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  1. Positive Things About Forces?

    1. More playable characters (albeit it’s a dark Sonic clone and Avatar, but it’s progress). 2. The story looks intriguing - Infinite doesn’t necessarily look like the typical monster of the week associated with older modern titles. 3. Gameplay - very wait and see on Modern and Avatar (think Modern Sonic will end up shining the most out of the 3). But Classic does look like it has some improvements made to the physics at least. Surprise me Sega.
  2. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    I’ll wait for impressions to come out before I decide how much to pay for this - considering the game is already being released at a cheaper price I’m curious if it’ll stay there for some time. I am intrigued enough, with the recent footage and tidbits, to not throw the game away yet. (I can see this game selling well though)
  3. Watching the Sonic Mania animated intro. It describes everything great about the franchise. 

    Its so beautiful. Everything about it is perfect. 

    Why did Sega pull me back? After years of doubt of a true quality sequel ever happening. They just...did it.

  4. A Returning Zone Spotted in Sonic Forces

    Anyone else get a SA2 vibe with the pyramid and Death Egg (instead of the Ark of course)? If so I really hope we get the Space Shuttle launch again 😂
  5. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    Pulling a Smash Dojo on us here? Look forward to more, be nice to see how other stages turn out. Preferably just one new zone - plus more on classic Sonic’s (hopefully) improved style.
  6. Regarding the footage - feels very Colours like. Which is both good and bad. A lot of what was shown was decent. But some of the 2D felt extensive after about half way into the video. The Biolizard remix is amazing though. And it's good to see Shadow has some moves to separate him from Sonic.
  7. Did not see this coming. And not complaining either. As someone who tolerates Shadow amongst all the modern characters I'll get this. Very curious to see what else we get along the way. Having Shadow as a free add on is such a cool idea.
  8. Sonic Forces Theories

    One theory regarding Infinite's design and origins. Sonic Mania spoilers below: Your thoughts?
  9. Metal Sonic looks horrifyingly menacing. That Infinite cube effect gives off the darkest look seen from the character yet. Very curious what they've done to Shadow this time round. Chaos too. Imagine an even more menacing version of Perfect Chaos...
  10. That was decent. It did a good job portraying good vs evil, especially for a Sonic story. Very similar to he climax battles found in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I'm definitely intrigued more closer to release. Sega need to stop showing the same stages though, give fans some more to believe that their concerns are true/false.
  11. Loving the nod to Sonic Colours in Studiopolis Act 1! Cannot believe I didn't see it until now.
  12. Mania will never get the same hate as Generations, since it does classic Sonic gameplay right...and perfectly. Generations from the start had flaws in level design and player control. Mania, from a classic point of view, is above and beyond it. The remade zones are great fun, as are the new ones. Generations did well with remaking them too, but Mania felt far more fresh compared to when I first played the former. They made me love some previous zones I disliked. It's only lacking in story (via missing cutscenes) and minor boss spikes in difficulty which, in comparison to other Sonic games, are very minor issues. This game deserves every bit of praise it gets. We will likely see a better game than Mania, but they will both be better than anything Sonic Team has produced since Adventure 1 on Dreamcast. And I enjoyed a lot of their games too, but they are not capable of producing AAA games with the current staff. And I find it baffling and disappointing that this is still happening.
  13. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    They hinted at Vegeta vs Hit round 2. I want that to come to fruition. Please. Can see this happening alongside Goku and Jiren plus whoever Gohan gets to fight. Gohan is definitely getting more action, hopefully Picollo soon - no doubt something bad will happen to him in order to have Gohan explode in rage. They are only just having Tien do something now.
  14. Is there any way to see the level design approach from the Mania team too? Even for comparisons sake with Sonic Team at least? To this day no game in the franchise has done it better than Mania - they should really be doing this. Nonetheless I'm keen to see Sonic Team teaching good level design for 2D and 3D Sonic. I do want to see more classic levels for Forces to really see if they justify a full presentation...
  15. I really want to see more elaboration on the story and it's missing transitions. As there is a decent one here made confusing later on in the adventure.