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    My major interest is in gaming. I simply love gaming. I don't care if the rest of the world doesn't think a certain game is any good, if it makes me have fun, then I like it. I also like to draw too. While not as talented as some of the other folks here, I do like to draw when an idea comes into my head. And one more thing I like to do is read. Yeah, call me old fashioned, but I like taking a book and just painting a canvas in my mind, instead of just reading words like others do.
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  1. Hi Pelly! Figured I'd drop in and say hi. I hope everything has been going well since we last talked. Anyways, we need to chat again real soon. Five minutes of trying to catch up after a month of no you is not enough time. :)

  2. Hey Pelly, don't hear or see much of you anymore. Granted, you told me to call you sometime, but I've been feeling like one of those super macho men dudes, just waiting for the other to break down and call, but then I realized I'm not that super, or macho. Plus, calling you while your busy doing something would completely unnerve me, true story.

  3. Psst, hi.

    I dunno if you know it or not, but that was me trying to call you last night. Kinda worked too, until I realized my reception was kinda bad.

  4. Aregulardude

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Discussion

    To be honest, I knew about the leak for some time. Maybe about a few hours. It's something I can live without, though. The actual game is coming out in what, two days for US? I can pull it off. I was also going to add the whole, 'You are a Pirate!' thing, but someone beat me to it (of course). No better starter than a Cyndaquil, imo. I would go with another starter, but they don't appeal to me the same way this little guy does.
  5. Aside from the fact that we're of opposite genders, yeah, I guess we could.

    We're going to need paper, crayons, a pickled cucumber, and a whole lot of duct tape, though.

  6. I'm sure you could pull me off. I mean we're practically twins !!

  7. Erm, I'd have to grow my hair out in an amazing short amount of time, and I'd have to shave in a few places. But I think I could pull it off.

  8. Ha ya it's lucky I can fall back on my proficiency in................uhhhhhhhhh

    ....you wouldn't mind showing up for my test and pretending to be me would you ??!?!

  9. Yeah, I hear you on that. Those silly curves.

    Enormous tests that literally determines the fate of your life. I can do without this. I'm just glad I'm more proficient in other things, like English and science, to a degree.

  10. Mine either D:

    I've been studying math, but I'm still pretty sure I'm going to do bleh. Thank god the ACT grades on a curve and everyone else's math appears to be sucky like mine XD

  11. Aregulardude

    The Pokémanz Thread

    From what I remember, they used to show the movies in theaters here (I went to a few of them myself). I remember mainly because of the Mew Promo card that came with seeing Pokémon the Movie: 2000. But I agree with you, they should return the movies to the big screen here. Might be beneficial for everyone if they did.
  12. Ooh yeah, ACT, thanks for reminding me. I need to ask my guidance councilor about ACT sign-ups and test dates. I probably wouldn't need the ACT, but I know I'm not going to do too hot on the SAT. Math is not my forte, I'll have you know.

  13. My friend actually gave me her tarantula because she couldn't keep it. They're pretty cute

    I accept your challenge, Friday it is on !!

  14. I actually haven't met a person where I'm from who has a tarantula. If I could, I would so ride on the backs of one of those giant sea turtles. Now that would be awesome.

    Also I've decided. You. Me. Sometime Friday. We're using MSN. It's gotta be Friday too, because then Saturday is my SAT class and then you will never hear from me again on Sunday~ (HG/SS and all ...

  15. It's ok, I'm sure they'd leave your arms alone and just go for something like your neck ^_______^

    I also used to have a tarantula, and some turtles..........turtles are really cute


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