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  1. Happy Birthday death metal dude. Hope to see you back in the future. 

  2. Really miss you around here, amigo! Happy Birthday!

  3. I love you. Wow, can't believe this happened.

  4. COME BACK ALREADY!!! Oh and birfday whatevers.

  5. Happy Birthady Bro

  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday. dude!

  8. Happy birthday, Mick!

  9. Happy Birthday Mick!

  10. Hey everybody! I'm totally excellent & gnarly! I might make a comeback later this year. I hope you all are doing excellent & gnarly like me. Ciao!

    1. Shrek


      So gnarly, dude!

    2. Jix Hedgehog
    3. Frogging101
    4. Bird


      and we never saw him again

    5. smogfog


      His birthday.

  11. Bad news, y'all. Lies, negativity, pessimism, hate, irrationality, immaturity, irresponsibility, ignorance, insolence, intolerance, bad & ugly stuff was said to me over on AIM. I vow to fix this mess. I intend on living a happy, loving and liberating life. I love this place a lot and I'll be back, but I need some time away from here and most places over the Internet. It has become unsafe for me due to some things I have said and my band's lyrics... watch out world, I am go...

    1. Solly


      yup okay

    2. Winston


      Bye dude, you were the first person to greet me on SSMB. Enjoy yourself, man.

    3. Kiah


      Take care of yourself

    4. Jeffhog


      I was wondering where ya were. D:

    5. goku262002


      Hes not gonna be back...

    6. Wordy


      Don't go dude!

    7. Ferno


      I'll wait.

      Forever if need be. *sits stubbornly*

      Don't go. ;n;

    8. goku262002


      >Status was posted on the 12th of June.

      Why soo late Inferno?

    9. Ferno


      I dunno, I was gonna post on here way back then but sorta forgot until now when I revisited his profile.

  12. Happy birthday Mick!

    1. Diz


      Happy birthdahy!

  13. Happeh Birthday Mick! :D

  14. Happy Birthday!