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  1. It's so hard to get excited without any screenshots or anything about this game. I hate CGI only trailers in every game. Sony spoiled me. And this is Sonic, still my favorite franchise (although R&C is getting much closer now). Anyway, with the boost mechanic...I'm sort of have mixed feelings. I have to admit looking back, Generations' boost levels *suck*. Yes, the levels were beautiful, the controls have been refined and comfortable etc....but it was just too darn easy to go through them all. Very easy. No challenge, almost little skill required. I never really had a "heart in mouth" moment, that if I screw up in that particular moment, I'm going to pay the consequence for that (well, except for Chemical Plant). When people said "boost to win", they certainly got that right with Generations IMO. Part of me wants THAT challenge I received from Sonic Unleashed. Many of those boost levels were challenging. Go through harder paths and get rewarded with secret shortcuts, timing your jumps, QTEs (yes some people hate that, but I had no problems with it in the game...besides, it got me to learn to press the buttons faster which helped me in other games such as Hatsune Miku)... I badly miss that challenge. Colors did sort of well too, although it was different due to wisps and 2D sections. I much prefer Adventure gameplay over boost still, but if they can give me Unleashed boost style gameplay, I would also be over the moon. Give me a challenge that it will take me at least almost a week to complete, not 2 days like Generations did.
  2. You spent all that money...for an online only game... =( I definitely learnt my lesson after spending $100 on stuff for The Sims Social Facebook game 3 years ago. (Screw you EA). Never buy micro transactions especially for a F2P online only game. Because all your hard work and spending will go all away 1 day. Goodbye Sonic Runners. I want to miss you, but I can't.
  3. ...Sorry? What was that? I missed what you said.
  4. Seeing Lightning in the game. <3 Can't wait to own this title. Depending on what's happening with Sonic, this maybe my most anticipated game this year.
  5. Take Game.co.uk E3 2016 preorders as a pinch of salt. If you look at their E3 2016 page, almost all games announced during E3 has been listed there. Including Halo Wars 2 PC, which most likely won't see disc release. Also is FFXV: VR Experience a separate edition? It's listed there as if it's an edition. Same with Star Wars: Battlefront VR.
  6. This is what I saw in one of your posts: "Why, that's fantastic. But... uh... Those statements, and indeed the entire point of bringing up the FFVII PS4 port as a comparison for what we should assume these Crash games must be like, is if you are completely ignorant of the fact that the FFVII on the PS4 is a port of the PC version Square originally made nearly 20 years ago" Then you edited your post later with... "Those statements, and indeed the entire point of bringing up the FFVII PS4 port as a comparison for what we should assume these Crash games must be like, can only really apply to this conversation if you are completely ignorant of the fact that the FFVII on the PS4 is a port of the patched rerelease of the "enhanced" PC version Square originally made nearly 20 years ago." I didn't see your edit until now. It's not my fault you made this error, threw me off thinking all this time you were talking about the 1998 release, and not telling me that you edited the post. So screw you calling me dishonest. In fact, if anything you're the one being dishonest. So? Who the hell are you to say I looked up at some Wikia for information? I'll tell you what. I'll change my name to Dishonest Ming Ming for a month, if these games turn out to be actual Ratchet-like remakes. That's how confident I am.
  7. Haha, no. Don't start twisting things in your favor. The original argument here is how many posts mentioned anything about the Ratchet remake. So yes, I set the record straight there. LOL. So if that's the truth, how does that equal I'm dishonest? Do you know what the definition means? A lot of things has changed between the 2012 and 1998 PC releases, so it's not just a "very mildly warmed over port" as you put it. Woooow. So you are NSA spying on me on what I do. How do you know that I found that information from FF Wikia? (which I haven't visited for months) How do you know that it's because I actually played the games myself? Stop making pathetic assumptions on me please. Well putting aside the FFVII comparison, here's what we got: A 10 second announcement of the remake, with nothing to show. Not even concept art. All three games will be released next year. I'm sorry, but it doesn't matter how good you are, you cannot release THREE remake games "from the ground up" with new Ratchet-like graphics in a year. Unless you want it to be another Sonic '06 rushed job. But say that they have keeping this under wrap for years. Why didn't they show a live demo or ANYTHING. Activision VV are the ones developing the game. But 90% (if not 100) of their team are focusing on the upcoming Skylanders game right now. So that's even LESS time to develop the remake of the THREE games. Uncharted 4 has a Crash demo with new/altered animations which is believe that is the demo of the upcoming remaster. Well I guess that's what they mean from the ground up. It's not gonna be new graphics, but the coding will be done from the ground up.
  8. Yes if you bothered to give a quick Ctrl+F. Look at the first post of this page for one. Instead of looking like an idiot, tell me how am I being dishonest. The 1998 PC version is not the same as the PS4 version. End of story. Like for example, the Magic defense bug has been fixed between the two. So the PS4/2012 PC version will be easier to play. If you want to go in to pure detail then yes. FFVII PS4/2012 PC are based on the XBLA/iOS releases, which are based on 1998 PC version of the game, which is based on the original PS1. But because the 1998 version is a remastered version itself, the PS4 version is a remaster of the PS1 version by default. That's why I said cut the PC/XBLA/iOS releases inbetween and it's the same thing.
