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  1. Happy Birthday! c:

  2. needlemouse-4-ever

    manga that should of been made into anime

    Dengeki daisy is something I started to read recently, and I found out that there wasnt an anime. I wasnt happy about it but thats just how it goes. So any others manga that should be mentioned?
  3. needlemouse-4-ever

    Sonic Unleashed

    the bosses were fun in the 360 but i would like to try it out on the wii though
  4. needlemouse-4-ever

    Voice Actors you wouldn't expect to voice a certain character. PART 2!

    Megan Hollingshead Scarlet Garcia - sonic x Shizune- Naruto Mai Valentine-Yu-Gi-Oh
  5. needlemouse-4-ever

    Dexter's Laboratory

    It was this and the power puff girls i remember watching
  6. needlemouse-4-ever

    Euphoric experiences in Sonic?

    when i was on the 7th special board on sonic the hedgehog 3 I thought I might suffer from a heart attack and also facing dark gaia on the xbox 360
  7. The hardest mission for me would have to be Knuckles death chamber 3rd mission "rescue the lost chao" I had the hardest time flipping the hour glass and trying to get through the first door.
  8. needlemouse-4-ever

    Which Sonic games made you rage?

    pretty much the whole game of 06: crisis city S rank (normal and hard) the black knight: with the 5 stars I only have 2 missions left and I am not going to finish them sonic adventure: playing as big
  9. needlemouse-4-ever

    Should Tomy lose their sonic license?

    I have heard about this but wasnt sure if it was true or not but if it is it will be sad not only for toysrus who is well known for carrying sonic stuff but for fans as well
  10. needlemouse-4-ever

    Sally Acorn a official Sega character?

    sadly I dont think so, but i would of liked to see her in some games because I think she makes a great addition to the sonic universe
  11. needlemouse-4-ever

    Possiblity of HD Remakes of Classic Sonic Games

    How about tails adventures, I would like to see it be improved: -maybe if more characters were added like classic amy to help him -more levels -have sonic maybe follow tails around - more power ups
  12. needlemouse-4-ever

    Character costume redesigns

    I think the characters are okay the way they are although it would be nice if they brought back some costumes like in the two player mode of SA2, where you have the option of switching on and off.

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