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  1. Maria... This is what you wanted right? This turkey and cheddar on a toasted poppy seed bagel with wild cherry pepsi

  2. tumblr_os8jkxRw6P1tq6t0ho1_500.gif

    1. Tatters


      Donald's expression when you ask to heal you.

  3. PAC MAN WORLD 4 WHEN just make it like 2 and not like 1 or 3 cause 2 is really the only one that's good of the bunch so in retrospect I'm unsure why I want a continuation of a subseries that is 1/3 good BUT MAN OH MAN COULD I GO FOR ANOTHER GAME LIKE PAC MAN WORLD 2
  4. Shame it's missing the two-thirds of the DK Country trilogy, particularly the best third, but overall a super solid package. I look forward to not being able to get one.
  5. star fox 2 thoooo

    1. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello

      I swear if Miyamoto removes Miyu and Fay from this version just cuz continuity I'LL RIP HIS FACE OFf

    2. Marcello


      Yeah, it's crazy to me that Star Fox 2 is getting an official release so many years later.

  6. RIP in peace Chili Dawg's pstriple

  7. I'd rather Sonic go out and play with his friends instead of himself.
  8. tumblr_os10qpiXkn1tq6t0ho1_1280.jpg

    I'm late but I did something for Sonic day!

    Here's to 26 more years of going fast and us schmuckos bitchin' every step of the way! 

  9. tumblr_os0czvEiGh1tq6t0ho1_1280.jpg

    has anyone seen my inhaler

  10. Just got me some BK Onion Rings to celebrate National Onion Ring day. Mmmm mmmm

  11. and now there's a goddamn tick who spreads meat allergies

    who wrote this fucking timeline we're in, they musta been drunk