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  1. 1 minute ago, FriesWithoutKetchup said:

    We'll just have to agree to disagree on that, especially if it's not required to beat the game and is just a totally optional extra thing.

    Paying for Super Sonic, a feature which has been included in most games one way or the other (and love for that matter), should never suddenly be made a paid thing.

    This is a very cheap move which does not benefit the fans. Especially with how half assed Super Sonic has been implemented here.

  2. Who felt it was ok to have lines involving Sonic getting tortured? Or Tails ‘losing’ it? Or civilians losing their lives? In a family friendly platformer game? 

    This may be perceived as an exaggeration to some, but I really don’t remember this in any of the previous “darker” Sonic games. They were ridiculous for their own content, but this is also wrong to put in.

    Sonic’s positive attitude makes this slightly more tolerable. Eggman also deserves credit for not, yet again, being perceived as incompetent. 

  3. 3. Sonic Mania


    Sonic Mania is a remarkable game. A thing of beauty and have waited significantly too long for a proper sequel again. A true step in the right direction towards bigger things for the hedgehog hopefully. Even if the game didn't hit all the right nostalgic places it'd still be considered a fun, solid platformer which could stand against Mario's finest 2D offerings. 

    I didn't even think it'd be possible to get the best Sonic game ever - following so many games which were either just 'good' or 'mediocre.'

    2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

     Image result for zelda breath of the wild

    This was incredibly close to being in the number 1 spot. The game which made people realize the Switch's potential. A massive and gorgeous open world packed to the brim with content. The one game which has you really fell that sense of adventure. So much so that I have clocked in over 220 hours and have not even finished finding all the shrines. 

    One of the best Zelda games, and an approach I will be happy for Nintendo to build upon in sequels.

    1. Super Mario Odyssey


    Never have I found a better game to have so much fun with. Throwing surprises at you all the time. The true 3D sandbox platformer which will be remembered as one of, if not the, best 3D games of all time. It builds upon everything from the original Mario 64, takes the fun bits from Mario Sunshine, Galaxy and 3D World to produce a massive game which literally defines the word 'fun'.

    This is not taking into account the gorgeous artstyle, visual effect and insanely catchy soundtrack. And the memorable characters.

    And goddamn 3D rolling physics, the approach Sonic of all games should be following... 

  4. Long story short: lazy writing.

    11 minutes ago, EdsonBubsy said:

    They retconned generations Sonic to be from another dimension as Tails clearly recognized him as well as that Sonic recognizing him back.

    I'd say they more thank likely retconned the time travel part of the story - not the interactions between Classic and Modern characters. 

    11 minutes ago, EdsonBubsy said:

    Where is the Sonic CD planet? Wouldn't we be able to see it in this map?

    This can be applied to any game bar Mania and Sonic 4. Also, remember the "events" regarding the moon after Sonic Adventure 2.

    11 minutes ago, EdsonBubsy said:

    Why would Eggman bring back the death egg in universe? I know the devs did it for nostalgia but it doesn't make sense in universe (let alone him building it in 6 months)

    This line doesn't make sense?

    11 minutes ago, EdsonBubsy said:

    The game implies the wisps, which I don't think we're explained why they were in lost world, have been turned into weapons, with even some wispons still having things like eyes on them. Where's that back story?

    Lost World did this before Forces. Bad back then, bad now.

  5. I’ll give it to this backstory. They managed to get other characters involved again - even if it wasn’t executed well.

    Infinite’s fragile ego over a minor comment makes this seem laughable for a new villain who was meant to be taken seriously. Think they were aiming for something here - but it was poorly done.

    Props to them for making Shadow more likeable again though - his character is the most tolerable I’ve seen since Sonic ‘06. 

  6. What did Sega expect this game to be with just one year of programming development? 

    This brings me back to that time when they announced Project Sonic 2017 was in development before the 25th anniversary event. Was hoping they meant it was currently a thing happening in Sega - not that they started the game development then lol.

    Sonic Mania took a year to make as well. Go figure.

  7. Sonic Team really don’t get good feedback then. 

    Making Sonic a true 3D experience has progressively gotten worse, what should’ve been simpler experiences to solve became more complicated over time. And less fun - leading to complete messes like Sonic ‘06.

    With the boost formula they used an approach which solved some of these problems - but made everything more linear and spectacle focused. And that still hasn’t changed.

    No wonder people are giving up with Sonic. Mania is the only form of a true, yet incredible Sonic game we’ve had in years.

    And this was made by a different team altogether, by fans

    Edit: Sonic Team consists of stubborn staff who have little of a desire to make these games. Compare this to the passion shown in Mario Odyssey/Sonic Mania - you can see how much fan they had making these games.

