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  1. Happy birthday, boss!

  2. New gameplay trailer: I gotta say, the game looks really good.
  3. I was gonna say that they still do a good job with some titles like the latest Bravely Default but then I remembered that BD is a Square Enix thing. Now I don't know what to say, man. They have Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter, I guess. They'll probably be bought by some random obscure japanese company anyway.
  4. Obviously. Also Nintendo removed the original picture (that one) from the site and replaced it with a photoshopped one without the hole. Scratch that, now they replaced it with a new picture from a different angle.
  5. I like the new lass design. The new Rustboro Gym now looks a bit like a museum and what's up with Dragonite bones? GF has a hard on for those things since BW. Also, the Poochyena fighting don't look like giant black crabs anymore obviously.
  6. I like the christmas lights and spikes of doom when it comes to Megas, but whatever. I don't like Mega Kangaskhan's design and that's pretty much it. Why's that? They aren't related, never where and never will be. If Luvdisc can get a bit better I don't see a problem with it getting a Mega.
  7. Technically the baby is a separated Kangaskhan but him looking a bit more like the real deal still barely changes the design of the "whole" Pokemon.
  8. But it doesn't. When it comes to stats I don't know and don't care, but in terms of design? The baby looks more like an actual Kangaskhan and that's it. The actual Pokemon stays the same.
  9. Here's our new Mega Kangaskhan. Seriously, why even bother? It's even worse when you realise that now there won't be an actually decent Sableye evolution.
  10. But that thing is underground. I'd say that it is the electric gym redesigned. Scratch that. If you look at the map, the building IS Mauville City.
  11. Well, it's not like they have a choice, do they? The remote play feature doesn't mean anything unless you actually own a PS4 too. I had little to no interest in the game, but I do know and see many people that are really mad about all this typo business and I can see why.
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