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  1. Official merch of COMIC characters?!?! Hot damn.
  2. So we lost Tracy for the time being? Damn. He and Flynn revitalized the Archie comics together, hopefully things will turn out okay for him and his family.
  3. Ah, about damn time Tails busted out the Cyclone Walker again.
  4. lol, they still insist on not showing Sonic characters feet....despite Official artwork in Sonic Adventure showing them, I mean Big and Tikal already wear sandals as it is.. But yeah, the outfits and even different shoes are a good look
  5. Nah I just said that in case their were people trying to think Whisper was a Sally replacement too
  6. That's were the similarities end tho, same said for Wisper. If anything it's Amy whose the closest thing to Sally, but without being too similar.
  7. Ueah you may want to stick with speed types as it won't tempt you to take shortcuts. Well, Power types are okay too since the A.I. can easily follow behind you as most obstacles respawn till later, but technique types is a bad idea.
  8. Hmm, she seems more tomboyish to me, maybe not 100% more like a mixture of tomboy and girly girl. But I guess SOMEONE had to be the girly girl since Sega seems to have forgotten Cream exsisted, when your completely replaced by Omachao of all the things, something is amiss (tho he wasn't so bad in this game), she gonna be the new "Big the Cat" now? Lol.
  9. Yeah seems like Sega seen how well received Sonic Boom Amy is (Tomboyish, much more mature, smarter and sassy, life doesn't revolve around Sonic, etc), and is applying that to the games. Course don't know how long this will last before they decide to make her intolerable again.
  10. I had no idea Zavok ain't leading them anymore, guess they all disbanded or possibly dead minus Zavok, tho I doubt they're dead for some reason.
  11. Careful now, the last Race against Eggman (in a Death Egg Robo Sentinel style vehicle), Zavok, Metal, and a whole mob of Egg Pawns is a tough one even on Normal difficulty.
  12. I'm curious if SEGA themselves still intends to use human characters aside from Eggman, Forces marks the first time in the series we actually seen many Anthro's (or Mobian if you would prefer since they have no official name) aside from Sonic and company, which is something many fans have wanted for the longest time.
  13. Yeah don't underestimate Power type characters, it may look like they are slower than Speed type characters cause of their lower speed, but that Boost stat is no freakin joke, shoot their starting boost alone puts them in front of the pack. As for the whole dead Online thing, I trust it's the buggy Online, it's like this across all; 3 consoles I hear. Now I did had full rooms earlier today, but one the online started getting bugg and booting folks out, it became impossible to even do a single race without some mishap. Sumo needs to get there crap together when i comes to Online. Now I don't hate any of the Deadly Six, tho I would've kinda prefered a team of Zeti as opposed to Zavok being with Eggman, I find it weird he's even aligned himself with Eggman, unless the Doc actually did found another magic shell to control them. In any case the Zeti are sure to be appearing in more games in the future just as the Rogues.
  14. Yeah the matchmaking definately needs to be better, I'm better off playing Solo than Team cause of how unfair the system is at picking human players on a team. did the previous games even had Ranked matchmaking, can't remember, honestly wish they do away with that too, get everyone in the same room.
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