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  1. I'm pretty sure this has been said already, but Iizuka...I like ya but you and I know what you said there is BS. So full of it. It's saddens me. And also, I don't want an Adventure 3! I think he got the wrong idea on what I and others want. We want a Sonic Adventure '1' style game! Refined! Call the game whatever you like! That's what you did with Generations 2 and Forces! People said Sonic '06 was the worst Sonic game...but to me it isn't. The reason why to me it isn't the worst Sonic game is because it had Adventure-style gameplay, even though it was poorly executed. My personal, main reason why I loathe Sonic '06 with all its guts isn't because the game is broken. Or has one of the worst laughable stories I've seen. Or Silver. Or loading screens. It's because it's the game that probably frightened Sonic Team not to try the Adventure formula (and have multiple characters playable) again.
  2. Sonic Forces - Shadow DLC and new Screenshot

    Game land stages are not DLC....nor are the Generations' missions... if you are going to compare Unleashed with those, compare it with Unleashed's townspeople missions that were also in-disc. Unleashed's DLC was wayyyy better than any other DLC Sonic Team has spitted out since. And Unleashed was their first ever game with DLC! Where are the standards. You're suppose to aim high, not lower. Shadow's DLC looks like it has been made last minute. Something to pad the game a little more (which is scaring me as it can indicate Forces is a short game). These levels look like they were made from Super Mario Maker or LittleBigPlanet. And that's a little insulting since top played SMM/LBP levels have a lot of creativity in them.
  3. Sonic Forces - Shadow DLC and new Screenshot

    Why are you guys complaining. It's FREE for goodness sake! /trolling I was super optimistic about Forces 2 months ago even though Classic Sonic is there...but I'm slowly beginning to think this game may actually be worse than Generations. Shadow's DLC does not look great to play whatsoever. FFS Why this 2D crap?!?! Who asked for it? I wanted Amy to be playable here but I'm going to retract that statement. I want Amy to return in a very good solid game, and favorites of Tails and Knuckles should think the same. I mean, as much as I love Amy, I don't want her to be playable in these lazy, boring 2D levels. Thank goodness you can also go through as Shadow in the main Modern Sonic levels where a little more creativity (*based on what I've seen so far) is found. Since it's free the only reason why I'm going to play the DLC is so I go through the story. Can't believe I've waited 6 years for this.
  4. Sonic Forces - Shadow DLC and new Screenshot

    It says on the description 3 updated stages for Shadow...not 3 new/exclusive stages, keep that in mind guys. It's most likely a Shadow version of Park Avenue etc.
  5. Unless there are specific Shadow-only trophies, I'll pass. Great treat for Shadow fans though, at least SEGA is catering them. :mellow:

  6. New Sonic Forces Promotional Art Revealed

    Three avatar characters instead of Amy, Espio, Vector and others. Really?
  7. My friend actually plays Sonic World. I gave it a go, but I don't know if it's the keyboard controls or the physics just plain suck but I had a difficult time playing the game. My friend gave me a tip, always use a fly character or a have a fly character in your team. That made the game much easier because you can avoid the hard platforming. Sonic World is a good fangame, I'll have to give it that. The levels are quite interesting and there hasn't been a comparable game since...'06? But I'll give it a zero out of 10 if Sega/Sonic Team ever does something like this. And I'm an Adventure fangirl. It just feels broken and unfair, especially if you are using a non-fly character. Sonic Utopia, I don't understand why people like this? It's an open-world Sonic game I get that, but when I want to just get to goal post I'll get lost easily. There is no sense of "You must go that way" to finish the stage. I don't want to spend 20 minutes on a stage on my first run. I don't mind spending 20 minutes on a stage, after I finished the game and I want to do more exploration and finding unlockables.
  8. Sony Europe woke up. Knack 2 is no longer free.

