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  1. How much can they realistically change at this point? Props for listening, and I hate being mean as he seems like a good guy, but like... I don't see them making this movie into something we all like without going full Metroid Prime 4 on this shit.
  2. hey wait

    sonic and pikachu movies in one year

    are we building up to the chris chan cinematic universe

    1. Ruomarta


      The only thing is that Detective Pikachu doesn't have an almost universally panned trailer and severe backlash.

  3. sonic can't even compete with mario in live action movies

  4. The trailer confirmed my worst fear, which is that the movie wouldn't be a spectacularly ridiculous Earth shattering catastrophe of a failure of a movie. I had given up of course that the movie would be genuinely good on any level since they announced it was live action, but you know I still kinda held on to that internet hipster bullshit hope that it would be a train wreck that was hilarious ironically. It doesn't look like it's enjoyable from any perspective really. It looks like an action movie that happens to have the Sonic license with the filmmakers, clearly people who with little to no investment in Sonic, shooting for okay and falling just short of the mark. It's not really worth any ridiculous reactions or over the top rage or anything, and honestly the fact that it leaves me so empty of anything just kinda makes it sadder.
  5. It's my worst fear realized... The film is not a  catastrophic trainwreck but so astoundingly not good that it will yield no emotional response. An F- can be funny but this just looks like an F

  6. I think this movie is gonna surprise some folk

    1. Operationgamer17


      What makes you say that?

    2. Ferno


      "Im surprised that the film was a -2 out of 10 instead of a 0, but they removed the bottom of the barrel and started clawing at the ground beneath"

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      tbh i think i'm just imagining a scenario for no reason at all

  7. guys i love endgame so much

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor


      Like, 3000?


    2. TheOcelot



      Once upon a time, the end



    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Have you ever considered opening a Sushi Restaurant? 

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I already got one, what, ya think I cook my chum?

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      True, perhaps I had a lapse of judgement in believing you had food standards.

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Well, if ya don't like my food you can join me in stealing THE KRABBY PATTY SECRET FORMULA!

    5. Ryannumber1gamer


      Does this Krabs fellow have a weakness to spikes, per chance?

    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Worth a shot, I've already exhausted every lettered plan in the alphabet

    7. Ryannumber1gamer
    8. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Especially Z

    9. Ryannumber1gamer


      This is dire...

    10. Forte-Metallix


      Hey, didn't I see you in that one Hunger Games round?


    11. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      don't you have some gordos to be spamming right about now

  9. where is my apricot juice

  10. so what's goin' on tonight

    1. Ferno


      the dreamcast 2 apparently

      like just abundant sega stuff out of nowhere it might as well be a dreamcast 2 announcement

  11. So how is we all doin' tonite?

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I don't know who We All is. 

    2. E-van


      I is gud

  12. sonic with chaos emeralds vs thanos with infinity stones

    1. Ferno


      if it were Sonic X sonic then even Ultra Instinct Goku would be beat

      Sonic X Super Sonic was over powered af

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Both sound pathetically weak.

    3. Forte-Metallix


      Pre-SGW Archie Super Sonic can alter reality with Chaos Control, so there's that.

    4. mayday2592


      Thanos can alter reality, space time, power, soul and the mind with minimal effort so it wouldn't be too much of a contest.

    5. Tarnish


      Better throw in every magical doohickey from the franchise(Super Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, Chaos Rings, Caliburn, Wisps etc.) so Sonic lasts more than a second.

    6. Ferno


      you forgot the super power of teamwork how dare you

    7. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      okay but like can thanos go fast

    8. Tarnish


      What about: Thanos vs Erazor Djinn

    9. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I must cut the amount of handkerchiefs in half to save the trees

  13. I want mega collection and taxman cd on switch plz And both Adventures.
  14. before i say goodbye to yooouuu

    one more

    fore est


    1. Ferno


      badbye get out of my house

    2. Polkadi~♪


      you are not welcome in these lands

    3. Ellipsis-Ultima


      You come inTO MY HOUSE-

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