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  1. Remember Arnold... Always wash your berries before you eat them. And fly towards the sun.

    1. Ferno


      i didn't ask for tears in my McWednesday night sandwich

  2. does the ps1 classic have ape escape

    my ps3 is murdered and i can never play ape escape again, if the ps1 classic has ape escape i am there

    1. Marcello


      It doesn't have DualShock controllers, so it can't have Ape Escape.

    2. Singapore Sling

      Singapore Sling

      Ape Escape fucking rules.

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      then there is no point and i've no reason to live except for all the things that were keeping me going up to this moment, whatever those were

  3. Nintendo game tariffs incoming

    1. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Seriously tho... real talk, that would be good for their bottom line on software.

      It would force people to buy digital copies of games (higher profit margin) and would likely be the nail in the coffin of physical releases. Something thats long overdue, but jerks like me will never let die.


      wonder if that would be enough to balance out the dip in sales due to a jack in the prices of consoles if such a thing were to pass... hmmmm

  4. Toad doesnot deserve what he is currently going through

    1. SupahBerry
    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I toadally am

    3. Ivo the Coldsteel

      Ivo the Coldsteel

      what if this was a really weird way to promote the switch online thing

    4. Polkadi~♪


      Captain Toad can find all kinds of treasure!

      this is not treasure

  5. Chili Dawg

    New Super Mario Bros U - Deluxe - Switch - January 11th 2019

    I think that's really the biggest problem with this move. By throwing both characters a small bone, it inherently also kinda screws them both over.
  6. Chili Dawg

    New Super Mario Bros U - Deluxe - Switch - January 11th 2019

    They could have avoided all of this by just giving us four multicolored Marios. Fucking hacks.
  7. Finally a movie to give some Super Mario Bros some well needed competition.

    1. SupahBerry


      Not as long as the new Mario movie is being made. You know? The one that's actually animated???



      It can have as much potty and Minions humor as mentally possible, and will still most like kick the Sonic movie's ass.

  8. Chili Dawg

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    The mystery Square-Enix character is no mystery. It's Geno.
  9. Holographic meatloaf cannot sustain an organism. Plankton should be dead... Unless he too has been a hologram this whole time.

    1. Ferno


      i think planktons (plankti? planktonseses? hmmm) get their energy from light, similar to plants, so the joke is layered af

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      holy shit if that is correct i can't even holy shit chip i you were wow

    3. Polkadi~♪


      the best jokes are the ones with scientific validity

  10. Chili Dawg

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I mean making assumptions based on Sakurai is a fools errand so who knows, but he took the time to say there are 100 stages in this game and including the battlefields plus Final Destination there are 103, rather than just give us a vague "this game features over 100 stages!" or something that leaves the door a little more open. To me that came off as him telling us in no uncertain terms that there are in fact 103 stages, no more no less. I mean there very well could be more. As Eggman will tell us, the more the merrier, so cool if so. But I'm not yet ready to take this one magazine's word on the subject as correct when it contradicts something that I think was spelled out pretty clearly by the director.
  11. Chili Dawg

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Also I hate to be a turd in the punch bowl but it's also possible Corocoro is just wrong. It isn't that hard to just type the wrong number and let it just slide through. I want to believe but Sakurai seemed very definitive about 103 stages.
  12. Chili Dawg

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Are you all ready for the tour of Spiral Mountain that goes up to the top of Grunty's Lair where Grunty is a stage hazard and serves as the new Snake codecs by rhyming about every character?
  13. The Luigi's Mansion 2 is bad brigade seems to have crawled out of the woodwork over the last few days and that is making me sad

    1. Wraith


      I'd be lying if I said I wasn't missing the vibes from the original but it's a nice game in it's own way.

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I agree completely. The original had a particular charm and atmosphere that 2 didn't quite recapture. But 2 is a great game with charm of its own, and I keep seeing these "looks more like Dark Moon than the first UGH no sale" posts around some other places and it's just weird to me since up until now I recalled both games being very well regarded

      i mean opinions and all and I really shouldn't care but as a dark moon lover it makes me sad there seems to be so little appreciation for all that it offered

    3. SupahBerry


      Heaven help us all if LM3 gets to the level of "Color Splash is Sticker Star HD." 


      I'll admit that with better graphics, I wasn't impress on how some footage had shown ghosts roaming in fairly lit rooms, and how said ghosts looked the same as in Dark Moon. But I still consider these minor nitpicks that could be easily resolved once we see more off the game.

    4. Wraith


      I mean it's a given it's going to be more like 2 than 1 since this is Next Level Games's gig now.

      I can already see from the trailer they're doing more interesting things with the setup though so I'm not worried about it.

    5. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      @SupahBerry the graphics for this game are in a weird place for me as I thought some parts of that trailer looked really good while other parts were kinda underwhelming. It's a very clean style that moves very nicely which is nice, but I also see some bits that look a bit lacking in "seasoning" so to speak. I figure we have the better part of a year  (maybe more) before the game's out, so I think things'll improve by then. Nintendo games often improve a fair bit from reveal to release.

    6. DanJ86


      I did like how in the original, every step Luigi took would develop a cloud of dust or how he'd hum the theme song but display more fear in his voice, depending on how much health you have.

      The second lacked that same charm but was still fun and had it's own set of charm. King Boo looked awesomely menacing too.


      Looking at the art of the original, it does appear he had the same look back then. It was just harder to see with the Boo's also being transparent.


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