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  1. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  2. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  3. Not too big on conspiracy theories myself, normally for their illegitimacy, Though if I do ever pick up sound validity in one I will study it pretty thoroughly before I reach a conclusion, as I believe we all do. My biggest, being that Shakespeare had nothing to do w/ the many works we celebrate him for today. The film "Anonymous" chose an alternate theory, explaining that the Earl of Oxford wrote the plays and gave them to Shakespeare as it was improper for a nobleman to write plays. Good theory, plausible but I believe differently. Why? Too many things to list. ZERO original manuscripts, he had no education, thus, couldn't know or understand his writings' grasp on history, religion, science, etc., he couldn't even spell his name. "Shakespeare" could have been a pseudonym for all anonymous writers of the time. Never mentions his hometown in his plays but mentions his rival playwright Christopher Marlowe's 76 times. His final will was drivel and not poetic or learned like his plays. No burial service while other celebrated writers of the time received day-long parades. I've come to my own conclusion that it was Marlowe who wrote these works. He "died" in a mysterious bar fight days before being sent to jail/ execution for speaking out against the crown, and his body was never found. I believe he staged it and wrote as Shakespeare from then out. Shakespeare's first work would come out two weeks after Marlowe's "death."
  4. Kid got the shaft but he definitely does have a future

  5. Ray Ray Armstrong is so unfair.

  6. I'm not that original... Braid Majora's Mask Journey Half-Life 2 Uncharted 2
  7. All details on release, pricing, & what's included: http://thatgamecompa...-you-august-28/ Sound reaction:
  8. I'm pretty nervous that Django Unchained won't meet expectations.
  9. Tfw Nas hasn't made a stylistic impact on rap in fifteen years... I see that's why he's doing work w/ Nick Cannon now.
  10. I'm a little late to the bandwagon but Krispy Kreme is the dopest thing since ATCQ or Nas. [media=]
  11. Greatest/ worst moments in e3 history [media=] Both classics in their own right
  12. Has Half Life 3 already been mentioned? Yes? Alright then, Wii Music 2 it is.
  13. Tfw weeks of conditioning finally pays off the game before state in double overtime.

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