  9. Is that what you used for people mentioning R&C remake? What about the posts mentioning the remake as "R&C?" Doesn't that count? Like now, this post won't be in your result. And I mentioned the game. The PC version doesn't have iOS features in it, so PS4's not a "straight up" port of the PC version. And the PC version made in 1998, doesn't HAVE the remastered music. So I'm not freaking ignorant thank you very much. It's based on the 1998 PC version, but even that 1998 version has better graphics then the original PS1 game. Point is, FFVII PS4 =/= FFVII PS1. And what it looks like with Crash, will be the same if we cut out the PC and iOS versions inbetween.
  10. Really? Can you show me another example of a company called a remastered game that is actually a remake? EDIT: Okay, I found out that SEGA called Sonic Adventure 2 PS3/XBLA remaster a "remake". You looked at all 102 posts in this thread, just to make that point? The opening post, says it's like the Ratchet remake. I'm saying it's not like that. If they upgraded the PS1 graphics, upgraded the look of the assets, added small features, fixed a few things and remastered the music, then it's not really a port of the PS1 version. What we saw in Uncharted 4 (with Crash's jump looking different etc.) is most likely the demo of the remaster.
  11. WTF are you talking about. People here are comparing these remasters to R&C PS4, which is a full on remake (or what Indigo said "re-imagining the game"). Which is not. And FFVII is NOT a bad example.
  12. You're only hurting yourselves more if you think these games are full on remakes. The graphics are only going to be exactly like FFVII's PS4 release. FFVII PS4 also has remastered sound. So you cannot say FFVII was a port of the PS1 original. Square actually made effort on it. "Remaking" 3 games in 2 years is a rush job. If it's just Crash 1 releasing next year then maybe that is something but...3 games bundled together. Impossible for VV who are also doing Skylanders. I know what the "differences" are. One is the same game but better, the other is the same game but better except a little different maybe. I'm telling you, however, that they said that it'd be done from the ground up. They are not ports. They are saying that they are remasters built from the ground up. Ratchet and Clank, meanwhile, goes beyond that and is a full-on re-imagining of the original game. Crash isn't doing that, though. It's being "re-mastered" or "re-made." ...see how silly and vague the definition of terms is here? But all we know is what Sony said: they are saying that they are remasters built from the ground up. Again, take what you want from that information. I'm not really a Crash fan so I'm not trying to be optimistic or otherwise, I'm just reading this as objectively and unbiased as possible. It sounds to me like they're making Crash Bandicoot again from the ground up, because they literally said from the ground up. I'm not taking anything out of context, I'm not adding anything to it, not adding any superfluous subjective definitions of the differences between a remaster and a remake or whatever the heck you want to call it. I'm telling you what I see, and I see them saying "We're making the game again from scratch." How else would you interpret "from the ground up." Either way, until we see footage, we won't know to what effect that is. "We're making the game from scratch?" Isn't VV doing the game, not Sony? Which makes me think even more then what he said was a mistake. Anyway, "from the ground up" can mean a lot of things. KKM pointed out Taxman's Sonic remasters which were also "from the ground up". R&C/Insomniac didn't just remake the game, but also altered a lot of the original story. So R&C was more then just a remake. If they didn't change the story, then it's just a full on remake. I'm 99% confident, it's not full on remakes of Crash. If it was that big of a deal, we would have seen something about it yesterday even if it's just developers coming out and talking about it.
  13. You're the one that said this situation was exactly like FF7R. :/ Well it's close. FFVII PS4 and Crash trilogy are PS1 games remastered for PS4 with slightly upgraded graphics & assets and trophy support. The only difference between them two is FFVII actually has a remake coming.
  14. Why? Is there a special rule that says that remakes need to be shown, but not remastered ports? In either situation, footage is ideal. I just don't follow where your logic is coming from here. They said it was being built from the ground up. That isn't a port. If Sony just wanted to port them, they'd have done that. They have been doing that with PS1 games for a while now. Why rebuild them from the ground up? And again him saying "built from the ground up" doesn't make sense. At all. It's a remaster (which he said) and Activision press release also says remaster. Don't get confused between remaster and remake. Three of these games are planned to release next year. All 3 of them. Do you know how long it took for Ratchet and Clank for its remake to be completed? FFVII PS4 isn't exactly a port either. It has slightly upgraded graphics and assets.
  15. Why on earth would Sony develop FFVII when it was Square themselves that introduced the reveal trailer to us with their name on it? With Crash, you don't know. Activision owns Crash, it could be them developing it, not ND/Sony. But you know what? We should end this "this logic doesn't make sense" discussion because it doesn't matter. I think it's because they're still early in development, they had nothing of the remasters to show, so my bet is that they didn't have anything to show yet and just announced the remasters to avoid the ''big announcement'' turning out to only be Crash as a Skylander exclusive to Sony consoles, so that the response wouldn't be mass negativity. But can they at least bring out the developers who are making the supposed remake? That's what Nintendo did with Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS announcement.