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  1. Just popping in from the Sega Forums just to say that I too would like to see those scans, if you please. They aren't allowed at the other forums so...yeah. Once I see them, I'll be gone again.
  2. I gave up long ago and just call him a hedgehog.
  3. *looks at thread* This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
  4. It's my birthday! All three of us!

  5. While drinking an adult beverage in a kid's comic. Yep. Archie Eggman's got a ways to fall before he loses it.
  6. I think that Metal should be the true, purely evil Sonic. Everything is set up to go that route: he works for Eggman, is a robot, so having any emotion would be difficult if nigh impossible, and wants to be rid of Sonic, seeing him as fake. If there is one emotion I would want him to feel, it would be hate toward Sonic. After all, if Metal is supposedly superior, how is he beaten so much?
  7. I say why not. As long as there is enough new material to balence it out.
  8. I'm a bit peeved, unless Sonic Team can manage to make it original enough. Still, it really seems uncreative of them.
  9. Hey there everyone? Are you bummed out by the levels revealed in the hack? Wish that there was a little more variety? Well, put on your tin foil hats, because it's time for a conspiracy! Okay, so, if you haven't noticed, Chemical Plant Zone has Metal Sonic as a boss in Stardust Speedway: Sonic must race the murderous dopelganger to some undisclosed point. Anyway, the point is that Metal Sonic was NEVER IN Sonic 2. This brings me to my theory: that the Time Eater's influence might just be mutilating the time stream to the point that certain zones, even ones from other games, are mixing with the official ones. If this is true, then the zone selection doesn't look so bad. Imagine that you're speeding through Crysis City, when all of a sudden, it begins to snow. You suddenly find yourself in the Ice Cap Zone, only with a few sky scrapers and cars. Then, as fire mixes with ice, the ice melts, and the place in flooded. As you sink into the depths, you notice that the place has fused with Hydrocity Zone! Now, I am in no way stating this theory as absolute fact. However, I like to think of it as as somewhat possible. So, in this topic, state which zones, one offical and others not specified, you would like to see put together. EDIT: Sorry for the misinformation. However, even with the corrections, the boss battle's presense still hasn't been explained.
  10. Eggman Nega: Problem: Little, other than him often being mistaken for a recolor (with few personality changes to deny it). Solution: Nega should maintain many of the traits of Eggman himself. However, where the original draws lines, Nega crosses them. Doctor Eggman would draw the line at murder, for the most part, preferring to bask in the satisfaction of turning humanity into slave labor. However, Nega would just want the world to burn. He would be mad, taking intense pleasure in his antics. He would be little more than annoyed at Blaze's efforts to stop him. Will he win? Will he lose? He doesn't care. He only craves destruction, even if it means his own. However, if he dares to try to defeat Sonic, then he will fall under the power of the true Eggman. His past would be a mystery. Is he from Silver's future, Blaze's dimension, or something....simpler?
  11. No, it would defeat Metal's purpose. He thinks that he is Sonic, and will crush the "fake" Sonic in order to "prove" that.
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