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    Mark1 reacted to Your Vest Friend in What game are you currently playing?   
    I have no idea where to put this stuff, so I'll just say it's a product of what I've currently been playing...which is even more LittleBigPlanet 2.

    I finally, finally got those Chaotix costumes done. BAH. Have some photos.

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    Mark1 reacted to Detective Shadzter in Nintendo 3DS   
    Mario Kart 7 artwork and logo revealed

    New 3D Classics game confirmed

    Mario Kart 7 logo looks as simple as expected and the new artwork looks cool. Never played TwinBee before, but it doesn't look very exciting.
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    Mark1 reacted to King Frosty in The Introduction Topic   
    Welcome to the Forum Mark. Hope you enjoy it here.
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