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  1. Die-Hard

    Participated 20-29 days in the 30 Days of Video Games for 2014

    • Awarded
  2. Simply Classic

    Participated 20-29 days in the 30 Days of Sonic

    • Awarded
  3. 3D Blastin' 2013

    Congratulations, you overcame the third dimension during the Holiday 2013 event!

    • Awarded
  4. New Year 2013

    A special thank you award for participation on the forums during or prior to the year 2014. Here's to many more!

    • Awarded
  5. Cowabunga! 2013

    Defeated Shredder and saved Splinter during the Holiday 2013 event as a group of teenage mutant turtles trained in martial arts.

    • Awarded
  6. Monkeys Aren't Donkeys 2013

    Put a stop to K.Rool's plot at least once during the Holiday 2013 event.

    • Awarded
  7. Monkeying Around Gold 2013

    When the Kremlings came out in full force, it was up to you to push them back! Given out during the Holiday 2013 event for feats of epic heroism and determination.

    • Awarded
  8. The Good Ol' Days 2013

    Eggman was out to cause chaos during the Holiday 2013 event, but you stopped him!

    • Awarded
  9. Grr!

    First time participant of the Werehog contest

    • Awarded
  10. Guru

    Participated all days in 30 Days of Video Games

    • Awarded
  11. New Groove

    Dressed up Sonic.

    • Awarded
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