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  1. What other information on the Battle Kukku is there?
  2. Sonic Wind. He conjures a blue whirlwind without spinning in a circle. He just says "SONIC WIND", and it appears around his opponent instantaneously.
  3. He does have a point, though. When a Flash goes "too fast", they are in danger of being sucked into the Speed Force. Permanently.
  4. I am both a Sonic fan and a Flash fan, and having accumulated a ton of information regarding their speed and how it works, I can say with the absolute certainty that Sonic the Hedgehog and The Flash are the EXACT. SAME. SPEED. From every piece of evidence I've seen for Sonic in the games, his speed works just like the Speed Force without all the lightning stuff. Sonic can not only reach and surpass lightspeed, but he can also manipulate movement/kinetic energy/speed in anything he touches, and he can manipulate the flow of time, and his speed can even get time moving again. In Sonic Battle, he vibrates his molecules. From these and other stuff, it's safe to say that Sonic is on the same level as the Flash. But, the Sonic Franchise isn't as "in your face" with it as the Flash franchise. The true nature of Sonic is rarely ever touched upon clearly, while the Speed Force is extremely well defined despite being a mysterious force. As a result, these specific debates always end up once sided because everyone knows the Flash's speed but they don't know Sonic's, and it's even true among Sonic fans. Everyone is more likely to think that Sonic only has strong legs and can barely break the sound barrier, and without the Chaos Emeralds he's done for.
  5. Hui

    happy borthday!

    1. Sparky



  6. Eggman used Chaos Control to split the world into 7 different dimensions or something.
  7. Sonic teleports in SA2, several times when you fight him as Shadow. Shadow is the same speed as Sonic, canonically. There is no difference in abilities other than how they use it. The descriptions don't lie. If you think they lie, then your just stuck in your own headcanons and can't accept when the actual canon proves it wrong.
  8. Shadow the Hedgehog was created, as a character, to be a dark version of Sonic. He was always intended to be a character that looks like Sonic and has Sonic's abilities. I will never understand why many people aren't aware of this fact.
  9. Sonic isn't any fatter, that's an optical illusion as a result of Shadow's black color. They are officially identical, it's said in most of Shadow's profiles. Shadow is a dark version of Sonic, and so he is identical to Sonic in appearance and abilities.
  10. Shadow is identical to Sonic. He is not slower but stronger, because he is not Knuckles.
  11. Arms back, hands open, figure-eight peelout, is the fastest-looking running animation.
  12. Sally's a Power type confirmed...? I've always thought of her as a Speed-type.
  13. The way the story of Sonic 06 is split between the 3 hedgehogs is like, ... Sonic the Hedgehog's story centers around the current events happening in the present, Dr. Eggman capturing Princess Elise III in order to unlock the power of the Flames of Disaster in order to gain control of time, and Sonic trying to save her and the two grow close in the process. Shadow the Hedgehog's story center around the origins of the current events tracing back 10 years in the past, as he has to face his own shadow and inner-demons in the form of the corrupt consciousness of Solaris, Mephiles the Dark, and prove once and for all that he will never turn back. Silver the Hedgehog's story centers around trying to prevent and undo the outcome of the current events that will result in the apocalypse 200 years in the future, as he trravels through time to in order to find a way to defeat Iblis the Flames of Disaster once and for all. To make Sonic's story appear more important and revelant, you just have to expand on the fact that Sonic's story is the center of the entire narrative. It's the PRESENT. Shadow deals with past mistakes and Silver deals with future outcomes, but Sonic is in the HERE AND NOW. The Flames of Disaster that will burn away at the world in the future is currently sealed within Elise, and Eggman is trying to unleash it. Sonic and Elise are supposed to grow closer and closer through the story, so that should be expanded on, but most importantly, the fact that the flames are inside Elise should be vastly expanded on and maybe a little tweaked so that it comes into play and Iblis is nearly awakened a few times during moments when Elise is very emotional. Like, maybe Elise should be like a pyrokinetic with no control over their flames at all during a few parts of the story. Like, have Eggman actually try to unleash the flames from Elise instead of just talking about it all the time. Shadow's story has the bond between Team Dark further developed, and Silver's story sort of develops Silver and Blaze's teamwork and stuff, and even Amy has a few character-centric moments. So in Sonic's story, Tails and Knuckles should have their own character arcs in relation to Sonic and stuff as well. Like, for example, have Tails' independence further developed to show that he's truly growing into being Sonic's equal partner and no longer just a sidekick, he's becoming more of a hero in his own right and doing things on his own and being someone Sonic can rely on. For Knuckles, uh... hmm... maybe have the reason he came to Soleanna be because of the Master Emerald acting strange and responding to something down in the city. Like, the Master Emerald was ... "resonating?" with the power of Solaris and the space-time anomalies that are occuring, and Knuckles came down to investigate. Maybe make use of his role as Sonic's Friendly Rival and have him 'compete' with Sonic to some degree while also helping him stop Eggman and save Elise. That's all I got for now.
  14. Tails using the amplifier on himself and running on foot into another plane of existence was the greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
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