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  1. EDIT: @sonicdudeatdawn just beat me to it http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/review/games/sonic-forces-preview-3663126/ Points to note from Tech Advisor's Gamescon impressions: Tag TeamAs mentioned above, Tag Team is a new game mode featured in Sonic Forces that was announced at Gamescom 2017. Tag Team is essentially what it says on the tin - Sonic and your hero character join up to take on particularly challenging levels together.The interesting part? You control both characters at the same time, swapping between each character based on the skills necessary (don’t worry, the swap is automatic!).As with the Hero Character mode, controlling two heroes at the same time brings something new to the game, and comes with its own challenges like the difference in jump distances between characters - we were stuck at one part of the game when our hero character couldn’t quite make the jump that Sonic could without a sufficient pace. It can be a little frustrating at times, but it may be something that’s tweaked before the game comes out later this year
  2. Sonic Forces Impressions

    Mostly positive, main comments to point out are based in the Tag Team section:
  3. Modern Sonic's in game model looks amazing here.
  4. Same, if it weren't for the second half of the level I'd have felt that space was wasted.
  5. Might download that demo to see what the hype is all about. My nephew has it on his Wii U so will see if it warrants another purchase. Media blackout for Super Mario Odyssey though, E3 delivered that game for me. No need to watch anymore footage. Might do the same for Xenoblade 2 but that's closer to Christmas and quite interested to see how much has changed to warrant it's name.
  6. Do you want a long, drawn-out game?

    What makes you say Forces could be as short as Colours? Source?
  7. Sonic Forces Impressions

    Rough translation aside, did it state at all which build of the game was used?
  8. Forces story: what would you like to see.

    Alterations to cutscenes based on the Avatar's gender and species. That'd be pretty neat. In depth background into Infinite. Believe it or not I think he'll be a unique villain in the franchise (so basically if they do some decent stuff with him - don't make it cliche or kill it off at the end. Mephilles suffered from being one dimensional and the generic angsty clone of a clone). Finally, a good explanation to shadow's betrayal. Think it'll be a repeat of how the Boom games portrayed him with mind control.
  9. Going by mixed previews thinking high 60s low 70s. Although want to see this updated build and issues have been addressed before seeing if my prediction is still valid.
  10. Mixing between Modern and Avatar is actually something I'm quite keen to see more of, clever idea since they both ultimately play similar. Double Boost also sounds rather cool.
  11. It is getting really tiring coming into here, at this rate I'm only going to use this forum for Mania discussion. I'm part of the group that believes this game will do better than a lot here believe. Everything is getting repetitive here. Literally every Sonic Forces topic here is discussing the same stuff. Its cool others are picking this for awards too, in my mind means other gamers are filling the poll saying they like the game. Modern Sonic don't let us down 😉
  12. This is where Iizuka did good for Sonic, his idea definitely benefited the final product more. The remixed stages are nothing short of spectacular
  13. Forces story: what would you like to see.

    Story wise what do I want? Something which is good and well written. Not expecting that from this game sadly (unless they really surprise me with future announcements). Also, why does every thread about Forces here always turn into a discussion about classic Sonic's appearance in this game?
  14. After playing through Mania, don't think I'll have too much of an issue with returning stages especially if they are shown to be portrayed under Eggman's rule. It'll feel like Sonic Team (quality dependent though sadly) are continuing on from Mania's success (although in this case I'm suspecting Iizuka in the end wanted Mania to remix old stages like Forces)
  15. The Story After Forces (Mania Spoilers)

    Definitely feeling the link to Forces in that ending. Right down to the first pose in the initial Forces teaser. Thinking Infinite is some interdimensional being who is contained within this stone. Which I think is a Time Stone of some form, looks like one. The way the time limit is messed up in the Super Sonic battle here adds to this belief. Wild speculation here here, but reckon that's the 7th one which was never found in Sonic CD. Regardless Im keen to see more when Forces is released, it's caught my interest more. They're making Infinite seem quite the villain.