you can, didn't you see Trump's fallout with the GOP? Friend: No you can't. Just because some of the GOP have spoken out and said they'll back out doesn't mean they'll vote for crooked Clinton. I'm not going to vote for Hillary who is disrespecting those coal miners. So if I don't vote for Donald, who can I vote for that my vote will count? I'm not going to be like you who is on the fence not voting on election day. The 1920's was a revolution for us women and even though I hate Michelle Obama she's right about us needing to vote. So I can't back down now. I'm voting Donald whatever it may be. Which got me thinking. There are Trump supporters who were probably upset with him with the tape and such, but still back him because they have nowhere else to turn. Yes, there's "Clinton" but most Trump supporters loathe Clinton. I mean she didn't do any favors by calling them racists and such (Yes I know she backtracked, but it's too late).
  4. PEGI 4 doesn't exist right? So it's fake. The render is from Skylanders.
  5. I can see Pence has returned to Trump's website with 2 new campaigns.
  6. But what if for example one candidate ticks most boxes for you, but has two dealbreakers then what? (Oh and the other only ticks some). I apologize, I meant she and her husband. And trust me, her husband will make a huge influence on some of (if not all) her decisions. Agreed. You should always keep bad thoughts to yourself. But at the same time, it just shows some honesty. It's better than being two-faced. You say something, you do the opposite. That's worse. And there's nothing stopping me from thinking Clinton can do this. And what makes you think she will serve the public good? This isn't a guarantee, that's what I'm saying. That's why I don't like people who keep things quiet. I actually forgot Cavaco (the ex-president) doing that considering I'm Portuguese. And that was even brought up yesterday in the discussion by the Trump supporters. What if Trump did exactly the same as Cavaco? Cavaco didn't keep that opinion to himself, just like Trump. I'm pretty sure Trump will do something about the immigrants, but I'm telling you right now: That wall will not be built by the Mexicans. It's a flat out lie. If that wall ever gets built up, it's because we used our money and resources. I agree there will be ways to get around the wall IF somehow that wall gets built. But it's an additional barrier for the Mexicans to go through. It will be harder to breach then it is now. It will probably need to be monitored regularly as you said, but that doesn't change the fact that it will be harder to breach than now. Can I ask? How can you assume that most Mexicans don't want to stay in the US? You are most likely to have a better lifestyle in America, then you will have in Mexico at this present time. I mean, why do they come here in the first place? They want jobs so they can earn money. You'll have better opportunities to get a job in America than in Mexico. Until Mexico's development gets stronger and stronger to a point good jobs are in Mexico, this is going to keep happening. And the dead end is, how can Mexico grow? That's a shame. Cowardly behavior. But maybe I need to be in their position before I can say something like that. After all, losing a well paid job could make your life disastrous if you don't find another ASAP. Could Congress change their tune towards Trump if he gets elected though? Are they really that useless? Even if that is a false dichotomy, that still doesn't change the fact that there are some who hate religion, and shouldn't go near politics even if they do bleed. And trust me, when we start having Christian discussions here it will annoy one or two people and may present those comments. It's not worth it for me.
  7. Then for those who have been voting, why have they been voting if they know this guy is lying through his teeth? Do they treat politics as sports? "I'm a diehard blue!" "Red will always be in my blood". (Scratch that actually, because there ARE people who do that). I guess, but right now we got to deal with what we got. It's not like both candidates are going to change that anyway. Yes she knows the game, I'm not arguing that. But when she was knowing her game, did she do alright? That's where it varies. As I said, she actually did things that harmed our country, and you can't exactly say that for Trump. Can Trump harm our country and dig it further to the ground? Yes, but so can Clinton. We don't know what the future entails, so when people say "Trump's gonna kill us all!!" it's their assumption. Our next president represents us, and I agree that is important. Do I think Trump will be responsible? Maybe, he has shown calmness multiple times during speeches and not shout crazy things like a lunatic. But is he more responsible than Clinton? No, from what I've seen so far IMO. But sadly, everyone has an opinion and it's gonna be different from person to person. We all can safely say Trump is a bigot, because he is so open to what he thinks. That's what people like about him. But how do you know Clinton's a bigot? As I said, she was homophobic but because she's planning to run for president she had to backtrack on what she said. She may very well still be homophobic, but is now sensible to keep that to herself. Do I also trust that Trump would give Pence the power? Yes, worst case scenario he won't. But will he? Personally I think he would. Because he is so open to what he thinks. You know he is strongly against immigrants. You know he's a bigot. You know how he wants that wall built up. If he wants something done, you know he will at least try to get it done. The Mexico wall thing, he will try and get it done. Will he succeed is a complete different story. Of course, you will have a different opinion and say he probably won't, and that's fine! This is politics after all. Bad news in every way is over the top. You mean most. Unless you like having immigrants living in our country and literally disagree on everything Trump has said. Personally, yes I do agree that something has to be done about the immigrants. If I disagree with my boss so bad on many many things, I'll leave personally. It's not worth the torture. You're suppose to love your job, not hate it. I'm sure they wouldn't just fall in line with Trump if he what he wants to do is beyond crazy. If they decide to walk with Trump, they are preventing the crazy outcome. But yeah, apart from that I have no comment to what you said up there...he can do those things which would be beyond catastrophic for our nation. And because you know how he is, yeah he maybe able to do those things. That's pretty scary. I'll need to read up more on this to see if what you said is actually true so I can bring this up with my friends. I mean, if it IS true, then that 90% will become 100% for me not voting Trump if I vote. That's a pretty good analogy. This whole thing is killing me because I don't want to vote, but more and more good arguments come up forcing me to vote. I have no problems discussing Christian arguments with you or any other Christian brothers and sisters in SSMB. That's not the point. It's the others who would come to this thread and bring the usual "You should separate politics and religion!", "The Bible's a made-up book!" "God isn't real" comments that I don't want to see again. That is true, I'm a perfect example of that. Two weeks ago, I was firm on not voting but day by day I'm getting less firm because good arguments like Women's rights to voting etc.
