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  1. Paying for Super Sonic, a feature which has been included in most games one way or the other (and love for that matter), should never suddenly be made a paid thing. This is a very cheap move which does not benefit the fans. Especially with how half assed Super Sonic has been implemented here.
  2. So Sega has hidden the code somewhere in the game, to be unlocked by buying Chaos Emeralds? People. This sort of act is up there with the cheapest of tricks gaming companies can pull off. EA can fuck off. Capcom can fuck off. And certainly Sega can do the same.
  3. Definitely think we’ll see another teaser for this at E3. Just like with Bayonetta 2. Hwoever, I don’t believe this game will be out until 2019. Like Metroid Prime 4. Looks like they have not long started development.
  4. Who felt it was ok to have lines involving Sonic getting tortured? Or Tails ‘losing’ it? Or civilians losing their lives? In a family friendly platformer game? This may be perceived as an exaggeration to some, but I really don’t remember this in any of the previous “darker” Sonic games. They were ridiculous for their own content, but this is also wrong to put in. Sonic’s positive attitude makes this slightly more tolerable. Eggman also deserves credit for not, yet again, being perceived as incompetent.
  5. Think it’d be cool if they followed straight on from Classic Sonic’s departure in Forces to find Eggman started to take over during his period of absence? A lá Sonic Chronicles?
  6. 3. Sonic Mania Sonic Mania is a remarkable game. A thing of beauty and have waited significantly too long for a proper sequel again. A true step in the right direction towards bigger things for the hedgehog hopefully. Even if the game didn't hit all the right nostalgic places it'd still be considered a fun, solid platformer which could stand against Mario's finest 2D offerings. I didn't even think it'd be possible to get the best Sonic game ever - following so many games which were either just 'good' or 'mediocre.' 2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild This was incredibly close to being in the number 1 spot. The game which made people realize the Switch's potential. A massive and gorgeous open world packed to the brim with content. The one game which has you really fell that sense of adventure. So much so that I have clocked in over 220 hours and have not even finished finding all the shrines. One of the best Zelda games, and an approach I will be happy for Nintendo to build upon in sequels. 1. Super Mario Odyssey Never have I found a better game to have so much fun with. Throwing surprises at you all the time. The true 3D sandbox platformer which will be remembered as one of, if not the, best 3D games of all time. It builds upon everything from the original Mario 64, takes the fun bits from Mario Sunshine, Galaxy and 3D World to produce a massive game which literally defines the word 'fun'. This is not taking into account the gorgeous artstyle, visual effect and insanely catchy soundtrack. And the memorable characters. And goddamn 3D rolling physics, the approach Sonic of all games should be following...
  7. Long story short: lazy writing. I'd say they more thank likely retconned the time travel part of the story - not the interactions between Classic and Modern characters. This can be applied to any game bar Mania and Sonic 4. Also, remember the "events" regarding the moon after Sonic Adventure 2. This line doesn't make sense? Lost World did this before Forces. Bad back then, bad now.
  8. Sonic Mania took a year to develop too Go figure.
  9. Seriously considering dipping in for this - but waiting for a Switch announcement first. So happy Gohan is in Would love to play this on the go.
  10. Eh makes no difference with the number of level designers they hired for both projects.
  11. I’ll give it to this backstory. They managed to get other characters involved again - even if it wasn’t executed well. Infinite’s fragile ego over a minor comment makes this seem laughable for a new villain who was meant to be taken seriously. Think they were aiming for something here - but it was poorly done. Props to them for making Shadow more likeable again though - his character is the most tolerable I’ve seen since Sonic ‘06.
  12. What did Sega expect this game to be with just one year of programming development? This brings me back to that time when they announced Project Sonic 2017 was in development before the 25th anniversary event. Was hoping they meant it was currently a thing happening in Sega - not that they started the game development then lol. Sonic Mania took a year to make as well. Go figure.
  13. Sonic Team really don’t get good feedback then. Making Sonic a true 3D experience has progressively gotten worse, what should’ve been simpler experiences to solve became more complicated over time. And less fun - leading to complete messes like Sonic ‘06. With the boost formula they used an approach which solved some of these problems - but made everything more linear and spectacle focused. And that still hasn’t changed. No wonder people are giving up with Sonic. Mania is the only form of a true, yet incredible Sonic game we’ve had in years. And this was made by a different team altogether, by fans Edit: Sonic Team consists of stubborn staff who have little of a desire to make these games. Compare this to the passion shown in Mario Odyssey/Sonic Mania - you can see how much fan they had making these games.
  14. Anyone else at this stage actually decided what their game of 2017 is? 

    Mario and Zelda are so good, but Mania is comfortably taking the third spot. 

    First time in years I’ve placed a Sonic game on this list!

    1. JezMM


      It's a real toughie, but BotW will probably be the one for me.  I seriously loved Odyssey, Mania and A Hat in Time, but BotW was just like, I was there man.  That game felt like it was just my life for a few weeks.  Even when it became formulaic in the late hours, I was still entranced by it.

    2. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Odyssey, with BOTW taking a very close second place, for me.

    3. TheOcelot


      Horizon Zero Dawn.

    4. Zaysho


      Right now BotW is that game, but that may change when I get around to playing Odyssey and Xenoblade 2 around the holiday.

    5. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Odyssey just been hittin all the right notes for me...  Tho I still have a fair bit of BOTW to tackle so that one could come up from behind and steal the title.

    6. Cobalt_Bolt


      I would have to say it is a tie between Project CARS 2 and NeiR Automata for me as right from the start I had a solid game from both sets of developers with very few (if any) issues.

  15. I did not expect a score as high as that. What does this mean? In the grand scheme of things for Sega’s feedback? xD Hownstly not sure how I feel about this score.
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