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  1. 5 years since Sonic was announced for Brawl? Damn, I feel old.

  2. Can't find SA2 on the PS Store. Can only find the DLC.

  3. Sonic CD Tails gameplay:

  4. OMG! My Xbox 360 dashboard has...

  5. European version of Mario 3D Land has reversible cover! http://gonintendo.co...story&id=167809

  6. Soo, Sugestions for 3DS/PS3 games for the holidays? I already have OoT3D,Starfox643D, and Generations 3DS down.

  7. Jak & Daxter HD Collection - Trailer

  8. Idea for a Sonic 4 mod: When someone does the 'standing on the wall glitch' this music needs to play

  9. http://gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=165543&sid=920139af60706d6e3c45c0b2351d0162 A ZELDA GAME GOT A PERFECT 10/10 ON GAME INFORMER!? THE APOCOLYPSE IS COMING!
  10. Okay, us guys in the UK just have to go 72 more hours without having Generations spoiled. D: D:

  11. Golden Joystick Awards Ultimate Game of the Year goes to...Portal 2! Hooray, well deserved!

  12. SEGA France is going to be showcasing a Sonic Generations stage not seen publicly before this Saturday at Paris Games Week http://www.the-blue-room.info/2011/10/17/paris-games-weekons/

  13. Man I love the Generations demo...

  14. YAY! I got the job at the Co-Op supermarket :D

  15. Sonic Generations will get a Metacritic score of...

  16. Why do you have to spoil everything for Sonic games, SEGA? :(

  17. How Sonic sees the world when boosting -

    - Invisible boost glitch
  18. What are you getting Sonic Generations for? I'm getting it for the PS3 and 3DS, and will illegally download the PC version.

  19. When was the last time a Sonic game had decent spindash and rolling? Advance 3?

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