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  1. why do i lurk resetera when i’m bored

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Because you want to punish yourself.

    2. Balding Spider
    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      currently they are basically having console wars over which billion dollar company put out the best twitter statement

    4. Bobnik


      It's an ok-ish website for gaming news and literally nothing else. You see the news, you look it up either on twitter or look at the first post for the source and you get the hell out of there.

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Everyone says it's such a terrible place to (kinda like how people talk/have talked about here ironically) be but I have yet to find a forum that is just as easy to find active and diverse discussion on tbh. Neogaf went down the drain big time in terms of intelligible discourse after Resetera became a thing, twitter focuses on what's trending or people you follow so it's limited to whoever you follow, youtube wastes your time and doesn't have any back and forth...

      Where exactly are all the bastions of top-tier internet discussion to be found, exactly, if Resetera doesn't cut it?

      Edit: if this sounds standoffish I don't mean it to be, I legit want to know if there's anywhere better

    6. Bobnik


      Unfortunately all of the discussion forums are some kind of echo chamber, be it political, social, gaming, what have you. You just gotta weed out echo chambers that are sane enough to involve yourself in.

      I don't like Era because a lot of the times the discussions and people there are not sane (one of the more recent controversies was about one guy, who was a pretty active ResetEra user, review-bombing Ai the Somnium Files for what is essentially having a crush on a character that (in their opinion) was poorly realized). Oh, also mods of the forum covering for, let's just say, problematic people, doesn't help at all. As well as sometimes policing what people are allowed to say and whatnot.

    7. Sean


      I don't have an account at Era but its gaming forum (I try to stay away from Etcetera) is the most efficient means for me to learn about general gaming news from all corners without having to check dedicated websites for PC/Nintendo/Sony/etc. It's also a good way for me to discover games, usually indie or retro ones, that people signal boost that I otherwise wouldn't have heard of. Just don't get so invested in what you read in certain threads that it upsets you so much and eats at you. Speaking from experience.

    8. Tornado


      I can't believe The Completionist is even more cancelled than he was yesterday, because Era spent three days actively trying to find something to hate him over while Jirard was publicly talking about how much he supported the BLM protests and giving places that he had donated to for his followers to also do so; and someone produced a photo of him at a wedding of someone Era doesn't like.



      Where exactly are all the bastions of top-tier internet discussion to be found, exactly, if Resetera doesn't cut it?

      Since very little "diverse discussion" actually happens on Era, you could try literally anywhere else that has a dedicated userbase.


    9. Milo


      @The Deleter I dunno if it's a "bastion of diverse discussion" but there's SL&ENT (Sports, Life, & Entertainment) if you're curious. Site set up by a small community of people who discussed sports on GAF before being expelled en masse. I was there for a bit after the GAF exodus / before ERA's establishment and they seemed pretty chill. IDK.

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