  8. Well, yeah. That's normal. I mean at the end of it, the Clinton supporters that were there are still Clinton supporters. Vice versa. You won't simply change your vote because of what the opposition had said.
  9. There are people who just love to hate. These bunch of Trump haters will say anything but negative things about him forever. Even though he can (or had) apologize, they'll never forgive. And sadly, meanwhile overlooking Clinton's (and Bill's) work in the office which she had *actually* harmed our country. Trump speaks a lot of crap, that's politics. (Yes, I'm aware that I called Clinton a liar earlier...yeah, where have I been for the past 15 years?) Do you think he can actually make Mexico build the wall? BS, that won't happen. And thanks to Congress, most of Trump's ideas probably not fly. All Trump did was talk. Clinton actually did (or supported) the actions, that were bad for our country. Again, Clinton maybe the best qualified person to run as president because "experience", but IMO one of the worst politicians I've ever seen. Here's the thing. We don't know what we are getting if one of them becomes president. People fear Trump = end of America. When they are forgetting Congress and Supreme Court, these would be large barriers for Trump to cross. Clinton backtracked about her homophobia, but is it just so she can win the gay voters? Again we don't know. This is why I'm so torn at the moment on what to do. I mean, I'm actually even leaning towards voting now since one of my close friends told me that, before women couldn't vote and our legends worked their socks off to get where we are. I seriously respect these legends, and I kinda need to show that. === You: What is this? Are you actually defending Trump? It does seem like it, but what's the point of defending Clinton here in SSMB? Barely anyone is questioning Clinton. You: Okay, WTF happened to you? You still hate Trump right? I need to clear this up. I don't hate anybody. So when I said I hated Trump and Clinton, I mean I hate on what they are doing. I don't hate them as a person. Also yesterday I did have an almost hour-long POTUS discussion with my friends, and Trump supporters did bring up some very good points (which I won't say here, because most of you aren't Christians and you wouldn't understand where they are coming from, and don't want to turn to a religious debate.) while too Clinton supporters did bring up points up too, I mean her China speech about women was actually pretty good, for example.
  10. So we begin again. At long last! I find season 1 to be pretty mediocre to be honest, hope season 2 improves a lot.
  11. ^ This. Why can't Clinton just admit it. Clinton, the public in your eyes can be stupid but not all of us are. Cut the crap, and admit it. Above it all, I don't understand why she isn't going to prison. No one is above the freaking law. Not even her. If Obama or any other politician does exactly what Clinton did, they'll lose their jobs and end up going to prison.
  12. *sigh* What I'm saying is that, we are all different. Have different views on life and how things should run and how we think X is better than Y. EDIT: Like me and you both stand that Trump shouldn't be president, but we have different views on how we vote. You vote for Clinton because, she's not Trump (and probably have more reasons). I'm currently not voting for anybody because I don't want to show in any way that I support Clinton and Trump. I can give you a list why iOS is so much better than Android and why Android is toxic, but once an Android lover sees that list, (s)he'll strongly disagree with it, feel offended and give their own reasons why Android is better and why iOS is toxic. Trump, while to us is a poor person to run as president, others see him very fit to run as president. You can try to buttheads with them and argue for them to change their minds, but most of the time it will fall flat. Because when you attack their views and their stance, you'll offend them and most likely go on the defensive. I can give you a list why I don't like Clinton, but for those who think she's 100% fit to run as president would come out and buttheads with me. If a Trump supporter dare opens his/her mouth here, I can guarantee you there will be buttheading and no matter what you say to him/her (which could lead to insults), their minds won't change. Like a few pages ago, I gave out my view on how I stand on this, and a few people came to buttheads with me - think I'll change my mind. It didn't work, I can tell you that. Blue Shallow did suggest something though out of all this, that I'm still looking to. I'm just waiting for the right moment to discuss this with my friends.
  13. Person A: Sonic 06 is trash. One of the worst ever! Person B: ROFL, sorry dude but Sonic 06 is one of the best Sonic games in history. Person A gives solid reasons to B that why 06 is trash. Person B: ....whatever, that's what you think. Sonic 06 got over a million copies! Top qualiteh!!! ==== Person A: DmC is a fantastic game, better than the originals. Perfect. Person B: *spits coffee* ===== Ming Ming: I believe in God and Jesus. Atheist: I don't. He doesn't exist. ===== Person A: iOS is the most advanced mobile OS in the world. Person B: I'll be caught dead using iOS. Droid forever baby. ===== Person A: I think Nintendo has the best track record for quality games. Person B: Don't think so. Sony has. Person C: You guys are talking crap. MS has the best games. (We see this everyday from games to beliefs. Seeing a lot Trump supporters does not surprise me by the slightest, and it shouldn't for you guys either.)
  14. My guess is that he probably wouldn't have shown the video at all to us.
  15. I was playing Pokemon Go a few weeks ago with my friends in Vista View park. Another group who was also playing the game joined us. One of them showed me and my friends a YouTube video of an innocent Pokemon Go Twitch livestreamer getting mugged by a black person. I have seen this video before but my friends didn't. They were shocked and now worried if that would happen to them. But here's the bad part. The guy who showed the video said, "This is why I'm voting for Trump." I kept quiet because I don't want to start anything, but just because one idiot mugged the guy doesn't mean ALL blacks do that. Besides, once you're a Trump supporter, always a Trump supporter - I'm wasn't gonna argue with him because he won't change his mind.