    1. Ferno


      someone at the company is probably super red-faced right now

  9. Free Knack 2! Got the slice of the action! Quickly! Create a new NZ account before they pull it!

  10. Thoughts on Forces?

    Funny enough, I think I'll (just about) enjoy Forces more than I did with Mania. But that's because I grew up playing Sonic in 3D (Adventure), not in 2D classic. I think boost gameplay is great. Sure, no (boost) game since has beaten Unleashed and I don't expect Forces to beat it either unfortunately, but I'll take it. It's just a shame, this is not an Adventure game. My main issues with Forces is the soundtrack, wisps, 2D, Classic Sonic and the difficulty. The soundtrack so far sounds so bland and I just don't like it. While I like Forces theme, I don't like the vocals. I prefer just hearing the instrumental. Mania did so well in this area, and by the looks of it Mania will stomp Forces in this area. Second is Wisps. Seriously f*** the wisps. This is one of the reasons why no boost game has beaten Unleashed 'til this day. Wisps was originally a good idea in Colors, it's something different. Now they have been in every main 3D game since. It's nothing more than a gimmick and sometimes force you to use them. Didn't like them in Gens (spikes urgh!), didn't like them in Lost World and most likely wouldn't like them in Forces either. Too much 2D. Colors has introduced this 2D view in boost games and I thought they added this because the limitations of the Wii disc. But now it's becoming a habit. It's lazy. Unleashed barely had 2D. Classic Sonic. When I saw the reveal trailer for the first time and saw him I banged my head on the table. WTF are Sega thinking? Classic was awesome in Gens, but that was suppose to be a one-off, not a perma thing! Classic Sonic has Sonic Mania, why is he now hugging almost half of Modern Sonic's? This move is a huge negative as this means either 1) They'll be less Modern levels to play through 2) The Modern levels will be shorter or 3) both. And I'm sure Classic Sonic's physics won't be 100% like the originals like Mania, so that's another thing Classic fans will compare to and criticise Forces for. The difficulty. I loved Unleashed for its difficulty in the daytime levels. Not to mention the levels looked beautiful (but that's another story). People criticized the quicktime events, but those people are like me criticizing the terrible Blue Spheres in Mania. Unleashed was wayyyy less linear than its sequels. There were a lot of hidden paths, timing was critical in areas...and I don't feel like I'm handicapped like I did in Generations. People keep on saying "BOOST TO WIN!" but that is an incorrect statement in Unleashed, and I'll fight you for it. Let's see you "BOOST TO WIN" in Eggmanland, Jungle Joyride or even Skyscraper Scamper. However I'll agree with those who say Boost to Win in Generations for most part (I didn't even need to sidestep Sonic in Rooftop Run, but I had to in Unleashed version), Colors as well and I'm so far it's looking like Forces won't take footsteps from Unleashed, but from Generations. It looks so easy. It looks like a game I'll play for a month and then drop it completely. It looks like a game I'll finish in 2 days. It's a real shame.
  11. The avatar character they created for the game is genius. Preorder store exclusive BS on TOP of preordering BS. After the game releases, why not sell more costumes including Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Big, Rouge, Blaze, Cream, Charmy etc.? $2 each.
  12. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Dear Sega, Now, can we have a Mania version of Adventure 1 please? Thanks. =)
  13. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    ... ... NOOOOOOO! Why you forsaken me Mania Team??!!! Would have loved Mania more if she was added! T_T
  14. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    I have to disagree with you there. I would have preferred Mushroom Hill over Green Hill, simply because Green Hill (and its variants) has been used too many times over the years. We are even seeing more Green Hill in Forces. Mushroom Hill is unique and I bet if the Taxman team got their hands on remaking Mushroom Hill, you won't get bored of it.
  15. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    I didn't even like S3&K that much because of Blue Spheres. Blue Spheres in that game kinda ruined it for me, and Blue Spheres in this game also ruined my experience. There were many times that I felt so dizzy with the game moving too fast with all the twisting and turning. Mania actually made the Blue Spheres experience worse than S3&K. If I didn't do the trick that stops Mania from randomizing the stages all the time I wouldn't have unlocked all the extras. It would have been impossible for me. If you have poor eye-coordination and memory, you are screeeewwweeed. And yes, I don't have a good memory of remembering all 30 odd Sphere stages. >.> I don't like classic Sonic games in general (grew up with Adventure), but Sonic CD is the only game that I generally liked in that era. Sonic 1 and 2 were good though too. CD > 2 > 1 > 3&K > Mania If it weren't for the Blue Spheres, 3&K and Mania would have been 2nd and 3rd.