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  1. I would rather they just keep that engine. I wasn't a big fan of the engine from Sonic Lost World, and look how Sonic Boom turned out. Really, if it's not broke, don't fix it.
  2. This is what Sonic 4 (as much as I liked that game) should have been. This will be a day one buy for me. I'm hoping one of the remixed levels will be Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3.
  3. I'm probably in the minority that I don't mind the Batmobile in this game. It's very useful for navigation. However, in the missions, it may be a little overused, but I can't get past that.
  4. I liked most of the levels. The game does have it's flaws, but it's not a bad game. I do admit though, there were a few parts that I had to look up a walkthrough for to get through. It's not as good as Mega Man, but I agree with the saying "it's better than nothing".
  5. Sonic Adventure 2. It's often considered one of the best 3D Sonic games, but I prefer a number of other 3D Sonic games. The Sonic and Shadows are fun enough, but the rest, not so much.
  6. As I've said elsewhere, this game is not as bad as people say. Sure, it's no Mega Man, but it's still a fun platformer. I think that if not for all the controversy surrounding the game, people would give it more of a fair chance.
  7. Unpopular opinion: Shadow the Hedgehog is a pretty decent game. It's not as bad as people say.
  8. Sonic Generations is one of my favorite Sonic games ever made, but I can't stand the final boss (Time Eater). It took me so long to beat him the first time.
  9. Yeah, I understand that creating level mods take a lot of time. I'm just throwing some suggestions out there. Also, I have heard that someone was working on a mod for some Sonic 3 & Knuckles levels already, but it's been a long time since the last update.
  10. Does anyone around here mod the game Sonic Generations? There's some new level remakes I would love to see through mods, such as Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and more levels from that game in general.
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