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  1. I lurked here around the time Generations came out and I love that your username is more relevant than ever.

  2. I activated my account from the Generations/Transformed/Episode 2 era just to say that Studiopolis Act 2 is one of the best Sonic tunes ever made. From the 90's news station intro down to the funky remix of Act 1, it's seriously perfect.
  3. happy birthday :)

  4. Has anyone managed to get "Ring Collector" in single player?That part where there's a line of three rings on the right and a line of three "10 ring" bundles on the left is driving me crazy. I just can't seem to get Sonic over to left side in time to snag all the rings, so I was thinking you might need someone to be Tails for that part. Anyone else run into this problem or do I just suck?

    1. DaBatGuy


      I'm in the same boat. Stupid video games forcing me into social interaction.

  5. Yeah, I would definitely say so. Most early Acts on ShadowofRuki's channel 3-4 minutes each, while it takes about 4-5 and a half minutes during the later ones. The first playthrough, not even counting special stages or Episode Metal, should take an hour at least. You've also got the Red Rings to go back and get if you're into the collecting aspect of the modern games. I absolutely love that the special stages seem so challenging as well. I miss the days where getting Super Sonic was a satisfying reward for your hard work on the special stages. You've also got Episode Metal to go through, which I'm really looking forward to beating first. Oh and don't forget about Co-op! I'm really excited to play through with some of my buddies. This game definitely has more bang for your buck.
  6. Wow, I only need two more achievements and I've completed 100% of the game. I need a new hobby.

    1. Cola


      first generations

      next the world

    2. Ivo the Egghog

      Ivo the Egghog

      I like your style.

  7. Time to enter my childhood.

  8. it seems like an eternity since I saw the teaser trailer pop on on Facebook... Can't believe it's only 3 and a half hours away! Thanks for making the road to Generations so awesome, SSMB. I love you guys.

    1. BlazingTales


      Thanks for being there with us!

  9. Modern Sky Sanctuary theme makes me so nostalgic...

  10. So in order to get ready for Generations, I decided to finally go pick up Unleashed HD and beat it for the first time. After leveling up the Werehog it's not even that bad at all! I'm loving getting to find the quickest routes in the daytime stages the most. Only downside is that I keep wanting to press "X" for the homing attack now instead of "A".

    1. Ivo the Egghog

      Ivo the Egghog

      in the generations demo

    2. Alexander


      Yeah, the homing attack issue is gonna take a lot of getting used to. I mean, I prefer it being the same button, it's just I've been used to the Unleashed control-scheme for 3 years now.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I played a bit of Unleashed today. I came to the conclusion that even though GHZ has a couple of split paths, WI is much more fun.

    4. Ivo the Egghog

      Ivo the Egghog

      Rooftree: Yeah, I was happy that I never got used to it. Go figure, it's about a week til release and now "X" feels better. I'll get used to the new one though because it really does make more sense.

      Blue: I would agree. After playing Unleashed's daytime stages I can't believe that people actually don't like them.

    5. Alexander


      Yeah, it really does work better. Especially when you get the Air Boost in Unleashed. >_< Because it's the same button as HA, you have to be very careful.

  11. Man, this is the first time I've ever followed a game from announcement to release so in-depth. The day is almost here... But as for the reviews, solid start no doubt about it. I've been expecting 8-9's, so two 8.5's right off the bat is pretty cool. Now, to many of us this will be our game of the year because we're Sonic fans. Don't be surprised to see some negative reviews. Different strokes for different folks. Pretty sure they mean 13 unlockable videos that aren't cutscene related. If I remember correctly, the amount of cutscenes was exposed in the first demo leak, and that number was much higher
  12. Damn guys, way to get the demo thread locked before I could hare my thoughts on the demo!

    1. Ivo the Egghog

      Ivo the Egghog

      of course by hare i mean share

    2. Octarine


      I haven't even played the thing yet~

    3. Ivo the Egghog

      Ivo the Egghog

      All i was gonna say was that it was pretty cool for something I've seen on YouTube for almost every day since April. It controls far better than Unleashed and is a true Hybrid of Unleashed x Colors. Can't wait to play the whole game!

  13. Anyone here know when HellfireComms is doing the Sonic marathon. My 2 minute Google search ended in failure.

    1. Sion-Ta


      Sometime in November I believe.

    2. Ivo the Egghog

      Ivo the Egghog

      Awesome, thanks. I love NTom and FTA's banter.

    3. Sion-Ta


      Same. Big fan of the group. X3

  14. Alright, I gotcha now. I totally wasn't on the same page. I can see why some of my earlier comments may have been frustrating.
  15. Hahaha I loved how it had the SA2 intro, "Somewhere. Sometime." lolz
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