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  1. The problems is when Sega wants to try new ideas, they go for unusual methods, like adding sword, guns and werehogs, which don't fit at all in a Sonic Universe, hence failing miserably. So what they do is resort to nostalgia elements, it's a cheap way of bringing older fans and gimmicks, however they often work. Just look at Generations and Mania.
  2. My avatar is Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza Series, one of my favorites of all time. The games are amazing and very addictive.
  3. Since with each released port, Sonic Adventure is looking worst and less fun, I definitely wouldn't trust Sega on a remaster. Instead hand it over to Bluepoint, those guys are amazing when it comes to remasters.
  4. As long Sega keeps releasing Sonic games, Sonic will always sells, it also helps that the tv Sonic Boom show is doing remarkably well and that the Media around it (Twitter, Youtube) are also very good at engaging the Sonic Community.
  5. I honestly wouldn't mind another attempt at a similar formula to Sonic Lost worlds, just make the parking a bit more functional, and maybe bigger levels.
  6. I personally find Eggman easier to day and more fun, and it really suits him, just look at his shape, but like many others, this was the name I grew up while playing the games.
  7. I'm not exactly a new member, but it has been so long since I've been here. I created this account around the time Sonic Generations was close to be released, stayed for few days and then vanished. I recently remembered about this place and somehow I still knew my password, so decided to enter here. I'm Ninjice, my first sonic game was Sonic Adventure and ever since then I've been a hug fan, english is not my native language, so I apologize any mistakes beforehand. I'm a college student and also a big anime fan. When I have spare time, sometimes I sub videos and stuff. And that's it, hopefully my stay here this time will be longer!
  8. AC: Black Flag, such an awesome game, I can't believe it took me this long to finally play it. Also playing Grim Fadango, this is one tricky game, been years since I played such type of game, I don't like to admit, but I had to use walkthoughts to be able to solve some puzzles..
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. I'ts look weirds at the first time seeing the Sly's Design, but is not that bad, in fact I like it, as well the environment, it's really beatiful.
  11. I like the level desings and the the soundtrack, they never let me down, except in Sonic 4 which soundtrack was average. I don't have many things that I dislike In the Sonic Franchise, maybe the fact that there's too much characters In franchise, Cream The Rabbit and the Big The Cat for example, they are disposable in my opinion.
  12. Nothing impresive at the new trailer, I'm more excited for news about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3
  13. I would like too see at least Tails as playable character, even if it's only in Multiplayer.
  14. Vita is going to be released only in 2012 In Europe/America, so untill them, it's saving for the PS3/Xbox 360 Version, and when the times comes, we'll see what happens.
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