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  1. A little off-topic, but Like I've made out before, I'm REALLY hoping for a Mac port of this and there is a good chance it will be (most steamplay games are) but there is quite a lot of doubt, seeing as though sega hardly have any Mac games, the only ones I can think of are Billy Hatcher, the football manager series and spiral knights, there might be a couple more but still that is a low amount of games vs the PC side of things.
  2. I recommend buying a wired Xbox 360 controller since it has native support in almost every game on PC. And what I can gather from my Mac Mini is that the PS3's Dualshock 3 and SixAxis controllers also work natively on Mac OS 10.6 and above. I'm just posting regarding Mac as this port has a good chance of being compatible seeing as a lot of other steamplay games are, like most recently, Duke Nukem: Forever, for example. Also, we can all pretty much assume that Scout NEEDS a Sonic hat.
  3. Haha glad to hear I contributed something good and worthwhile to a forum for once. Still hoping on tf2 hats as a pre-order bonus! Heavy would be epic with an eggman 'stache!
  4. Edited post so the image is inline with the text rather than an external link. Because the console versions will obviously sell more copies, but I guess the PC version will have a little screen time at the end of any ads.
  5. I'm sure it was announced that there was some sort of co-op interaction in the hub world with the supporting characters or I might be mis-informed.
  6. I'm hoping it does too as a lot of steamplay games support Mac and I my self have a Mac mini as a media centre in my living room and gets more use than the xbox. Don't xbox 360 preorders get some free avatar items as well as the casino nights DLC? I'm hoping we get some sort of hats and items for Team fortress 2 as a lot of other steamplay games do (Sonic hat for scout and egg man hat for heavy would be EPIC!)
  7. Good to hear I could help! I hope these confirmations get some mention on the main page, as it seems important enough and people are really asking around for more news on this port and no one seems to know a lot about it..
  8. I didn't ask since I have a pretty high end set up, sorry for not asking, lol. Personally I think the requirements would be pretty low since sega have a tendency to support lower end machines when it comes to Sonic games. (Sonic and Sega All-star Racing, Sonic Riders, Sonic adventure DX and Heroes etc)
  9. I know it has been confirmed several times from retailers and even sega themselves (even though they don't want to admit it) but I have in fact, managed to preorder the game from my local game station store! I'm a big PC gamer and wanted a solid confirmation that the port was coming out so I decided there was no harm in trying so I asked and three of the workers there were able to confirm it was coming out and showed me their PC release charter as proof but they also managed to inform me on a few important things: This port is STEAMPLAY compatible so there will be achievements and cloud syncing of save files, but this also means this version WILL in fact get DLC since steam supports it and they told me I would be getting the casino nights DLC with my preorder! I was so relieved to hear all this from a reliable source as well as managing to get a free preorder with no deposit to pay since I had a VIP membership card. A lot of people are interested in the PC version as I've seen and they've all had questions regarding DLC and other things and I'm happy I can be the bearer of the good news. P.s. I would be able to upload a picture of my receipt for those who want solid proof but I'm on my iPad right now so i couldn't upload a pic.
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