  8. 7 hours ago, Penny said:

    I think what he means by "stepping up their game to Mania's level of gameplay quality" is that he wants a 3D Sonic made with love, care, and effort by a developer who understands Sonic gameplay philosophy at more than just a basic level.


    Ideally, that's what I'd want as well. At the very least, a 3D Sonic that has good level design and gameplay that isn't automated to hell and back would be nice. Anything of Generations quality or higher please.

    I agree with most of this, however while I admire and accept Generations as a good game, I don't want this as the minimum standard. 

    Might be unrealistic to say this next part (however we did just get Mania when I didn't see it being possible to have a game as good as Sonic 3K ever again), but I'm not sure if I can ever settle with a 3D Sonic below any of 3D Mario's attempts.

    The hedgehog should have the same standards, just like during the SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis era. Most of what I've seen these days feels like an insult to him.

    Especially Forces. 

  9. Yeah Forces is not looking to be as badly portrayed as ‘06. Mainly because it sticks to a similar style to previously successful games like Colours and Generations, as well as the inclusion of Classic Sonic.

    To the casual gamers they will likely just see this as Generations 2.

  10. It’s not the fact it is glitchy. It’s more that it shows no love and care, by a team of people with no previous experience. On a formula which has had very little improved upon since its creation in Unleashed. Plus the over reliance on 2D too.

    The classic gameplay is a downgrade compared to Generations - which wasn’t a perfect emulation of the older formula, the game was also released shortly after a true sequel to the original trilogy made by a group of fans.

    The Avatar gameplay isn’t anything special either.


  11. It's a very dated formula which has shown no signs of improvement from 6 years ago, which in itself couldn't do much to improve on the Unleashed stages.

    The boost gameplay is starting to show its age more, but for some reason they've made Sonic control worse. And Sonic Team decided to use a team with no previous Sonic experience to create very bland and boring design. The style was fun in Generations, but it's quite literally forced out all over here.

    The graphics are the only thing this game has going for it. And that it started bringing back other playable characters again.

    Forces feels like nothing has been learnt since the Heroes - Sonic '06 era.

    Edit: Generations was a game with love and creativity put into it, and would happily place it above most, if not all, the 3D Sonic games. I have very little to no interest to play this.


  12. I really didn’t have a problem with simplistic stories found in Colours/Generations.

    They felt closer to a less complicated style found in the Classic trilogy/Mania; as well as a breath of fresh air from complex messes with plot holes like Sonic ‘06, Shadow the Hedgehog and even Adventure 2 (better than the other two mentioned though)

    The main problem with them was the poor/cringeworthy scripts they gave the voice actors. I don’t get who’s more at fault here.

    Forces had a more serious story, but it felt like a desperate attempt to please different fan bases, forgetting some of the progress or plot points of previous games. Tails “losing it” (why would you write this sort of shit in a Sonic game btw?) is a complete opposite effect of what he went through when he was trying to not depend on Sonic anymore. That was good, this just made it seem inconsistent with a lack of thought out into it.

    (Man I really hope the new team are given the proper time to shine and not be forced to create stuff like this again).

    The comics have been amazing, far better portrayal of showing a better story. Missed opportunity. Let’s see what the Shadow DLC brings.

  13. Looking more likely to be in the 60-70 range, just a prediction based on these newer reviews. 

    Most likely in the 60s purely on the very divided opinions. 

    I think Sega won’t make a game like this for a good while again. Hope they go back to the drawing board and follow Mabia’s success

  14. The review itself doesn’t feel finished, but agree with everything said. This is completely opposite of what happened with Unleashed’s IGN review.

    Surprised to see Classic Sonic’s gameplay wasn’t mentioned much at all in it. Was mainly focused on Modern Sonic/Avatar’s gameplay styles and the tone of story. 

    It isn’t harsh, all the positive and negative points are fair and very true based on everything shown.


  15. Four pages just about 1 review. From the same company who gave Mania a 7.

    Lol guys let’s wait a bit before jumping to conclusions just yet. 

    Neither review is indicative of how Forces will be perceived. But anyone would be foolish to expect it to score close to Mania at all.

    Edit: For the record - I want Sega to actually break down that wall of stubbornness with these games and follow the quality and fun found in a game made by fans...

  16. 3 minutes ago, hifihedgehog said:

    Classic Sonic is no longer Sonic from the past but instead he is Sonic from an alternate dimension

    Has this actually been confirmed? The game's story (as far as I know) didn't actually fully mention this.

    Personally a better fan of Classic Sonic being from a different dimension - even though Sega have now proven they can't do consistency for shit.

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