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  1. I am talking about Sonic in the video game industry. What made Sonic popular in the first place. I personally don’t read the comics and the recent shorts are nice but it’s not blowing people away is it? 15 years ago, the Sonic fanbase was massive in the web. Massive. There were like 15 active Sonic forums before. Now it feels like, SSMB’s the last very active Sonic forum standing. It reflects that as time went by, the fanbase stopped growing and decreased. Because of Sega/Sonic Team’s poor decisions overtime. Terrible/sub-par video games. I just need to look at myself for example. Used to be a huge Amy fan. Everyday I used to think about the Sonic universe. Not anymore, since around 5/6 years ago. Still upset that since ‘06, other characters apart from Shadow in Forces, were no longer playable and it’s just Sonic in the mainline.
  2. From Lost World until now personally. I have played most Sonic games until I met Secret Rings and it’s the first game I couldn’t finish. Secret Rings to me was a blip, as I even managed to finish Black Knight. Then came Lost World. The 2nd Sonic game I couldn’t finish because I was bored. Then Boom. OMG, it gets worse. Sonic Mania was alright, I never fell in love with Sonic in his 2D era...but I was eyeing on Sonic Forces. I thought this is the game. PS4’s first real Sonic title and I thought after all these years of wait will return with a top draw game. I was wrong. Disappointed beyond belief. How could they feck up Forces that bad. Honestly? I enjoyed ‘06 better than Forces, 06 is a terrible game overall but I had fun with it. Forces not so much. And for TSR, well. It’s the worst Sonic Racing game I have played. R, All-Stars Racing and Transformed were way better than this game. Everything now is just half-assed. Unleashed is still the last Sonic game with a huge storyline with full CGI cutscenes. The quality of Sonic games has dipped since then. Even though we had good games like Generations, Colors etc. the extra effort found in Unleashed wasn’t found in these titles. I have came to the conclusion that Sonic is slowly dying now. If TSR was released last year originally, this would have been another year without Sonic. And if I was a betting gal, I bet there will be no Sonic game in 2020 either, except for that Mario and Sonic game (if you want to call that a Sonic title).
  3. Use Team Ultimate Extended Bonus box and item transfer to a mate, then ask for it back. That's all the advice I can give you. The AI teammates sometimes do well, sometimes they'll do awful and there's nothing you can do about it. Just focus on finishing 1st. Luckily there are 4 races, so one bad race you can still recover. EDIT: Also be wary of taking shortcuts. If you are ahead, and you take a shortcut that only certain classes can go through, because the AI would want to get a slingshot, they'll follow your trail and can actually slow them down.
  4. Good game, just hated the Daredevil levels and Sky Road's Ring Challenge. Grand Prix Hard in story is downright ridiculous sometimes. Do you know how many times I finished 1st, but my idiotic teammates finish like 5th/12th or something like that? Even when I item box transfer a lot of times? Maybe only one or two times that a teammate finishes higher than me as well.
  5. My friend wants to watch this film because she wants to know why I have an interest in Sonic. I refuse to not watch this film together with her. This film, which includes a creature that pretends to be Sonic, isn’t the reason why I fell in love with the franchise. It’s frankly embarrassing. If I’m going to watch this film, it’ll have to be by myself or with my little niece.
  6. I just posted some proof that people in the comments and 4chan wanting others to dislike the video. Maybe the "thousands" was an overstretch. Hundreds would have been a better fit. Maybe in your world. Because it does prove something. That there are people out there who want this trailer to be the most disliked YT video. So they are telling others to downvote it. If you can't see that, then we're done here. I think you are getting muddled here. When I meant 'thousands', I did not mean thousands = majority. Of course, the majority genuinely picked the disliked button because they genuinely dislike it after watching the trailer.
  7. This is like me asking you to provide proof that every single dislike on that video is genuine and not influenced by anybody else, just themselves. Yep, CoD: IW sure didn't sell blockbusters. Because the number of dislikes outweighed the likes, by millions...NO WAY some of these dislikes were influenced by others, trying to make it the worst disliked YT video of all time, right?
  8. Ehhh...nowhere did I say the trailer was good. I agree that the trailer was bad. I'm sure they exist, but they are the minority compared to the "let's dislike!" majority. Within 5 minutes I got those comments, while I got none for the opposite. But again, that doesn't mean they don't exist.
  9. I actually looked for that, but couldn't find any within the 5 minutes I looked at the comments.
  10. You are so predictable. I was waiting for you to question me this, so I prepared this just in case. https://imgur.com/QTAzVzm Now I'm sure there are more, but I'm not going to dig around 11,000 comments.
  11. Okay I'll take back what I said about 'the lulz'. What I won't take back, is that there are thousands who are doing it because they were told to. And stop twisting my words. I didn't say everybody that hit the dislike button didn't genuinely think the trailer sucked. I believe the majority did.
  12. Point is, the number of dislikes on this Sonic film trailer doesn’t mean bomb/failure. It could end up like The Smurfs (2011).
  13. I did not say EVERYONE that hit the dislike button did it for lulz. But there are thousands of them. I was aware of you using Ghostbusters. But the reason why I used Baby and CoD was to throw that back at you to argue that huge number of dislikes doesn’t mean the film is going to fail/bomb.
  14. DP certainly had better reception, but that doesn't translate to the film being good. Tomb Raider had a better reception than Sonic.
  15. Aladdin, Jafar, Jasmine and most characters are human in the cartoon and the live-action. Only the genie is the odd-one out. And I'm still not digging Will Smith as genie. So it's really not the same.
  16. Marine who? Even Sticks has made more appearances than Marine.
  17. Also...why has everyone ruled out that this could be fake? We have seen fantastic fakes in the past, it will not surprise me if this is another one.
  18. I see no human legs. His shoes are different. Sonic in that leaked (concept) poster is obviously different to the one that we are seeing in the new posters now.
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